Methods For Selecting Interesting Nursing Research Topics

Nursing Research Topics

Hospitals, clinics and various healthcare platforms are typically comprising stressful environment. Under time pressure, work conditions, patient’s situation, health care professions make difficult decisions. In most health care setting, nurses demand increases exponentially as they pose less autonomy, less career development opportunities and changes. 

The current economic crisis and pandemic surge have burden nursing staffing. At time same time, invasion of technology brought up challenges for the professional resulting in increased workload. Nursing profession lies among those exposed profession whose work strain is associated with negative psychology and physiology impact (Brown, 2004). Meanwhile, it is estimated 50 to 80% of the nursing profession have been acquired real-time practices to confront the challenges they will be conquered in the upcoming future.

During the academic years, to complete the nursing degree, students may be asked to come with research papers that show their knowledge, skills and to navigate the answer are they to face real-time challenges healthcare setting or not. 

In contraction to job demand and resource statistics, engagement and burnout reaction interact with work when the workers pose working characteristics. In terms of the JD- R model, we expect teamwork to reflect significant resources and associated with a high level of job satisfaction and low level of job burnout(Montgomery, 2014). Moreover, it has been estimated in the diversifying future, job burden will continue to increase in nursing and thus it is expected nurses will be able to combine duty of care and patient expectation from real-time experiences. At times it is important to identify a better research topic that can support job requirements as well as allow nurses to explore research skills. 

Occupational Status Of Nursing Profession

Nursing as a profession was not like another profession like doctor, engineer, painter, architecture, it is even plagued with numerous daycare routine, pressurized to follow up rules that avoid conflicts, simply accepting the way patient behavior. In the light of the pandemic and current health care crisis, it would be so difficult to do what is right and follow the crux of nursing duty of care routine. 

Due to its high demand, nursing courses have always been at students top choices. Over the years nursing has been evolved from subordinate to physician in case of charge. The modern journey has taken nurses from drug dispenser to independent stakeholder in the health care delivery system. As a result, deduced by essay writing help experts with time, the government also emphasizes building courses to produce eligible and efficient nurses. This is because every region of the world has been facing a shortage of nurses and it is aiming demand for nurses will be staggered by 20%. 

Challenges To Nursing 

In current times, the nursing profession has been witnessing several challenges including poor public perception, inadequate gratification, immense workload, hardcore training.

Improvement Of Poor Public Perception

The most obvious reason for this sorry state of affairs ranging from rigid hospital regimes to uneven balanced between physician, administrator and lay public. In the health care hierarchy system, the power of nursing practice isintermediate (Mishra, 2015).

It is also defined by essay writer sometimes poor media representation has been influencing practices. In some stance, poor care practices also lead to poor perception.

Lack Of Gratification

Since we have discussed government institution have been greatly emphasizing increasing nursing courses to boost the nursing profession, in this case, it is equally important to eradicate the problem of poor gratification. The nursing professional may be bind with blind compliance of orders, thus relegating to a subordinate profession,

Immense Workload

The aim of most of the nursing courses is to make nurses capable of handling workload pressure amid academics. However, sometimes repercussion originates causing every changing and increasing workload. 

Many times an increased number of patient who is acutely ill or having aged population may be required constant surveillance thus they demand nurses on time(Ward, 2015)

In the prevailing culture and to avoid conflicts, there has been an increased demand for documents. These documents usually formed under 8 stages right from the acknowledgement

of the patient’s previous health care records to analyzing the current situation. Documenting could be hard or sometimes seems to be associated with clerical problems

Nursing Shortages

The world has been struggling and trying to fulfil the demand of nurses during a current pandemic. Acute nursing shortages paradoxically leave the extra workload on the existing one(Polit, 2015). They are often spending more times learning the practising and completing the extra even in the condition when they have to leave for the family

As the entrants in the nursing profession are low, there has been an increased aged population is seen under this profession. Poor retention saw the main reason behind the shortage of nursing professional. To know more about the nursing profession shortages, ask for immediate assistance from the SourceEssay assignment writer team.

Stressful Working Environment

There is a huge salutation to the nursing profession as they survive in the most stressful environment. They have to constantly update their knowledge and skills with technology penetration to meet the demand of health care. They might have to face violence which is another factor contributing stressful job environment. In the era of the digital explosion, increased patient expectation also make this profession stressful.

Methods For Selecting Interesting Nursing Research Topics

Till now we have discussed the importance, occupational status and challenges the nursing profession facing for a long time. Yet other challenges should be a highlight to give you insights into nursing academics.

Writing a nursing research paper is already back-breaking tasks but selecting an interesting nursing topic is one of the toughest job (Hess, 2004). Assignment tutor has proposed some interesting way to select best research topics-

  • Level of interest

Develop primary and secondary research to select a research topic. This might seems tedious, but the end product will be exclusive and stay you out of the crowd

  • Focus On Audience

Being interested in the topic is great but focusing on the audience should be your utmost priority. Before reading the journals, e-books, select the audience who is going to read the paper(Wee & Banister,2016)

  • Consider The Scope Of The Topic

A research topic in which you can’t add your findings will be useless. Therefore, pick out only those topics that has border area of research adding your finding seems easier.

  • Develop Research Question

When you have chosen the area of research, develop a research question and add some background research. To develop a research question, you can ask for instant assignment help From SourceEssay anytime

Interesting Nursing Research Topics

  1. Using MRI to diagnose hepatic focal lesions
  2. Multidetector computer tomography
  3. Ultrasound elastography in breast cancer
  4. Assessing traumatic spinal cord injuries with MRI diffusion tensor imaging
  5. Sonographic imaging to detect male infertility
  6. Role of tomography in diagnosing cancer
  7. Brain tumour surgery with magnetic resonance imaging
  8. Bacterial meningitis imaging
  9. The relationship between genetic and obesity
  10. How 2nd wave of Coronavirus affecting the healthcare system
  11. Vaccination- Danger or bless
  12. The scientific perspective on hypnosis: Is it real?
  13. Increased life expectancy: a burden on the healthcare system?
  14. Homoeopathic medicines – the placebo effect
  15. Virus infections – causes and treatment
  16. Is medical research on animals ethical
  17. Alzheimer’s disease – paths for treatment
  18. Vaccines and drug development in the treatment of Ebola


The nursing profession is always been in demand surrounds by complexities and challenges. Nursing profession among those exposed profession whose work strain is associated with negative psychology and physiology impact. With this fulfilling, the demand of the nursing profession unlike writing a research paper seems to be a hardcore process and constant supervision. Therefore to come up with the most appealing and interesting research topic, focus on the scope of the area, audience and then develop a research question.


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