Marijuana Legalization For Medical Purposes

Marijuana Legalization

While some countries are strictly prohibited the marijuana usages, whereas other countries have legalized the cannabis usages. A recent study of American academy orthopaedic surgeons’ medical availability of marijuana has decreased 20% prescription is written. Researchers have noted orthopaedic surgeons are among highest who prescribes opioids.

Marijuana has been widely used as pain reliever especially in times of treating cancer and seizure.  Multiple nationwide datasets have been used and shown a reduction in marijuana prescription rate as well as opioids related mortality rate.

With an increasing number of states, Marijuana has become legal. It is one of the highly used illicit drugs in the United States signifying over 3.1 million reporting daily consumption of Marijuana. Some amounts of opioids have been legalized and decriminalized by Australia in 2016 and Germany in 2017 although the process of getting marijuana in enough amounts is very hard. In total, overall 39 countries have legalized opioids related drugs (Waldrep,2018). This doesn’t include the United States where using opioids is illegal at the federal level.

The public health concerns for marijuana legalization is always been a controversial issue. Advocates believed this will create transparency among consumption of marijuana also provide a stringent and safer way to use opioids. In this report, we are going to review the potential impact of Marijuana legalization on public health along with determining conditions by which marijuana constituency remain in touch

Marijuana Overview

Unlike any other drugs, Marijuana is complex combination of more than 100 chemicals includes and terpenoid cannabinoids, flavonoids. It is known that the primary psychoactive compounds are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol(THC). The concentration of each compound is substantial that will make it difficult when it comes to characterizing positive and negative impacts of Marijuana consumption, especially in an uncontrolled manner. Also according to a study, the average concentration of THC has moderately increased by 1% in the 1980s to 10% in 2008. 

As it is thought to be THC is related to adverse effects of Marijuana on Human health, this potency of increased in THC has somewhat referring significant amount of usages might become problematic. 

Furthermore, it has seen an individual cannabinoids whole plan shows different psychological effects that mean cannabinoids individual not needed to be extrapolated. Significant researches have been still going on to discovers legalized way of using Marijuana or whether it should be permitted legally or not.

Marijuana Addiction

In accordance with essay helpers view, proponents of marijuana are clearly denying the addictive element of Cannabis or from considering it as mildly addictive drugs. 

Evidence collected from preoccupation sites has suggested Marijuana is one of the highly using illicit drugs in the US rather alcohol. The adverse compulsive Marijuana addiction is also numerous as a basis for chemical action and promotion of using other drugs like a poppy.

The high risk of marijuana is seen in children and young adults. They documented physical health problems pulmonary cancers, mood disturbance, addiction and psychosis. 

Amid this, the explosive growth of Cannabis stock is becoming a source to cover future global market for the countries that allowing legalized use of cannabis for normal people. 

Over the years, analyzing the prevalence of cannabis among adults is a point for the country before forming any policy. In research conducted by Wilkinson, 2017 has derived cannabis use in adulthood and early adulthood are associated with poor social economy including lower-income, employment, lower relationship satisfaction etc. 

Not surprisingly the legalization of marijuana is increasing because of decreasing public health concerns. In 1969 polls, 12% of US citizens had supported Marijuana legalization despite knowing its adverse effects. This percentage was increased by 74% in 2015 when the highest vote was attributed to legalizing Cannabis(Volkow, 2014). If you want to how much consumption rate of Marijuana has increased till today for your nursing assignments or research paper, then SourceEssay based essay writer team will help you and provide you with enough database for the same.

The global market size of legal marijuana has been increased exponentially which is valued USD 171. million in 2019 also it has been expected this growth will attain approximate 42.1%% CAGR growth in upcoming years. The sole reasons for increasing its market size are countries adoption for medicine purposes. According to Grandview research report, 2020, the cannabis use for the medical purpose have given momentum throughout these years for the treatment of cancer, arthritis several neurological conditions, for instance, anxiety, epilepsy depression, Alzheimer and Parkison’s diseases. 

Australia is being present at the front foot when it comes to legalizing Cannabis on a national platform because of the high consumption rate of adults. This country legalized Marijuana in 2016 and recently in 2019, Australia has become the first country allowing cultivation and legal possession for Marijuana. However direct consumption of Marijuana still is illegal for the federal country. 

The high prevalence of cancers such as colorectal cancer in Australia was the major reasons behind such huge growth. For example, as it was suggested by the World Health Organization, cancer is the most deadly and second leading  death cause of more than 8.8 million people around the globe in 2015. In addition, many online assignment help experts have said, a growing burden of chronic diseases and significant side effects of cannabis is likely to increase the demand of legal opioids in these years that was seems as potent product for the chronic management.

Source- GrandView, 2020

Based on the research the legal marijuana market size in Australia have been divided into three segments first adult use, medicine then B2B sales. In 2019, it  was seen the medical sector dominating above all the industries by generating revenues over 78.1% owing to spreading legalized use of cannabis products. Notwithstanding the constant support from the Australian government are also accelerating legal cannabis growth and high consumption rate. For example, Common  Australia Government and State and Territory government have passed the law for easy access to Marijuana products across the country.

With the help of essay writer Brisbane we have drawn statistics from Grandviewresearch data sets follows as-

Source- GrandView, 2020

Medical application has subcategorized into chronic pain, inflammation, sleep disorders, anxiety and others. With a market size of 55.2 million USD chronic pain management dominated in 2019. This figure is followed by increased demand for plant-based therapeutic products. Here it has seen the growing partnership among pharmaceutical companies and cultivators is the key components for driving such huge growth. You can unlock more such data sets for your assignments with the help of SourceEssay based online essay writer team.

Marijuana Uses

Another important segment in the issues of legalization of Marijuana is its usages. Effective studies have shown Marijuana uses in content amount can help in reducing chronic pain or any inflammation. However, an empirical question is being asked whether medical marijuana allow prescribed opioids taper off or at least there is a need to reduce the traditional dose. In accordance with Samuel, 2020 there is no clinical evidence present that could determine the efficacy of Marijuana or allow patients to lower their dosages of opioids. Traditional cannabis utilization is largely associated with increased opioids uses with decreased over the dose of opioids analgesics. 

Grube and Friese, 2013 have said there are only a few studies have been conducted so far describing the actual impact of legalization of Marijuana on adolescents use. When compared youth study was evaluated, it has seen those youths reported less access to license marijuana and less perceived disapproval of cannabis use. On the same note, when National survey of drugs and health data was analyzed, marijuana use among 8-12 years children was increased by 8% compared to those who don’t allow legal marijuana till date. Both the study has shown contradictory results like the first study have concluded when youth from the states with medical marijuana per imitation perceived marijuana uses is fewer risks. Like other study concluded easy access to medical marijuana would promote its heavy use. Henceforth this likelihood increases the chances of addiction among adults and early childhood. 

Driving And Marijuana

Being an illicit drug, Marijuana always seems in controversy and impact driving ability of youth. The rising incidents of motor vehicle accidents and documentation of Marijuana has substantially lowered the impact affects the driving ability due to factors such as tolerance difference in smoking techniques and how THC is being consumed. Evidence has suggested the uncontrollable consumption of Marijuana during driving has led to risk driving behaviour causing death at times.

Acute intoxication with Marijuana affects motors and cognitive skills relevant for driving, reaction time, signal distraction, processing speed, spatial speed, verbal learning, tracking accuracy etc. In fact, the measurement of its effectiveness could be more when the complexity of tasks increased. 

As opined by Smart and Pacula, 2017 marijuana leads drivers to overestimate their impairments or considering tasks flexibility that would result in slowing the speed. If you need more database how marijuana affects driving or number of incidents takes place in a year, then SourceEssay bassed online assignment help team will you accurate database in less time. 

Health Effects

Marijuana is linked with several adverse health outcomes including impairments, pulmonary effects, mental illness, and other problems

Addiction– It has been reported in a study, approximately 7 out of 10 marijuana users develop addiction with time, somehow the lifetime addiction would be lesser than other drugs(Miller,, 2017). 

Decreased cognitive ability– Marijuana adductors have reported less generative areas belonging to concentration, skills, impulse control, decision making, working memory. Significant outcomes have been discussed above in the case of analyzing the driving stance. Marijuana heavy uses causing slow response to the tasks, visuospatial selective response or a task of monitoring control. 

Chronic marijuana uses would lead to persistent impairment in attention also show 28% of abstinence. That means greater the quantity of marijuana consumers, larger its impacts would be seen

Psychosis– One of the Marijuana side effects is also associated with the psychosis-like effects, disorganized thoughts, persistent confusion in decision making, grandiose delusion.

Pulmonary effects– Marijuana consumer through cigarette or smoking techniques lead to symptoms of bronchitis.

To know about such significant adverse effects of Marijuana affecting youth health, If you are having doubt about how to structure nursing assignments, you need nursing assignment help Australia bring your query to SourceEssay assignment writer.


The legal status of marijuana application is changing with the growing utilization of Marijuana by youth. In this report, we have discussed Marijuana widely application as pain reliever especially in times of treating cancer and seizure. When the chemical structure of Marijuana was analyzed, we came to know it is a complex combination of more than a hundred chemicals includes, and terpenoid cannabinoids, flavonoids. Then we have discussed growing marketing share of Marijuana and explored the explosive growth of Cannabis stock which is becoming a source to cover future global market for the countries that allowing legalized use of cannabis for normal people. This has happened because the cannabis use for the medical purpose has given momentum throughout years for the treatment of cancer, arthritis several neurological conditions for instance anxiety, epilepsy depression, Alzheimer and Parkison’s diseases. We have saturated few important information about driving like an acute intoxication with Marijuana affects motors and cognitive skills relevant for driving, At last, we have discussed the adverse effects of Marijuana on human health and discovered chronic marijuana uses would lead to persistent impairment in attention also marijuana adductors have reported less generative areas belonging to concentration, skills, impulse control, decision making, working memory.


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