Tourette Syndrome

Tourette Syndrome : Cause & Effects

Introduction Fundamentally, it is seen that a syndrome is the set of medical signs as well as symptoms that are correlated with each other and often related to any specific diseases or disorders. It is often observed that people mixes up diseases with syndrome. A disease can be defined as the health condition that...

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Essay Vs. Speech

Essay Vs. Speech – What’s The Difference?

Introduction In any area of fields across the society, communication plays an important role. However, this communication could be consisted of different forms, such as, verbal as well as written. These two types of communication could generate some attention of the people of different fields. However, both essay as well as speech could be...

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Viva Tips

Viva Tips : Things To Consider When Preparing For Your Viva Exam

Introduction The viva voce is colloquially known as the ‘‘viva’’or ‘‘oral’’ is performed in the form of an interview between examiners and students. While it has its caveats, viva holds a prolonged history of use among undergraduate and postgraduate students and by the institution. Beyond written exams, Viva demands a special skill set from...

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Qualitative And Quantitative Research

Importance Of Qualitative And Quantitative Research In Nursing

Introduction Selection of effective research methods is necessary to investigate a field and the related consequences in a critical manner. Quantitative and qualitative methods are two essential research methods which can be easily applied in the nursing fields and it is helpful to investigate over a healthcare situation be collecting lots of relevant data....

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Online Education During Covid19

The Effectiveness Of Online Education During Covid19

Introduction The global covid-19 outbreak has resulted in schools big shot throughout the world. On a global basis around 1.2 billion children are forced to stay out of classrooms. Education changed shaped dramatically with a distinctive increase in e learning. The prospect of teaching became remote ever since. Digital platforms have complemented the prospect...

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TOEFL Preparation Tips & Resources For Students

Introduction TOEFL is considered as a popular and widely accepted the test in English language assessment in relation with foreign education. It helps in demonstration of the essential English language skills in order to succeed in the programs at different international universities. Researchers agree that the journey of succeeding at TOEFL exam is actual...

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Marketing Psychology

Marketing Psychology To Influence Consumer Behavior

Introduction Marketing psychology attempts to perceive the ways in which customers think and feel as the advertising messages. It then reasons out and helps in making decisions regarding marketing outcomes. The objective of marketing is convincing people and making a apprehended and calculated emotional appeal to make a long-lasting emotional impact on the mind...

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Relationship Between Ethics And Aesthetics

Aesthetic And Its Relationship To Business Ethics

What Is Aesthetic The term Aesthetic which can also be termed as Esthetics is considered as the philosophical study that defines beauty and taste. This concept is closely related to the philosophical arts that are concerned with the concept of how an individual’s work or taste can be evaluated Knowledge, (2022). For indulgent the...

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Specialized Cells

Specialized Cells : Types & Functions

Introduction Different cells of the body perform particular functions on the basis of the respective biological needs of the body. This section is lost particular types and functions of the specialised cells. Firstly it is important to determine what specialised cells are. Our body is amazing feature of engineering work. It has miles of...

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Biopsychosocial Model

What Is The Biopsychosocial Model ? Key Fields Of A Biopsychosocial Assessment

Introduction Health psychology also versed as behavioral medicine or medical psychology refers to the application of various psychological theories for health related practices. The domain of health psychology is based on two primary subfields which are behavioral health as well as behavioral medicine. The domain of behavioral health emphasizes on preventing health problem and...

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