Marketing Plan Of ZARA

Online Marketing Plan Of ZARA

Introduction In the age of advanced media and science technology as customers have been flooded with Marketing messages now it is very hard for all the profit-making companies to progress efficiently without any kind of marketing and particularly internet-based marketing activities. This is because of the very swift adoption of internet as well as...

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Artificial Intelligence In UK

Usage Of Artificial Intelligence In The UK Retail Business

Introduction The expectations of the shoppers have evolved dramatically and drastically over the past few years and are strongly driven by the raised demands for convenience and personalization. As opined by Mani (2020), online shopping has been replacing the brick-and-mortar retailing stores and for online shopping, AI is used for the enterprises. In this...

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Leadership Strategies Of MNCs

Leadership Strategies Of Major MNCs In UK

Introduction Most companies in UK and having issues with the potential operating skills required for maintenance status. They have people in positions of power with the knowledge and experience of confidence needed for taking in the wicked problems as it is called by the management scientists. This kind of leadership strategies crisis related problem...

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Can LinkedIn Help People To Find Jobs Or Further Education?

Introduction On the current date, all people admitted that smooth and assured existence in the professional world is related with the development of an appropriate LinkedIn profile. Career aspirants have observed that LinkedIn has been much promising in recent time in offering detailed insight into valuable networking. It currently has a 400 million users...

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Network Design

Executive Summary XYZ is an organization, offices of which are distributed in two different locations. There are three different departments in this organization, and these are to be connected as a part of a single network. Even though these three departments are connected as a single network, there must be some access control that...

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Cybersecurity In UK

Cybersecurity In UK: Threats and Laws to Tackle with Issue

Introduction Cybersecurity has emerged as the priority for the lawmakers that is coupled with policy agenda pertinent to rapidly rising digitalization with rising access to the internet. As opined in Graham (2021) cybersecurity has been essential to the business as the cybercriminals are continuously looking for loopholes to hack the businesses and organizations to...

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technology and economic growth

How Technological Advancement Leads To Economic Growth

Introduction It is accepted by the economy that the growth of the economy has only become possible because of technology. It increases the efficient production of more goods and services in the organization. The new technology is codified knowledge in the form of routines and protocols. Technology helps to get enough knowledge about the...

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The Implementation Of The IFRS In The Uk: Concerns And Reactions

Introduction Before leaving the EU, the UK government requires the companies to admit their securities, both equity and debt for trading purposes on any kinds of regulated markets for the beginning of each financial year or after 1st January 2005 as per EC Regulation 1606/2002 (“The IAS Regulation”). This was also required that any...

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Cryptocurrency: Are We Really Ready To Demonetize The World?

Liza Minnelli famously sang Money makes the world around in the movie Cabret somewhere trying to say from century’s money was a central part of human relationship. Harold James writes money has been always an expression of sovereignty; even states fail to resume their guarantee. In this highly changing global economy, the so-called cryptocurrency is all...

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Online Marketing

Analyzing The UK Policies For Online Marketing

Introduction The English love governs the conduct of business and online marketing renders a significant number of various statutory instruments. These are being physically applicable to online trading. It is also applied to all areas of online business process. The legal area in this regard has been advanced in order to accommodate organisation at...

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