Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization For Medical Purposes

While some countries are strictly prohibited the marijuana usages, whereas other countries have legalized the cannabis usages. A recent study of American academy orthopaedic surgeons’ medical availability of marijuana has decreased 20% prescription is written. Researchers have noted orthopaedic surgeons are among highest who prescribes opioids. Marijuana has been widely used as pain reliever...

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Genetics And Obesity

The Relationship Between Genetics And Obesity

It’s been in news since long period; obesity is a component of genetics. In 2001, six genes were found to be linked with monogenic obesity. 7 years later, four polygene and eight mono genes have been discovered in this field associated with obesity.  Obesity in the UK has been increased epidemically accumulated excessive fats...

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Formative Vs. Summative Assessments

Formative vs. Summative Assessments: What’s the Difference?

Introduction Summative and formative assessments are two different ways of evaluating learning accomplished by students. The kind of assessment strategy that should be selected for the specific lesson or a specific teaching program depends on the large range of differences between formative and summative assessments. Therefore it is important to take a closer look...

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Usage Of Blockchain In Banking

Introduction This research study is based on analyzing the utilization and importance of blockchain technology to the banking sector of Australia. Blockchain is considered to be the backbone of the technologies like digital cryptocurrency and Bitcoins. Blockchain is considered a distributed database of the records of all kind of transactions are the digital events...

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Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes And Its Significance

In a business organization, meeting plays significant roles in decision making and achieving business goals. The meeting enables people to do face to face interaction at the same time also known for resolving cascade of issues to finalize agenda. The most common advantage of the meeting are- A meeting is known as the democratic...

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Biomedical Research Papers

Essential Tips For Writing Biomedical Research Papers

Writing a biomedical research paper seems intimidating for novice writers where writing begins with creating the first draft. The reason is a person might not have a rough idea of what needed to be written into the paper. There are several pitfall writers are prone sometimes how information is presented shows how greatly information...

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Software Development Life-Cycle

Software Development Life-Cycle

Marc Anderseen once produced an oft-quoted line, in the future,  most of the  companies might become a software company. One thing that can be deduced from the above statement, in future a wide range of new software tools and apps will be flourished and utilize at each department of an organization. But the question...

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Subjective Vs Objective Statements

Subjective Vs Objective Statements- Which One Is Better

Subjective or Objective might sound similar, but in reality, they have a different meaning, use in a different context and fit on different sentences. An objective statements based on the factual matter can be proved, but subjective statements clearly outline opinion, an expression of belief or personal preferences that can’t be proved at any...

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Perl Programming

Perl Programming: Its Need and How It Start with It

Perl is defined as an open-source programming language that is oriented to develop next manipulation and now with its advancement it is highly applicable to perform several administrative tasks, web development, GUI programming, network development etc. Many experts believed it shares a close relationship with C++ such will be easy to apprehend for the...

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