Psychological effects of human trafficking on the victims.


Human trafficking

Human trafficking is a serious concern which is happening almost everywhere. Thus, in short,  we can say that it is a global concern that is also related to mental health as well those with a history of trafficking or any category under it  always suffer from plenty of Mental Health concerns  which we need to rectified order to give them a life

Innumerable forms of exploitation

Human trafficking is happening in almost every country and it affects millions of people every year globally. The victims who are trafficked from one place to another face innumerable forms of exploitation, assignment help Birmingham and  such they have the forced to become sex workers, some to do criminal activities and sometimes coerced to provide free labor or become slaves.

Victims in the UK

Who are the victims of exploitation or human trafficking , and how does it affect their mental and physical health? Taking the specific case of the United Kingdom, there is a very large number—around 13,000 victims in the UK. These victims can come from diverse countries, and they are suffering from mental health concerns.

Experience symptoms of anxiety

Research has highlighted horrifying pictures of human trafficking, for the first has seen myriad mental health concerns. According to the study by Oram conducted in 2016, those people who have a history of human trafficking experience symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Specifically, 78% of women and 40% of men survivors exhibit these symptoms.

 Children suffer from it

Another study has also emphasized a similar area, which was conducted in 2015. It found that people who are victims of human trafficking suffer from depression, affecting almost 61% of men and 67% of women. Additionally, a significant number of children (57%) are also affected. If we specifically consider cases of PTSD, it was observed that 46% of men, 44% of women, and 27% of children suffer from it.

Psychotic disorders and Schizophrenia

Study by Oram also found out that these people who are victims of human trafficking furthermore have considerable mental health concerns, such as psychotic disorders and Schizophrenia. These patients who are part of the category of exploitation have to be admitted to the hospital compared to those people who are not victims of human trafficking but have similar mental health concerns.

Suicidal attempts and self-harm

Research also underlined how this trafficked individual has also a high range of cases of suicidal attempts and self-harm. The trauma they have gone through, essay help Birmingham during their exploitation phase has contributed to the short-term and long-term mental health concerns that need to be rectified with the healthcare specialists with the help of social, and legal mental support.

Victims of exploitation

Certain risks also involve those people who are victims of exploitation and human trafficking, which can become a reason for heightened mental health issues. For example, if they have a history of any kind of abuse before the exploitation, it makes their mental health disorder more vulnerable to the situation.

Longer periods of exploitation

One thing which we also keep in mind when we are talking about human trafficking is exposure to violation and restriction and how long it goes. For example, if someone has spent 1 year or 6 months compared to those people who are in longer periods of exploitation and abuse, such as 2 years, 3 years, or more, they can have elevated mental health conditions compared to shorter periods.

Psychological distress and personal history

Anyone who is a victim of exploitation does not receive enough support from social or mental backgrounds, which makes their mental health suffer more intensely, and they require more and more attention.

What can we do in order to help these survivors live their lives? First of all, write my dissertation UK an initial assessment by a mental health specialist can identify physical injuries as signs of psychological distress and personal history. These survivors may have been exploited and need proper treatment.

Initial step of assessment

After the initial step of assessment, a healthcare specialist goes for an informed approach where they will include numerous steps in order to eradicate the trauma and ensure that all the care is provided to empower the victim of exploitation and provide safety.

Risk assessment specialists

Specialists, along with some more risk assessment specialists, can provide a holistic evaluation to understand their health disorders, their self, societal abuse, and much more to provide a comprehensive risk assessment along with a solution.

Mental health support

Mental health support and coordination with other services they require who are survivors of exploitation and human trafficking

We understand that they require a lot of support services from housing to specialized trauma recovery programs, legal support and much more. It should be provided to survivors of human trafficking to recover from the long trauma. Protection Status
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