Labelling Theory

Overview Of Labelling Theory

Introduction Labelling theory is defined as the way people identifies and behaves in ways those help reflecting the way others label them and is also associated with the crime sociology since labelling any person deviant unlawfully and that leads to poor conduction. As stated by Alzubi, Nayyar & Kumar (2018), labelling theory is the...

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Comparison of Financial Analysis of Barclays And HSBC

Comparison Of Financial Analysis Of Barclays And HSBC

Introduction The present discussion in the study would evolve through comparison of financial analysis considering Barclays Plc and HSBC Holdings Plc. Originally, being founded in 1690 Barclays was established as goldsmith banking services. However, currently, Barclays Plc is a British multinational financial service and universal banking company that has headquartered in London, England. On...

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Can LinkedIn Help People To Find Jobs Or Further Education?

Introduction On the current date, all people admitted that smooth and assured existence in the professional world is related with the development of an appropriate LinkedIn profile. Career aspirants have observed that LinkedIn has been much promising in recent time in offering detailed insight into valuable networking. It currently has a 400 million users...

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The Implementation Of The IFRS In The Uk: Concerns And Reactions

Introduction Before leaving the EU, the UK government requires the companies to admit their securities, both equity and debt for trading purposes on any kinds of regulated markets for the beginning of each financial year or after 1st January 2005 as per EC Regulation 1606/2002 (“The IAS Regulation”). This was also required that any...

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Online Marketing

Analyzing The UK Policies For Online Marketing

Introduction The English love governs the conduct of business and online marketing renders a significant number of various statutory instruments. These are being physically applicable to online trading. It is also applied to all areas of online business process. The legal area in this regard has been advanced in order to accommodate organisation at...

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Viability Of Business Laws

How Technology Is Affecting The Viability Of Business Laws

Introduction Tech billionaire Elon Musk and Jack Yu Ma reiterated their concerns in regards to the potential negative consequence of Artificial intelligence; however, Ma has taken a more optimistic tone in a public debate over technology during September 2019. To some extent both of them were agreed, AI has inevitably changed the way businesses...

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International Business Law

Elements Of The European Law Used In International Business Law

Introduction European law has always influenced international business operations. Four specific and very important European legal regulations have guided aspects of international trade. This is the reason why various researchers have contemplated on the topic of manners in which European regulations impacted international trade outcome (Beugelsdijk, Ambos and Nell, 2020). In order to analyse...

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Massive open online courses or MOOCs

The Growth Of Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs)

Introduction Massive open online courses or MOOCs term was first coined by David Cormier in a meeting and introduced in 2008 when it was decided 25 regular students will be moved online to extend the teaching. In educational trends, it is a buzzword, where some researchers refer to MOOCs as the tsunami that challenges...

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Vaccine Framework

The Vaccine Framework : How Does It All Work?

Introduction The need for researches on analysing the vaccine effectiveness has been increased exponentially in context with growing vaccine demand and increased vaccine program complexities. A diverse scientific field is investigating how the vaccine works and why they need continuous changes or fail at times in combating diseases. Different researchers from the department of...

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Business Intelligence Vs Big Data

Business Intelligence Vs Big Data

Big data can be defined as the data sets which are way wider to be processed through conventional data processing techniques and applications whilst it would be differentiated from data which can usually be managed or handled using the toolsets like Microsoft Excel. Be that as it may, big data could be described as...

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