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Every year thousands of students are dropping out of their college mid-way in spite of being a bright student. Education institutions have conducted various researches to figure out the reasons behind increased dropouts. They found that there are multiple reasons why students lose interest in the subjects and have a tendency to drop out of their universities. Some of the key reasons have been listed below-

·   Choosing the wrong course

Choosing the course that is best suitable is a difficult decision that students need to take. In fact, this decision decides their future and it is apparently their first independent decision. Before this, all their major decisions are taken by their parents.  This is probably why students end up taking the wrong career decision. The factors that inspire them on choosing a particular course are not always based on their abilities and skills. This decision is influenced by many external factors and peer pressures. This way it has been observed that students land up choosing a career that does not interest them and drop out of the universities mid-way. This problem has given rise to career counselors who are certified, assignment maker. They assist students in choosing their academic careers and also help them overcome the initial barriers.

·   Not being able to communicate their problems

 Due to language barriers and lack of confidence students fail to communicate their problem areas with their peers and professors. This further increases their problems. Assignments require a lot of time and effort. And constantly if the assignments of a particular student get rejected, it results in a lack of confidence in students. This is also a rationale behind why students seek assignment help from certified experts of SourceEssay

·   Homesickness

Missing their homes and families is one of the biggest reasons for the sudden increase in the dropout ratio. When students travel abroad they are suddenly introduced to a cosmopolitan culture where they get an opportunity to meet people from different socio-cultural backgrounds. There are high chances that students won’t find anyone who matches their thinking when they step into international universities.  These cultural differences build a wall in between the students, because of which they do not mingle around with them. It makes them lonely and they become homesick. It is because of these differences that when students feel they are not being able to fare well in their academics they tend to drop of their universities.

·   Financial limitations

Even though students are given grants from universities so that the university fees become less, the living expenses abroad sometimes take a toll on the students. Usually living expenses in countries like Singapore, UK and USA is quite a bit. This forces students to take up a part-time job so that they can earn a few extra bucks. The decision of doing a part-time job takes care of their finances but eats up their productive time that they were supposed to spend on writing assignments. Because students fail to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives they tend to drop out of their universities.

·   Poor time management

Most students suffer from excessive stress and anxiety because they cannot manage their time properly. They are seen chasing deadlines. However, this is the major reason for the growth of instant assignment help SourceEssay in abroad. There is a team of online experts who train students in writing assignments and also help them manage their time effectively. They offer 24/7 online assistance to students. SourceEssay has a pool of experts who stay connected with students through chats, calls, and emails. So that when students are busy working outside their assignments are being worked on by professional experts.

·   Lack of understanding

Lack of subject knowledge is another reason why students struggle with their assignments. It is not possible for students to gather all the necessary information in one go. This is why the assignments they write are not well informed and do not meet the quality parameters of the university. The writing style is also amateur and there are high chances that the assignments would be rejected on grounds of plagiarism because students lack the necessary knowledge on how to reference their assignments so that they do not fall into the plagiarism trap.

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Because of these reasons SourceEssay has stepped forward with my assignment help for students.

·   Assignment makers from SourceEssay analyze the capabilities of a student and do career counseling. So that students do not land up choosing the wrong course.

·   They also polish the communication of students and make them confident so that they can overcome the language barriers and speak about their doubts to their peers and professors.

·   They help students mingle with their peers so that students do not feel homesick.

·   They also assist them in writing assignments so that students can strike a work-life balance.

·   These online services like SourceEssay are pocket-friendly because our team of experts understands that students have their financial constraints and our main objective is to provide equal guidance and opportunity to learn to all students irrespective of their financial backgrounds.

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