Curb Ethical Violation To Improve” Brand Image” of Your Organisation

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The role of ethics in the business world is significant for ensuring the interest protection of others. Ethical reporting is one of the effective ways to ensure organizational performance against committed fraud or any other misconduct at the workplace.

Ethical behavior is important for serving the target audience professionally by considering a code of conduct. There are various common ethical violations including conflict of interest, mishandling of funds, and conflict of interest. Ethical violations include fraudulent billing that charge customers for not purchasing particular product and services. The consumer rights should adhere by the organization and there are various common ethical dilemma including:


According to the American psychological association, the ethical codes which are the guidelines which state minimum information are mandatory regarding the clients. There should be clear information regarding the disclosure. As per the laws also there should be some information which should be revealed by the organization.  The limit of confidentiality should be understood by the organization and confidential record needs to be maintained in system.

Multiple relationships

The ethical practices should be followed by the organization which helps to deliver services by maintaining healthy relationship between organization and customer. The professional performance shouldn’t be harm by maintaining personal relationship with service provide. It enables to protect them against ethical violations. It is not possible for not maintaining any relationship with client but it shouldn’t hinder the professional performance of employees. The relationship which is not acceptable is sexual relationship with the present client. It is the potential ethical violation which need to be considers by the company (Wright,2016).

Informed Consent

The informed consent should be taken from the customers in order to disclose specific information. It includes the limit of confidentiality, fee and billing practices, determining the length of therapy, and right to terminate the service that may results into financial obligations.

Roles and Responsibilities

The role and responsibilities of employee should be specified as there shouldn’t be confusion regarding actual client. For instance if there is doctor is working as an advocate or expert witness then there is confusion regarding the services provided or performing on request of another person. For example, police department has requested for verification of officers and therapy of children is requested by the parents.


It is the duty of employer to provide high quality service to the customers and trained staff should be used for serving as per the requirement of customers. The employer should provide ethical skilled training to the employees in order to follow the ethical practices to avoid problem occurred during the process.


It is the ethical obligation on the organization to provide appropriate bill to the customer. The financial policies should be explained to the customer at the beginning of service. There should be clear information regarding the billing as manipulating the information is considered as potential ethical violation.

End of Service

There is a significant difference between the service abandonment and termination. It is the duty of service provider; if the services are not beneficial for the customer then service should be discontinued. It is the duty of employer to provide the alternative measures to the client if current service is not beneficial for them.

The interviews are conducted by the ethical committee to determine the best defense against the ethical problems. Good ethical practices lead to good professional services including effective risk management practices. If the service provide is considering unethical practices then they later realize that they are in deep trouble. The organizations that are performing ethical practices they have distinct brand image and they easily gain trust of employee as well as clients. It reflects that the professional practices are followed by the company for serving high quality of product and services in order to satisfy the target audience.

According to the ethical code, the relationship with customers should be avoided which impacts on professional performance which comes under potential ethical violation (Stanton, 2017). APA ethics Committee has mentioned that there are mainly three factors including duration, termination, and power which need to be considered by the employer.  Power means the differential between two service providers in order to supervise the intern for providing services to the end users. The duration of a contract should be specified for providing particular services to the customers as the customer may come back for additional services. If the service is no longer benefit for the customer then the service provider should terminate the services.

The maintenance of confidentiality is important but there are various problems including determining the limit of confidentiality, getting knowledge of federal and state law, and obeying mandatory reporting laws (DuBois, 2019). The autonomy of people should be respected including the explanation of information to the customers but there should be informed consent at the beginning. The service provides should discuss some important factors with the customers including the limit of confidentiality, determining the length of service duration, nature and service of record keeping, billing practices, right to terminate service, and type of services which are provided by the employer.

The supervisory responsibility is to examine the competency of supervisees to ensure the management of responsibilities in an appropriate manner. It is recommended by the experts that the supervisor should develop appropriate purpose with a specific time for providing the information at the initial stage of supervision. The nature and structure of supervision should be decided initially. The experience should be recorded with supervisees including relevant facts. The delegation of responsibility should be avoided that lead to harm to the loss of objectivity.

Thus ethical business practices need to be applied by the organization which helps to develop trust among the employees and customers in order to succeed towards the achievement of organizational objectives. Protection Status
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