Adopt Psychological Strategies To Deal With “CHILD OBESITY” In Australia


In the modern digital world, children more prefer junk food over healthy home-made food. It increases childhood obesity over the past few years. Obesity is a serious health issue for children who also lead to other serious diseases such as heart problem, diabetes, and others. Health issue related to obesity is founded among the children’s between the age group of 5-17 years who are facing an overweight issue. It is founded in the medical research that the children’s who are already having an obesity health issue that is more likely to be in adulthood and adolescence.  It is important to provide corrective treatment to the children’s who are suffering from obesity in order to improve the quality of life.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it is founded in the national health survey conducted during 2017-18 which shows that approximately 67% of adults are suffering from obesity which is increased from the previous year 2014-15 (63.4%). It is shown in the survey that the children between the age group of 5-17 years are approximately 24.9% who are suffering from obesity. Among them there are 17% who are overweight and 8.1% are suffering from obese (Cyril, 2017).

The health issues related to obesity are suffering by the children’s which requires a multi-faceted approach widely. There are various preventive measures which are taken by the department of health by implementing preventive health measures in order to minimize obesity among Australians. It provides evidence-based population health information which is used to take an informed decision regarding their own health by the individual and families. There is an implementation of sustainable long term behavioral approach in order to take charge of own health by the individual by considering their best approach.

The national obesity summit was conducted on 12 October ’2018 in order to develop a national obesity strategy which was participated by Health Council (CHC) meeting, Council of Australian Governments, and ministers. The first step of the process includes arranging of funds regarding National Obesity Summit.  It was held on 15 February’2019 which was regarding the management of obesity management in Australia which was attended by 120 participants including academic, government, medical, consumer group, and the food industry (AlOtaibi, 2017). There were various experts who have attended the Summit to explore the factors regarding obesity and overweight. NSW active living strategy is developed by the government which has four strategic directions including routine advice and clinical service delivery, environmental aspect to support active living, and statewide support program.  Feasible and effective initiatives were taken by the government including the understanding the contribution of intervention regarding the mechanism, determining sustainable delivery mechanism which helps to deliver system with centralized resources and implementation support.

The government has also placed preventive approach in Victoria where the primary initiative is to reduce the incidence of new cases. Place-based approach is developed which is used to share interventions in order to integrate interventions in the organization.

From the clinical perspective, time constraint and fear of high consultation charges are barriers which impacts on obesity management of an individual. There are various initiatives which are taken by the government for the management of obesity including healthy heart partnership, public bariatric metabolic surgery taskforce, and healthy Australia pilot project. There is various research reports which are investigated to the negligence of parents is one of the reason for obesity among the children’s.

The obesity among the children’s is increasing tremendously in the past thirty year which is figure out in every fourth children in Australia. Obesity cause many other health problems among the children’s including heart problem, depression, and others. Once obesity problem started in children’s then it is continued in adulthood. It is important to follow health diet plan in order to achieve healthy life. The main reason for obesity among the children’s is due to the inappropriate utilization of energy consumed by the children’s. It is due to lack of physical activities performed by them (Ash, 2017).

There are other factors which impacts on the health of children’s including genetic factors, hormonal factors, maternal factors, family factors, and psychological factors. Genetic factors including the problem of obesity among the family members so due to genetic syndrome children’s gain weight easily. Hormonal factors include the factors due to the changes in hormones which lead to increase the weight among the children’s. Maternal factors include obesity during pregnancy in mother which may transfer to the children. Family factors include unhealthy lifestyle of family which increases the weight of children’s. Psychological factor include mental health issues which lead to unhealthy behavior among the children’s which may cause health issues among the children’s.

It is important to take preventive measures in order to manage obesity among the children’s. It includes developing healthy lifestyle habits with appropriate balanced diet to reduce chances of obesity. There are various psychological strategies which can be used by the families in order to protect their children’s against obesity. One of the psychological treatments is Family-based behavioral treatment which is the most effective treatment against the management of obesity among the children’s. It includes self-monitoring, goal setting, stimulus control, modeling, and reinforcement. Parent’s role is very significant to manage obesity among the children’s (Harcourt, 2019). There are effective training problems for parents which provide them parenting skills to manage obesity among the children’s. Psychologist help can also be taken in order to gain skills among the children’s to manage diversity in a specific period of time. Protection Status
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