Managing Fears And Anxiety Connected With Illness



The fears and anxiety problem can occur both for a long span of time as well as for a short span of time. Moreover both such illness has the potential to dominate the life of an individual, interferes in the appetite of an individual, deprive the sleep, concentration, travelling as well as enjoyment from the life of an individual (Pao and Bosk 2010). But both such problems could be managed which will be discussed in this assignment.

Fear And Anxiety Management

Here are some of the ways in which both the illness could be managed:

  • The intervention of talking therapy such as the method of counseling is the most effective method of managing the illness connected with fear and anxiety. In this kind of a method the general physician will take help of the computer based version of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in which a range of appropriate exercises would be conducted on the screens of the computer and which is most appropriate form of method used in the process of anxiety management (Pao and Bosk 2010).
  • There are different kinds of medications used for the management of anxiety and fear in an individual but it only cures that person for a short period of time after which it has a chance to relapse. Such an intervention does not determine the core reason which leads to the anxiety and fear a particular individual (Pao and Bosk 2010). Such medications are only considered beneficial if it is used along with the implementation of certain kinds of cure and assistance.
  • Moreover the process of managing anxiety and fear could also be learned from other individuals who have dealt with such kind of an illness. There are a set of assisting groups on a local level as well as there are also certain self assisting groups which performs the function of assembling all the individuals having the same kind of an experience such that they could listen to one another’s story, exchange suggestions and also motivate one another to try one or the other method of anxiety management (Pao and Bosk 2010).
  • However there are also certain kind of reciprocal therapies, such as appropriate exercises, relaxing methods, yoga as well meditating on a regular basis which could help an individual to fight against the problem of anxiety and fear which has overtaken them (Pao and Bosk 2010).
  • However the performance of an appropriate exercise will lead an individual to concentrate and thereby causing them to neglect their fear and anxiety problem (Mental Health Foundation 2019).
  • Any individual who is suffering from the problem of anxiety and fear should avoid their intake of alcohol, which also has the potential to make the occurrence of anxiety and fear more aggressive (Mental Health Foundation 2019).
  • Any individual who is suffering from the problem of anxiety and fear should include the amount of vegetables in their diet and also take an initiative to reduce the level of sugar intake in their diet (Mental Health Foundation 2019).


Thus it can be concluded that a person needs to meet their fear and anxiety problems in order to determine an appropriate solution to eliminate such kind of an illness which has been discussed in brief in the due course of this assignment. Protection Status
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