Role of Essay Writing for Students


Essay writing is very important in student’s career as it is the part of application which is submitted by the students with applicant to get enrolled in the university. Once the application is accepted by the university/school/ college then the student can continue to their essay writing across their humanities course. The topic of essay writing is provided by the professor which enables to reflect understanding regarding the coursework, critical analytical skills, and writing skills of the student.

The process of essay writing includes converting of information received such as reading, observation, lectures, and tutorials which is transformed into essay writing. It helps to develop important skills by focusing on consolidating and exploring that what you have learned. It also enables to organize critical thinking regarding the concept that you have learned throughout your course. It allows the instructor to examine the degree of concept learning done by the students in a professional manner.

Written communication is the most effective communication which is mostly used in formal communication. All business report including Newsletter, social media posts, business report, letter, and memos requires the utilization of appropriate ideas, sentence formation, and grammar. The writing skills are developed by performing essay writing.

Understanding of Concept

The essay writing demonstrates clear understanding regarding the topic including the covering of concepts and knowledge of particular topic. Whether the topic is related to management, political science, sociology, and other subjects it requires complete understanding to write the content related to the particular topic.

Essay writing acts as a tool which is used to assess the understanding of student knowledge regarding the specific topic. It comprises of introduction, body, and conclusion which helps to examine the concept knowledge among the students. How much knowledge has gained by the student during the session is reflected by the content used in essay writing. Every student has different way of understanding the subject which needs to be evaluated for providing structured feedback. It helps to improve the student learning and recall the concept to perform essay writing.

There might be lack of understanding regarding the concept among the students due to not attending the lecture class. So we assist you in essay writing to obtain high marks. We have a team of professional experts who are dedicatedly working to support the students in achieving their desired career goals. We have experts from different field of study who assist you in clearing competitive exams regarding essay writing to achieve higher marks.

Most of the universities conduct entrance exam including essay writing on any particular topic to check analytical skills, writing skills, understanding, knowledge of concept, and grammar of the students. So the role of essay writing is significant in academic career of the students. It helps to reflect the student performance on the basis of it enrollment can be done.

Argument Development And Structuring

Essay writing requires argument development to support the study which reflects the critical thinking skills of the students. The formative period of the students requires good argumentative essay representation which shows the argumentative skills. The justification is required in essay writing with appropriate structuring. This might be complex to understand the context of the essay and support the study with arguments. We support the students to provide good argumentative essay with appropriate references to score good marks. These are various factors which help in essay writing including ideas, reasoning, understanding, facts and figures that reflect the understanding of the topic.

Analytical And Writing Skills

Essay writing requires analytical and writing skills with disciplined approach to communicate the information the student wants to convey. It helps to explore the topic by using secondary sources to write it in a structured format with appropriate grammar. It depicts the ability of the student in distinguishing between relevant and irrelevant information. For example, if the student has to perform essay writing on Ancient Chinese history then there should be appropriate information, with three paragraphs body and on the basis of analysis conclusion should be made. Effective essay writing must have appropriate structuring that creates positive impression on the teacher.  It communicates the effort of student in understanding the topic and clear thought to deliver distinction level assignment.

Application of Learning Into Real Life

The learning of students to perform appropriate essay writing helps to transcends university learning into application of real life. The role of correct sentence formation, grammar, and spelling is important that helps to perform any type of writings including business report, article, literature review, thesis, and other writings. It helps to develop skills among the students by receiving feedback by the instructors. It also helps to understand the relationship development between the manager and subordinates by coordinating with teacher to improve their learning. It helps to practice the peer editing done by the instructors to improve their abilities and skills. These skills help to perform job roles and responsibilities in the future in order to become team player in the professional world.

Significance of Essay writing

  • Pivotal Form of Communication

Writing essay is the pivotal form of communication which enables to communicate the emotion, feelings, and information to others in a written form. It helps to document the information regarding the specific topic. It also reflects the understanding of student against the topic.

  • Writing is Required in Professional World

Essay writing is helpful in the professional world where documentation is required regarding business report in essay format. Writing skills are developed by writing essay that improves grammar and sentence formation of the students.

  • Utilization of Critical Thinking Skill And Writing Skill

Essay writing requires the use of critical thinking skills and writing skills in order to write the essay in specific format. Writing is the most effective way which helps to escape from reality and communicate the information in a structured format. There are different type of words which are used to communicate the information including congratulations, sympathy, encouragement. The essay writing help to understand the selection of appropriate words required to make the essay more impressive and effective. Protection Status
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