How does the society you live in discriminate against older adults?

Ageism and more Ageism is a well-known concept where age-based discrimination transpires. There are innumerable types of ageism let’s discuss a few. Interpersonal ageism  first ageism, which is interpersonal ageism transpires when someone has a very negative behavior or attitude or discrimination based on someone’s age.  a simple instance of such a situation is...

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How AI and neuromodulation could help with sleep disorders?

Insomnia and concentration sleeping disorders and concentration is one of the significant issues in humans. As we are knowledgeable sleep is something which can deter our health if we are not getting sufficiently.  New research and device  now new research has underlined how a device can help people to sleep better and the interesting...

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Concerning reports highlighted some aspects of e-cigarettes

Concerning research about the e-cigarette Recently Public Health England(PHE) published a report on e-cigarettes.   e-cigarettes  are entirely well-known among the youth and it is considered one of the better alternatives of tobacco. Although  the report has some concerning claims which have created buzz around the topic. The e-cigarette  in the report assertion was made...

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Exploring the potential of wearables for chronic disease diagnosis, prevention, and treatment, but a group of international researchers say the rapidly developing field also brings big challenges.

You must have seen a watch who has a tracker for your steps, or you must have been wearing such watches. The fitness trackers and watches  It is one of the most well-known trends on the Internet. People are dragging from wearing analogue watches to these kinds of variable technology and smart watches or...

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Can virtual reality cause death?

Introduction As a result of the immersive and engaging experiences it offers, virtual reality, also known as VR, has recently seen a surge in popularity. As with any new technology, questions concerning virtual reality’s safety have already been raised their hands, including the possibility that it might lead to fatalities. This article dives into...

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How to be Positive psychology in disruptive times?

Whenever you open your social media, you will catch a glimpse of some motivating quotes, some encouraging reels, and people manifesting about better jobs, cars etc. Motivation is to invariably contemplate something which will resolve every kind of problem in the entire world.Positive thinking and positive outcomes is always deemed to resolve everything. Motivation,...

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