Exploring the potential of wearables for chronic disease diagnosis, prevention, and treatment, but a group of international researchers say the rapidly developing field also brings big challenges.


You must have seen a watch who has a tracker for your steps, or you must have been wearing such watches.

The fitness trackers and watches

 It is one of the most well-known trends on the Internet. People are dragging from wearing analogue watches to these kinds of variable technology and smart watches or fitness trackers.

These wearable technologies have potential to improve our lives in assorted ways.

 Fitness watches emphasis on numerous things which are related to our health such as sleeping schedule, your physical activities, steps and  Heartbeat.

Accuracy of data

 One in three  adults in the United Kingdom have such wearable Technologies, similar numbers are reported in Australia. Some people use this to understand their health, data can be relatively accurate. Although distinction can be found for  instance when someone inquires of you about your physical activity, you can declare that you did not go to the gym that’s why you do not retain any physical activity that day, however you tracker can follow your other activities which can consider as a physical activity in the eyes of technology such as you run to catch a train or just walking to your office.

The perception of technology and human

Devices coming with artificial intelligence, handing over more accurate data. Where we can comprehend it in a more in-depth manner about the physical health of the human being.  Humans have distinct tendencies to figure out the physical health but these technologies have more accuracy to explain physical  activities.

These  datas can be utilised to analyse the physical health of the human and different. Furthermore data will allow us  to understand how much physical activity you require to support your life and how you will sustain yourself.



Mackenzie Hub for the wearable technology research

In the University of Sydney,  a  research hub is founded, where they are comprehending the wearable technology, the hub is called Mackenzie. this hub is run by the  donation.They are working to enhance the wearable technology to figure out the physical health of humans. They are again collaborating with dietitians to even accurately data about the eating pattern. Thereafter  we will be able to merge the data of sleeping schedules, physical activity, diet and countless other things to improve the health of human being.

The challenges it has

we have to discuss challenges, this wearable technology will face

Different gadgets have different measures to accumulate data which can be problematic for scientists to analyse.

Some devices are not that accurate.

distinct companies of wearable  technology should be collaborating to comprehend data and create such platforms where data can be utilised.

We can utilise wearable technology data in the health care. Doctors can employ data to easily get the diagnosis done.If some person has a low  physical activity, it may be linked to heart disease.

However every device in the market is not approved by the medical sciences.

 This wearable  technology is not that cheap  and everyone cannot afford it, which will create inequality.

People who are at the risk of having some issue, might be required to have wearable  Technology however ,they do not have access to it.

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