How does the society you live in discriminate against older adults?


Ageism and more

Ageism is a well-known concept where age-based discrimination transpires. There are innumerable types of ageism let’s discuss a few.

Interpersonal ageism

 first ageism, which is interpersonal ageism transpires when someone has a very negative behavior or attitude or discrimination based on someone’s age.  a simple instance of such a situation is an office condition, where certain tasks are not given to some senior people because they are considered old or not competent enough.

 some people are not invited to certain family gatherings or festivities due to their age and comments and jokes related to their age are commonly seen. It has a very profound impact on people who are on the receiving end and it can make them feel frustrated and anxious.

Self-directed ageism

The second type of Ageism is self-directed. People start to feel negative about their age and begin to feel that their better days and better ages are behind them. They are way too old to do something tremendous or achieve something extraordinary.

 Starting to discern a negative aura can also hurt their mental health and Physical health. it can also drive them to self-destruction, self-harm, low self-esteem, or sometimes isolation from people.

Institutional ageism is the most common

Another type of ageism is institutional ageism which is commonly found in every society where age-oriented discrimination is caught a glimpse of. Certain restrictions on older people, for example, a certain age a fixed in the workplace environment where they have to take retirement. There is an underrepresentation of this older generation in Healthcare in the research sector and even in clinical or medical trials.

Neglected from everywhere

most time neglected by the policymakers and the community can have numerous effects on older people.

The physical aspect

 First, it can influence their physical health which Is connected to early death rates slow recovery from physical issues, and, negative self-perceptions. Poor health outcomes can also wreck mental health. where multiple troubles can be triggered by depression anxiety, and negative self-perception.

The economic aspect

The kind of things such as physical and mental toughness along with ageism can affect the economic outcome. older people are differentiated at their workplace and they have usually financial insecurities as retirement and such things can be challenging to encounter. Along with expensive health care, they are under double the burden of no income and higher expenses.

There are signs of Ageism and it is easy to find out.

  • Plenty of age-related jokes
  • Tricks on issues of age
  • not asking older people to join a group of younger people’s celebration
  •  For jobs and prospects, younger people are preferred
  •  opportunities for advancement and challenging assignments are given to young people
  • Keeping them away from major activities

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