How Can Drugs Affect a Child’s Health and Physical Development?


Drugs consumption

 Drug consumption is a relatively widespread issue in the world.

In simple terms, drug consumption means taking something that can impact our body and mind. which is not legal but has a legal way to obtain it. Let’s make it clear to you.

 Legal and illegal drugs

People can consume illegal drugs, as we are aware that numerous illegal drugs are banned by numerous countries to make people not consume them, such as heroin cocaine, etc. Some people can utilize prescribed medicine as a drug to get high. Sometimes over-the-counter medicine can be utilized to get high.

People take a prescribed medicine more than it is advised or after the doctor stops it,  For example, some people take prescribed sleeping pills but get addicted and start using them without a prescription or a doctor’s consultant, such as taking more than suggested or taking it without any medical purposes.

 The main question is why drugs can be dangerous for young people.

When someone younger than 20 years old outsets consuming drugs, it can be anything illegal or legally prescribed or such drugs that are not recommended to them. It can wreck their development specifically their brain development, and one of those portions which is implicated in decision-making can be hampered by taking drugs. They can do such things that are not noncontroversial such as high speeding, unsafe sex, etc. If Someone commences to take drugs it can influence their overall soundness.  Physical growth will be impeded and later on, they can encounter high blood pressure and heart diseases.


The drugs and influence

Innumerable drugs utilized by the young generation such as alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana. Vaping is also expanding in pop culture and the e-cigarette is becoming a new fashion although it also hurts overall wellness physical as well as mental.

 The trap of drugs

There are several justifications why young people can fall into the trap of drugs. It can be a genetic reason, parents’ drug-related history before their birth.  Sometimes parental supervision and lack of it can be a reason for young people to fall for drugs. Child abuse and trauma are also rationale lead to drug abuse.

How to identify drug abuse

It’s very complicated to pinpoint when a child gets into it or when they start to take drugs. This should presumably demonstrate some sort of signs,  you can discover in them such as they are inclined toward staying isolated, they have lost interest in all of their hobbies, they are staying away from hygienic habits.

Friend circles can change frequently, have more mood swings, their habit of eating can be changed and their problems with the school as well as other relationships can be affected. It can become the motive for stealing. Physical symptoms such as memory-related problems, and speech-associated issues can be a sign that your children are under the control of drugs.

 Prevention and Awareness

If someone is into the trap of Drug addiction, it can be prevented. There are numerous educational programs and awareness programs involving families, schools, and the community to guide the young generation to not get into the situation of taking drugs.

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