How to be Positive psychology in disruptive times?


Whenever you open your social media, you will catch a glimpse of some motivating quotes, some encouraging reels, and people manifesting about better jobs, cars etc.

Motivation is to invariably contemplate something which will resolve every kind of problem in the entire world.Positive thinking and positive outcomes is always deemed to resolve everything.

Motivation, encouragement or this kind of optimistic reflection comes under the positive psychology. The question arises,  Does an actually positive psychology  resolve every kind of problem?

during the coronavirus pandemic   and even before Covid-19 as well there is some social media phase  going on where mindfulness gratitude and mental well-being has become a significant concern of discussion.The notion of a positive psychology to resolve every crisis becomes celebrated that everyone is employing it,  but does positive psychology have a positive impact on our life?

When you look at the positive psychology it’s a very contemporary school and people see it with some type of questions regarding its usefulness.

Instead of going to clinical problem resolve, people employ positive psychology to promote well being of physical and mental health.

Some critics are there, who evaluated that this positive psychology is nothing more than, just words as it has no clinical trials or findings to say that it is helpful.

As lack of clinical finding to support that  positive psychology will have substantial to resolve the problems.

Sean O’Connor is director of the university of  Sydney,  examining a phenomena which is currently going on the social media applications such as on Instagram where people think that the manifestation can determine every issue. If you manifest something such as manifesting  a big house, you will get it without doing anything. This is not how life works he commented, because manifestation and positive thinking can bring some change in your life but not change everything.

Doctor O’Connor  remarked that if you set objectives,  research pointing that out,  you will potentially achieve it, but when we set a goal you are  likely to concentrate on something which is not that significant and it will cost you to failure.

It means that there is evidence to support that the  positive thinking and

looking forward to new possibilities can support your performance.It will become the reason for distraction as well if you just focus on positive affirmative not on implementation. 

Dr Connor further declared  that if you have positive thinking and  positive affirmation about yourself,  it will definitely improve your, self  confidence. It will lead to better performance academically or at work. However all those  manifesting techniques of something and expecting that the universe will deliver to you, will not work.

Positive thinking will definitely have a positive impact on human psychology although it’s not a solution for every problem.

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