Can virtual reality cause death?



As a result of the immersive and engaging experiences it offers, virtual reality, also known as VR, has recently seen a surge in popularity. As with any new technology, questions concerning virtual reality’s safety have already been raised their hands, including the possibility that it might lead to fatalities. This article dives into the matter, examining the hazards of VR and the validity of accusations about its deadly implications.


The Basics of Virtual Reality

When using a virtual reality headset, the user is completely submerged in a computer-generated simulation. Motion surveillance, tactile sensations, and audiovisual stimuli are often used to enhance the session and give the user a greater feeling of touch and participation (Mekbib et al., 2020).

There is no hard evidence connecting VR and fatalities at this time. As long as users follow best practices, there is no need to fear the technology itself. However, the possible hazards of virtual reality use must be recognized and addressed.

Physical Dangers and the Role of the User

Users need to be aware of their actual surroundings while partaking in VR activities. Tripping, slipping and falling, or interacting with items are all potential hazards in an unsafe playground environment (Dębska et al., 2019). These occurrences are not a feature of the technology inherently but rather the result of carelessness on the part of users or improper configuration. The potential for physical damage may be reduced by providing a clean, secure space and raising user awareness.

Computer Illness

Like motion sickness, simulator nausea may develop while utilizing virtual reality. Nausea, dizziness, and pain are all possible symptoms. While simulator nausea is usually short-lived and goes away as VR usage is stopped, it may still be unpleasant. Incorporating design elements that lessen motion-related unpleasantness and allowing users to take intervals during prolonged VR sessions may help decrease the incidence of simulator sickness.

Chronic Illnesses That Have Been Around For A While

Users with problems like epilepsy or heart disease should proceed with care while experimenting with VR. Seizures or other unpleasant responses may be brought on by fast movement or lighting up (Arlati et al., 2019). Users with preexisting conditions should seek medical advice and adhere to safety rules before using virtual reality.

Moral and Mental Health Issues

While virtual reality is not directly responsible for death, there are serious ethical as well as psychological implications to be aware of. There may be negative effects on mental health from engaging in highly immersive in addition intense virtual experiences for extended periods of time (Ng et al., 2019). To alleviate these worries, it is essential to practice responsible consumption, moderate material appropriately, and establish reasonable restrictions.


When utilized properly, virtual reality poses little risk of physical harm. Learning, training, entertainment, and even therapy may all benefit from this technology’s comprehensive and interactive capabilities. However, similar to other forms of technology, virtual reality may pose threats to users’ health and safety. The continued development of augmented and mixed reality as an enjoyable and fulfilling medium, giving innovative experiences without endangering the users’ well-being or lives, depends on raising user awareness, adopting safety measures, and addressing ethical issues. The development and beneficial influence of virtual reality technologies will depend heavily on continuing research and appropriate usage.

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