Concerning reports highlighted some aspects of e-cigarettes


Concerning research about the e-cigarette

Recently Public Health England(PHE) published a report on e-cigarettes.  

e-cigarettes  are entirely well-known among the youth and it is considered one of the better alternatives of tobacco.

Although  the report has some concerning claims which have created buzz around the topic. The e-cigarette  in the report assertion was made that  95% is less harmful than the other form of tobacco.However the headline is something which is turning a lot of heads and the media started to give attention to the topic.

we all are aware that e-cigarettes are considered better alternatives to tobacco  but the number here 95% is something concerning the people as well as the media.

The research and methodology is concerning?

The research is analysed by the media and the methodology pursued by the researchers is also under scrutiny.

The methodology utilised by the public health England report is driven by the David Nutt and his colleagues. The report by PHE is secondary and David Nutt and colleagues did primary research. 

The original or the primary paper which insists that the e-cigarette  is 95% less harmful has some problems already, which is utilised by the public health England report.

Here we have to analyse one significant aspect that is the study is funded by Euroswiss Health and Lega Italiana Anti Fumo (LIAF), organizations

Itself has some involvement with e-cigarette related activities and the people who are part of the research are somehow connected to E Cigarette distributors.

The aspect of research was unexpected

One of the writers who is part of the research  Riccardo polosa is directly associated with the LIAF Association which is a distributor of E Cigarettes along with Arbi Group Srl.

If we talk about the original paper by the David Nutt it also raises innumerable questions about how the study was executed.

The execution of the study?

 The study had some International experts and we do not have any evidence that they have expertise in the field of e-cigarette  or nicotine

They basically analyse nicotine containing products including e-cigarettes that how

how harmful it can be?

Few things about the panel itself are concerning as there is no evidence of their education and recruitment  the process of the study. Having any prior   knowledge about the e-cigarettes  or these kinds of nicotine containing products. The research is entirely based on the ideas of few individuals sitting in a room. They do not  have any connoisseur is in the field of tobacco and there is no evidence supporting  the research.


The harm it cause

Usually E Cigarettes like other types of  tobacco products are having nicotine,which is the addictive  drug and can be indeed harmful for the human.

Research claims those vapes or e-cigarette claiming they have zero nicotine, or does not have a nicotine also found that these kind of product containing nicotine.

Nicotine can damage the part of the brain which controls our moods, impulse, learning and attention. It  basically hampers the  cognitive abilities.

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