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When it comes to making decisions to study abroad, then Canada is one of the most selected educational hubs in the world due to its prestigious and diversified education system. The education system in Canada is partly funded by the Government of Canada that is overseeing by the provincial, federal and local governments. There are majorly three levels of the education system in Canada including primary, secondary, and post-secondary. There are both public and private education systems in Canada. The government of Canada has highly subsidized education from kinder-garden to post-secondary education level. The spending on the education system is proportionately higher than in OECD countries.

According to Gunderson (2020), Canada comes under most educated countries across the world. There are 90% of citizens within the age group of 25 to 64 years have a minimum high school education and there is 66% of individuals who obtained a post-secondary educational credential. So comparatively both percentages are higher than the OECD average of 78% and 40% respectively.

According to the Programme for International Student Assessment organized by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development the rank of skill and knowledge among 15 years old individuals have ranked sixth-best across the world (Weingarten, 2018). Canada has outperformed among OECD countries in terms of mathematics, reading literacy, and science as the average student scores 523.7 where the OECD average is 493 in the year 2015. Canada has spent 5% of GDP on the education system as compared higher than OECD 5% average. In 2017, there are 68% of Canadians who lie within the age group of 25 to 64 years have attained some form of post-secondary education whereas per the OECD average there is 44%. There are 57% of Canadians who has attended college diploma within the age group of 25 to 64 years with 11% of Canadians who has attended diploma, certificate, and apprenticeship from vocational institutions (Harper, 2017).

Assessment Agencies

The Canadian Education Statistics Council works with the territorial and provincial departments who are responsible for training and education on the Pan-Canadian Education indicators program. There is a unique Canadian public school system with the amount of decentralization and degree of local school authorities who runs the schools. The qualification of teacher’s standards supports in providing high-quality education to the students studying in Canada.  There is a 310,000 teacher workforce at the primary and secondary level and another workforce at 40,000 universities in Canada. All provinces require a bachelor’s degree in teaching for teaching elementary grade and minimum preparation required for teaching in secondary schools but they insist on a master’s degree (Henderson, 2017). In the Canadian education system, parents are required to participate in childhood education for improving the quality of the education system.

The Canadian Education system includes bachelor’s, masters, and doctorate degrees. The international students come for higher education majorly in Canada. They enroll in public and private universities. Tuition fees lie between 7500 to 22500 CAD annually (Thomas, 2016). The tuition fees of private universities are higher as compared to public universities. The majority of the degree program in Canada are taught in English. So the international students have to undergo through IELTS or TOEFL exam for English proficiency tests. So it is one of the primary factors required for studying in Canada.

Enrolment Requirement In Canada

The minimum entry requirement to study in Canada varies from one university to another. However, there is generally no entry-level exam at the university level. But the selection criteria of every university are distinct in every university that needs to be followed for taking admission in the university. The documents should be completed for increasing the chances of shortlisting applications.

The quality of assessment is higher in Canada that is difficult for international students to meet initially. The teachers are strict are about work submission, quality of work, plagiarism issues, and others. Assignment writer Canada has to under the guidelines so that the work can be delivered according to the criteria set by the university. There is an online assignment submission on the student portal for maintaining the quality of education standards.

You can take assignment help from sources provided in the student portal, teacher, and other internet sources. The ministry of education is responsible for setting policies related to educational affairs including the allocation of federal and provincial funds, textbooks, library services, certificates of teachers, educational statistics, provision of records, and enforcement of compulsory education.  The school has developed a parent advisory council that concern raising the money for buying equipment such as video surveillance, computers, playground equipment, emergency lighting, and school buses for students.

Languages In Canada

There are two official languages used in Canada including English and French that are used in federal government institutions. It means that international students can study in either English or French. The international students should have high proficiency in English. You have to submit the assignment in English. There is a continuous evaluation system throughout all grades. So the students are marked on each essay, course, and exam in every subject throughout 13 years of education (Ingle, 2018).  The online essay writer should keep appropriate grammar, punctuation, verbs, and word formation. You can also take online essay help from a professor, students, and online tutors for delivery work as per the marking criteria set by the university. 

The general standard is set for all grades across all Universities of Canada and student performance is evaluated twice a year. The results are based on each essay, reading, writing, and independent projects. So the student should take essay writing help for meeting the standard set for homework assignments.

Thus the education system in Canada comprises primary, secondary, and post-secondary. The quality of the education system is in two languages including French and English. The students have to undergo different assessments throughout the year. The international students have to complete the documentation process for increasing the chances of shortlisting applications. The scope of study in Canada is wider that supports getting a good career opportunity for attaining career goals within the desired timeline. There is a large number of a quality educational institution that comes under the responsibility of the Canadian Constitution result in the effective education system in Canada. There is a specialized teacher for every student result in providing quality education across Canada. All formal and informal education system is derived by the government and privation institution for improving the level of education. Protection Status
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