Facebook As A Marketing Tool For Social Media

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Facebook As A Marketing Tool

The role of digital marketing has been increased where Facebook is reigning champ of social media websites. The companies are using Facebook as a marketing tool for promoting the product and services offered to satisfy the customer demands. There are large share of the population who are using Facebook so the companies can easily communicate and educate the target audience by conducting effective marketing practices. According to the Global Digital Report there are more than 80% of internet uses who are accessing social media platforms. It provides the competitive advantage to the company in developing brand identity among the target audience globally. It also provides the platform to communicate between customers and organization result into development of innovative product and services. The companies are also using Facebook as conducting survey regarding the new product and services launched by the company. So it allows collecting customer feedback for improving the quality of product and services. It also support in enhancing the customer satisfaction by meeting the customer needs and demands.  

Impact Of Using Facebook As Marketing Tool On Business

According to the 2019 report by eMarketer, there are 90.4% of social media users in the US who are Millennial. So they participate in business review process to develop brand identity among the target audience. The companies are creating product awareness among the consumers result into increase in product demand and sales revenue. The companies are using product review option where the consumers provide their feedback regarding the product and services used by the companies. It has increased the role of Digital Marketing Manager who uses Social Media Marketing Tool for promoting the product and services offered by the company. It has also increased the scope of Digital marketing course where all subjects related to digital marketing are studied by students to perform various jobs such as content strategist, SEO, digital marketing associated, and others.

Assignment writer has to understand all concepts for performing digital marketing assignment to develop their practical and theoretical knowledge. The digital marketing jobs has increased where the job seekers has to focus on developing skills and knowledge such as use of keywords, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and others. However, practical knowledge in the field of digital marketing is important from business point of view. The assessment performed by the students should be thoroughly understood. If you still confused regarding the concepts then you can take online assignment help to improve your knowledge.

During the job interview in the field of Digital marketing, the interview ask you to write the Essay on a topic related to marketing such as Facebook marketing for evaluating your theoretical skills. So you should prepare in advance as Online Essay Writer to improve your theoretical knowledge. You can also take assistance from Essay writing help who can provide your assistance in writing essay related to all digital marketing topics. So you can easily crack interview. However the practical knowledge comes with working experience within the same field (Assimakopoulos, 2017).  

Use Of Facebook As Promotional Tool

According to the Galati (2017), there are more than 54% customers who are using social media for conducting product research. So it influences the consumer purchasing decision by developing perceived brand image among the target audience. However one negative review on product and services can discourage large number of purchasing decisions. The consumers are buying a product based on product reviews. So the companies should adopt a customer-centric approach result in delivering product and services as per customer needs. Facebook also support in developing innovative product and services by determining the need of the target audience. It contributes towards long term sustainable results.

Lyfe Marketing has conducted a survey that shows that more than 91% of social media traffic comes from mobile devices and more than 95% of advertisement is watched through mobile phones (Mariani, 2016). It means the majority of the audience are accessing social media apps from their mobile phones that can be used for communicating products and services. Once the company has developed brand identity it results in long term sustainable return to the company. According to the Sprout Social 2019 report, there are 77% social media users who like to buy product and services from a brand who they have liked on Facebook (Jang, 2019). So the role of Facebook is effective in promoting the services offered by the company.

The above graphical representation has shown that there are 87% of visitors who has login through app, 78% of consumer’s visit the physical stores of the brand, there are 78% of consumers who talk about the brand with their friends and family. There are 77% who prefer to buy from buy that they are following over another. There are 70% of consumers who draw inspiration from the brand, 67% of consumers prefer to increase spending of that brand and 53% engage with the brand on social media (Baglione, 2017).

The companies are using social media platforms because it is cost effective method that is used for developing brand identity and emotional connection with target audience. Tran (2017) has revealed that there are 50% of customers who are following brands on social media to keep in loop with new updates regarding the brands such as product launched, business expansion, and other information. It is also reported that there are 90% of business who use social media for brand awareness.

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