Why The Use of Online Educational Platforms Are Getting Quite Popular Nowadays?

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Online education has taken the center stage ever since the world got affected by the pandemic COVID 19. The immediate measures taken by the government to stop the spread of the pandemic forced on-campus education to shift to online education, in this article, we are going to study the impact of online education on students

Surprisingly online education has proven to be highly effective and beneficial for academic students. It has been observed by the education institutions that online modes of learning are helping students overcome the challenges they used to face for years in campus learning. Online education has further improved the quality of learning because a huge amount of infrastructural cost is being saved. That money is spent to bring In the latest technologies so that students are given the best possible environment for learning also the entire process of E-Learning has been made interesting and engaging for students by including visual representations and activity-based learning sessions because of which in a very short span online learning has gained immense popularity among academic students.

Here are some key points that need to be kept in mind when we look at the cause and effect of online education

Advantages Of Online Learning

  • Flexible Timings–  On-campus learning was restricted to a particular class and session. This means if students had doubts in their assignments they had to keep their doubts to themselves until their next lectures. Also, the classes were time-bound and were stuck to a routine. So it was the sole responsibility of the students to ensure that they are present in the lecture sessions to reap the maximum benefits. But unlike campus learning online learning is not restricted to a particular place or time for that matter. Students can easily attend classes sitting at any corner of the world at any time. If required they can also move to offline classes from live tutorials where they are taught through videos. These video tutorials give them the benefit to go back to the areas where they are having doubts multiple times till the time all their doubts are cleared. 
  • Less Physical Interaction With Teachers Make Students Open Up Easily And Confidently-Another big reason for the popularity of online education over campus learning is that it allows students to keep a distance from their teachers and also from their peers. There are a lot of students who are suffering from social, economical, cultural, and financial barriers during their academic years of learning. As a result, they shy away from asking questions and clearing their doubts during the campus learning. This becomes the major reason for low grades in their semesters. Online education is less intimidating for students who are introverts because they are not facing their professors or peers directly. As a result, students become confident and come up with questions that have been bugging them to result in a better understanding of the subject. Students struggling with their assignments can also take Essay Writing Help from SourceEssay experts to clear their doubts and get instant solutions to assignment problems. 
  • Online Education Can Be Fine-Tuned According To The Pace Of Students– The biggest difference that has helped online education walk over on-campus learning is that in on-campus learning students have to cope with the pace of the class as a result most students who are slow learners or students who have missed their lectures find difficulties. But in the case of online education, the pace of learning can be fine-tuned according to the pace of the student. They are also free to pause the online classes and then again get back from where they started at a convenient time. SourceEssay offers online assignment help to students with the help of certified experts who give instant solutions to any kind of assignment problems and also provide round the clock assistance with the help of a strong customer support team. They stay connected with students through chats, calls, and emails. 
  • Better Concentration And Proactive Learning– Since 90% of the communication is non-verbal students can concentrate better in their classes during their online sessions. This happens because students don’t need to worry about their body language while placing their questions. Online education ensures that the focus is on ideas and the students are not judged based on their physical appearance. 
  • Students Can Easily Connect To Their Groups Through Online Education– Academic students are often given assignments that they need to work on in groups. In on-campus learning these kinds of projects used to take weeks and months because it was difficult to find and connect everyone at one time. This is where online education has fast-tracked the learning process of students. With the help of group chats, live sessions, and emails connecting with peers and study groups have become very easy. Students can now easily work on team projects through online forums and Sodapdf Convert to get to results faster.
  • Reduced The Cost Of Education– The cost factor is one area that cannot be ignored when we talk about online education. Online education has helped students learn and gather knowledge without having to pay through their nose. Higher education that seemed an unapproachable dream for students who had financial limitations is now easily available. Online education has ensured that the quality of education imparted to students is not compromised based on cost. Since most of the material required for learning is available on the internet at reasonable rates and there is no added expenditure towards accommodation and on-campus training the overall cost of learning has decreased to a great extent. As a result majority of students can afford online education irrespective of their economical differences.


Therefore to conclude it can be said that online education has been a lifesaver for students in this pandemic. It has not just helped students keep pace with their classes sitting at home but it has also helped students overcome a lot of barriers that they faced during on-campus learning. There are various reasons why online education has taken the center stage and gained so much popularity nowadays. However among the many reasons the major reasons that are worth mentioning are- Firstly, unlike campus learning online learning is not restricted to a particular place or time for that matter. Students can easily attend classes sitting at any corner of the world at any time. If required they can also move to offline classes from live tutorials where they are taught through videos. Secondly, Less Physical Interaction with teachers makes students open up easily and confidently. This means online education is less intimidating for students. Thirdly, online education can be fine-tuned according to the pace of students. This means students can go back to their lessons multiple times till the time all their doubts are cleared. Fourthly, Students can easily connect to their groups through online education. They can use online chats, emails, and live sessions to connect to online forums where they can connect with their team members, and work on group projects at any point of the day. Fifth, Better concentration and Proactive Learning, and lastly, online education reduces the overall cost of education. 

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