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There has been a rapid growth in the online Education owing to the global pandemic. All of a sudden traditional on-campus learning has shifted its base to the online mediums. On-campus learning, group discussions, and class lectures have shifted to online video-based classes using AI technology. The students in Australia are now experiencing school management relying on the web, new tutoring platforms, The education institutions are giving platforms to open learning mobile apps along with 3 D printing providers. Over the years the Australian government has been pumping in revenue in the education systems so that the best facilities can be provided to the students.

Today we are going to talk about the current trends in education emphasizing the Australian education system.  

Recent Trends In The Australian Education System

  • Thinking About The Wellbeing Of Teachers And Students – This is a trend that has been going on for quite some time now. And, with the rise of the pandemic this trend of putting the well being of teachers and students first has proved to be the most loved trend of 2020. Education institutions are aware of the stress level of students and agree to the fact that the major reason for anxiety in students is assignment pressure. Also, they are aware that the numbers of teachers are much less than what is required in the education sector because of which teachers are overworked. To deal with the situation education sectors have designed apps like “Mind Moose” to assist primary students and teach them about mental health. Students are made to watch animations that teach them about brain science. Self-esteem, ways of handling emotions, and developing resilience among them; Students can also seek online assignment help from SourceEssay. They have a team of experts who assist students in clearing their doubts by giving them expert guidance and instant solutions and also polish their problem-solving skills. 
  • The Second Most Talked-About Trend Is AI – Research suggests the role of AI is going to increase in the year 2020 because educational institutions are now focusing on personalized learning. AI is used to deliver customized tutoring lessons. The software works by analyzing the questions and calculating the approximate time to extract the answers. This facility helps the teachers identify the areas of improvement in students.  Australian students are using adaptive learning platforms. Apart from this education system in Australia makes use of algorithms to collect student data and develop new strategies for student engagement. Students in Australia are given real-time challenges during their learning sessions based on their capabilities that are derived through these algorithms.
  • Learning On The Audiovisual Platform-  Video learning is extremely popular with the generation next. YouTube has become the most popular education medium for young people. Similar to YouTube teachers in Australia also make use of teacher tubes or brain pop to make educational videos. This helps students remain motivated and grasp better. Audiovisual learning has become a trend because it is fun, interesting, and very effective. The best part about video learning is that students can learn at their own pace, It works best for slow learners as they can revert multiple times till the time all their doubts are cleared. Also, they can learn in flexible shifts and have the privilege to save important videos to watch later. Students who have to struggle with their assignments can take instant assignment help from a team of highly qualified instant essay writers who teach students through these online mediums and assist them in writing assignments. 
  • Blended Learning-  Blended learning is a mix of on-campus and off-campus learning. This is a trend that is taking place after the schools and universities have been instructed to vacate university campuses to guard students against the exposure of the virus. This is a trend that is most likely going to stay even after things get back to their usual routines. It is being said that over the years this practice of mixed learning is going to be even more advanced. Teachers play the role of facilitators instead of instructors in case of blended learning that makes the learning process interesting and self-motivating for students. The education system is also going through changes in the curriculum to support blended learning, 
  • Machine Learning– Machine learning works on predictive analysis. With the help of AI Institutions can collect data that gives them insights about the capacity of students to grasp knowledge and also helps them identify the weak links in the chain. Machine learning focuses on improving the overall results of students with the help of customized programs. The education system in Australia is largely dependent on machine learning and the majority of students studying there are tech-savvy. Machine learning also enables teachers to create strategies using videos, personalized audio tutorials, and discussion portals that help students to learn better.

Apart from these trends, there is one more trend that is rising and these are online learning platforms. Online essay help services like SourceEssay assist students to cope up with their assignment pressures and submit their assignments on time.


Therefore it can be said that the Australian education system is advancing towards tech education to ensure students get a superior learning environment and are more proactive during their lessons. Machine learning, blended learning, Video learning, and AI have become trends in the field of education. These are replacing the traditional methodologies to make sure students do not lose interest in the subjects. Online learning platforms have also gained popularity and are playing a vital role in helping students learn. These trends are solving the problems of shortage of staff, reducing education costs by cutting down on the infrastructural expenses. And are also helping students learn at their own pace reducing their stress. The primary focus of educational institutions since 2020 is to think about the well being of both students and teachers. These trends have helped numerous students in achieving their goals and score well in their academics.

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