Study More Effectively With The Feynman Technique

Feynman Technique

The Feynman technique is named after the physicist who won the Nobel prize, Mr. Richard Feynman. He made sure his level of understanding surpasses the common people. With this initiative of learning better, he invented the Feynman Technique. In this article, we are going to discuss what the benefits of the Feynman technique are.

Feynman Technique is a scientifically designed technique that comprises of four major steps. The below image shows the four major steps that constitute the Feynman Technology.

Steps Of Feynman Technique

Step-1 Teach To A Child- 

Mortimer Adler once said “The person who says he knows what he thinks, but cannot express it usually does not know what he thinks”

According to the Feynman technique whatever we learn needs to be analyzed before we conclude how much we have learned a particular subject. So the first step is picking up a subject, accumulating all the preconceived ideas and knowledge, and teaches a child. Usually, subjects’ especially technical subjects make use of jargon and difficult terms. Using too much jargon is a process of masking a lack of understanding of a particular subject. Feynman Technology suggests the simpler the language the stronger is the understanding.

The easiest way to analyze the depth of your knowledge and understanding is by taking out a blank sheet of paper and try teaching the subject to a 12-year-old who barely has the knowledge of the subject being spoken about and the jargons that are mostly used. If a person can teach a child the Ps and Qs of the subject they are rest assured that they have a clear concept in mind.

•        Step 2 Review Whatever Has Been Learned 

Learning is not a one-time method. According to the Feynman technique real learning starts only after a student reviews his learning by analyzing the gaps in the knowledge. A student may identify these gaps by pinpointing the areas he forgets or highlight areas where he is unable to explain a particular subject. The best way to fill these gaps is by reverting to the sources and re-learns till the time they comfortably remember the important details. Students should remember that they cross the second step only after they can explain their concepts in simple terms without using jargon. SourceEssay offers online assignment help to students with the help of an expert assignment writer who assists them in their learning using this method in case they get stuck with their assignments. 

•   Step 3 Organize Your Thoughts And Simplify The Learning

The third step is organizing the thoughts in the forms of notes and proofreading it to make sure no jargon has been used in the explanation. It can be described in a simple narrative. Students need to read it loudly and hear the words. If they feel they still have confusion at some of the areas they need to rework on those particular areas. This step helps the student checks their retention capacity. Furthermore, students who are not very good at taking notes may take the help of SourceEssay assignment writer. They help students in taking notes and clearing their doubts.

•         Step 4 Transmit Or Relate It To One Another

The best way to understand the depth of your understanding is by sharing your knowledge with someone who knows about the subject. The better can you convey your thoughts the better is your hold on that subject. Therefore to understand how much they have learned they must transmit their knowledge, preferably to professional. Students can take instant essay help with the help of SourceEssay online essay writer who cross-check and certify the knowledge absorbed by the students.

The Major Advantages Of The Feynman Technique

The below image shows the biggest advantages of using Feynman technology;

  • Complete Understanding 

The first and foremost advantage of Feynman technology is that it gives a complete understanding of a subject to a student. This learning method allows students to go in-depth and the information extracted stays in the memory for longer duration. This happens because the emphasis is on understanding rather than memorizing. Also, it makes students confident and improves their communication skills.

  • Improves Teaching Skills

Unlike traditional learning methods where the learning was restricted to classrooms and syllabus, this technique gives the teachers a wider scope to teach. To improve understanding of a particular subject teachers make the students go through various interactive sessions that make learning procedures interesting. Also, students find learning to be interesting.

  • Develops And Enhances Critical Thinking Abilities

Further Feynman technology helps enhance critical thinking ability because of which students are able to solve critical complex problems. Therefore it can be said that this technique not just helps us resolve complicated problems but also teaches the brain to think at a much faster pace.

  • Simplified Learning

Feynman technology helps students break complex problems into simple solutions. As per this technique, the use of jargon should be kept at the minimum and the subjects should be explained using narratives to which the readers can connect to. Simplified learning is very important in modern times because it helps students remember the subject for a longer duration and also makes it easier for them to communicate it to their peers and professors. Further, it helps a student become confident in improving their academic grades. Students can now keep their stress levels at bay and learn better.


Therefore it can be said that the Feynman technique was invented to create a scientific method that helps in better learning. It constitutes of 4 stages. Stage 1 is Teach to a Child this is where it is advised that the students should make a 12-year-old understand the concepts of the subject without using jargon. Stage 2 is reviewing whatever has been learned. This step is important to analyze the gaps in learning.

Stage 3 is to organize your thoughts and simplify the learning. This step includes taking notes and Stage 4 is transmitting the knowledge to one another. 

The key advantages of using a Feynman technique are first, it helps an incomplete understanding of the subject.

Second, this technique helps improve teaching skills. Third, it helps to develop and improve critical thinking abilities that in turn helps students solve complex questions. And, lastly Simplified Learning; with the help of this technique, students are able to grasp the subject easily. There is minimal use of jargons and the main focus is describing the subject using narratives and simple language.  

Students can now take the help of SourceEssay experts to gain a better knowledge of the basic concepts of the Feynman technique. They have a team of experts who assist students in breaking down the jargon into simple terms for a better understanding. Further, their team of experts also assist students in taking notes and provides 24/7 customer support so that students are able to clear their doubts. 

This technique not just helps students learn faster but also helps students remember whatever they have learned for long duration of time. Because the focus on understanding the basics of the subject rather than memorizing students are able to communicate whatever they have learned in a much better way. Protection Status
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