What Are The Major Causes Of A Research Paper Failure?

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Writing an authentic research paper with zero flaws and getting it selected at the first go is a tough job for students who have just stepped into the world of research. It requires a lot of experience, hard work, in-depth knowledge, skills, and expertise to write a high-quality research paper. Even after repeated guidance and following instructions the research papers get rejected which is very demotivating for students and in most cases students are unaware of the project failure reasons

The effects of failure on students are severe. They get demotivated, they lose interest in the subject, they lack self-confidence and in some cases, they also end up dropping out of their research midway. However, if students know the parameters on which the research papers are rejected or selected it becomes way easier for them to write a high-quality research paper and cut down on their mistakes.

In this article, we are going to discuss the causes and effects of research paper failure

Major Reasons For Research Paper Rejections

Broadly the major reasons for the rejection of a research paper can be divided into two categories. The first is editorial and the second is technical. Editorial reasons can be defined as the writing style and methodology that has been used to write the paper and the technical reasons can be defined as clarity in the research.

Key Areas In Editorial Section That Are Evaluated While Screening A Research Paper

  • The aim and scope of the journal do not tally with the Manuscript– Every research paper comes with a well-defined scope and aim. Research students need to gather knowledge on the scope and aim of the journal they want to submit their research paper to and then write a research paper that comprehends the scope of the journal(Patton, 1990). In case the manuscript does not match the scope of the journal it is being submitted to it is most likely to be rejected.
  • The research paper is under review in some other Journal-While submitting a research paper students should make sure that their research paper is not under review in any other journal.
  • There is too much use of Jargons– Generally, a research paper that uses too much jargon and is difficult to comprehend is rejected. The language used in the research paper should be simplified and comprehendible. Students take help from essay writer Singapore to write quality research papers in simple language.
  • Doesn’t Meet the quality parameters of the Writing Style of the Journal – Unlike normal essay writings that follow a general format research papers come with a set of instructions which vary in different journals. Students need to adhere to these guidelines to get their research papers selected. Do these guidelines have specific instructions on which font are to be used? What should be the size of the font? And what should be the referencing style?The margin and space are also mentioned in the guidelines. In case students lack knowledge of writing styles and formats and find difficulty in understanding the instructions it is advised that they take professional guidance from online assignment help.

Key Areas In Technical Section That Are Evaluated While Screening A Research Paper

  • The research paper is not appealing and does not add value – Students should make sure their findings add value to the journal. In case the research paper is not appealing it is most likely to be rejected. Research students should follow instructions of their guides and take help from, online assignment writers to extract relevant information for their research from reliable sources which adds value to their content.
  • The hypothesis is not clear-Hypothesis is the statement of the research student that is made based on the past work. Despite adding value to the research paper if the hypothesis is not clear than the research paper can be rejected. The entire research paper is drafted on the statement proving it to be true or false. 
  • Not enough supporting evidence– The statement must support the data provided in the research paper. In case the statement is not backed up with supporting evidence there are high chances that the research paper would be rejected.
  • Bad analysisStudents should make sure they use the right analysis technique while conducting research. In case they do not hold adequate knowledge they can take instant essay help from SourceEssay. They have a team of highly qualified Ph.D. holders who assist students in research analysis.
  • The wrong methodology– Research techniques are constantly evolving and new and advanced methods are coming up. Students need to keep themselves updated and use the latest technologies when conducting research. Using old methods can result in the rejection of research papers. Online essay writers from SourceEssay can help students in writing their research papers using the latest techniques and methods.
  • The research results are inconclusive- Students need to address the questions asked in the hypothesis. In case students are unable to provide answers to the questions asked in the hypothesis or fail to provide a conclusive result the research papers can be rejected. 
  • Violation in ethics- Students are supposed to take consent of the participants in writing in the form of a declaration that the research work was carried out by the student and has not been plagiarized. In case the declaration is not attached to the research paper it can be rejected on grounds of ethical violation.


To conclude it can be said that writing a research paper and getting it selected at the first attempt is difficult for students who have less or no prior experience. Therefore students should take instant essay help from SourceEssay to write a high-quality research paper on time and should keep the following points in mind while writing a research paper.

First, The manuscript should tally with the aim and scope of the journal, Second, the research paper should not be under review in some other journal, third, the language of the research paper should be comprehendible and meet the quality parameters of the journal which includes writing specifications, fourth, the research paper should add value to the journal using the correct methodology, with a clear hypothesis backed up with supporting evidence and lastly, the research paper should be conclusive and should not violate any research ethics.


Patton, M. Q. (1990). Qualitative evaluation and research methods. SAGE Publications, inc.

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