How To Write Better Discursive Essays: Tips To Improve Your Writing Skills

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Students are often assigned to work on many different types of assignments all throughout the year. Those assignments differ in terms of their difficulty levels and the kind of research which needs to go into them. And one of the most difficult types of assignments that students need to work on consists of discursive essays. Discursive essays defined as academic essays in which an individual is required to work on a topic in such a manner that depicts that he or she is arguing for or against a topic. There are also different types of discursive essays.

No matter the type of discursive essay one decides to work on there will always be far too many questions and difficulties which one would have tackle with. This is why most students often try to avoid working on discursive essays. And if you one of those students then it is suggested that you should hire the essay writing help from a professional academic writing service provider. This essay help would allow in easing the burden on the student. However, if a student does not want to do that then he or she can go through some important tips which could help in understanding the process of working on a discursive essay assignment.

Understanding The Meaning Of A Discursive Essay

As it was mentioned above, a discursive essay defined as a type of essay assignment in which the main aim of the student is to provide information in such a manner that he or she is able to argue for or against a topic. he or she could simply present arguments from both sides of the topic. Hence do it in a balanced manner. In another type of discursive essay, the student might not be concerned with presenting views for or against the topic. But the student would be more focused on presenting the views which are held by him or her. These views should not be biased on the topic of discussion.

From this discussion, it must be quite obvious that if a student wants to work on a discursive essay then he or she needs to analyze a topic from all sides. This would help the student in thinking deeply and critically. According to experts, there are also three different types of discursive essays. Those are-

  • Opinion Essays

In these types of discursive essays,  begin the essay by stating their opinion on any particular topic and then proceed to present the arguments to support it. Before finishing the essay, one must also present the opposing arguments on the topic and explain why those arguments are not correct or convincing.

  • For and Against Essays

As the name suggests, in these essays the student needs to present his or her arguments for or against a topic. Before ending the essay, one also needs to present his or her own views or preferences on the topic of discussion.

  • Essays in Which a Solution to a Problem is Suggested

In these essays, the student needs to shed light on a particular topic and list all possible solutions for solving that problem. Before presenting the conclusion, it is also important for the author of the essay to mention what solution he or she thinks is the best and why one thinks that.

If a student is not able to work on these types of discursive essays then he or she should hire professional assignment help.

The Structure By The Best Essay Writer

The structure of an essay is one of the important parts. It is important for a student to make sure that the essay of a discursive essay should be correct. And this is why the correct structure for a discursive essay one should know-

  • The Introduction

The introduction is basically the section where the author of the descriptive essay would have to introduce the topic. It is also the section where the author would have to provide a literary hook to the audience. This literary hook is any piece of information that is related to the topic and would pull in the audience towards the topic.

  • The Main Body

This is the main crux of the discursive essay in which the student has to fill in the entire meat of the essay. Ideally, one should divide the body of the discursive essay into various smaller paragraphs or sections. In the first paragraph, one could bring attention to the problem. The second paragraph used for building the argument. The next paragraph could present the evidence for the argument.

  • The Conclusion

In conclusion, summarize every important point concisely to remap what you have written.

If a student finds it difficult to follow through such a structure then he or she should consider getting online assignment help from the best and most professional academic writing service providing company or organization.

The Tips To Write The Best Discursive Essay By The Most Talented Assignment Writer

There are some important tips which one should follow.

  • Begin with the Research

The student first needs to start doing research. During this step, one should decide on the topic and collect all the relevant information that is related to the topic.

  • Defining the Topic

The next step is to think about the topic in more depth. One should try to analyze the topic and its arguments in more detail.

  • Making the Outline

In this step, the student should make the outline of the essay according to the structure which was mentioned above.

  • Filling Stuff In

The final step simply consists of the student filling in all the required information into the different sections of the discursive essay.

Discursive Essay Example Topics

If a student has to work on a discursive essay and he or she is not able to find the right topic then, some examples of excellent discursive essay topics, we have discussed-

  • Technology: is it good or bad?
  • The impact of social media on the youth of today
  • Should cell phones allow within school premises?
  • Should the price of healthy food items be higher than the price of junk food items?
  • What is the best time to exercise on any given day?
  • Should religion be taught to schoolchildren within a school environment?
  • A marriage is more likely to flourish if it is based on a strong foundation of friendship and trust
  • Is the current education system good or bad?
  • How harmful can cyberbullying be?
  • Is Google bringing an end to privacy for all of us?

The Conclusion:

A discursive essay is an essay in which one has to present arguments for or against a topic. There are different types of discursive essays. This is why we at SourceEssay have decided to provide online assignment help to students. Working on any type of discursive essay is not an easy task. Students must follow some important tips to make his or her work a little easier. Some of those tips include researching, defining the topic, writing the essay according to the official structure, and presenting arguments with evidence. Protection Status
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