5 Interesting Facts About Education In UK Universities

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The UK is a country of dreams for growing adults. Students from all over the world migrate here every year to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Be it medicine, engineering, or business it is known to provide the best education using the latest technologies. 

Students come here to seek opportunities and build a sustainable career for them. In this article, we are going to discuss five interesting facts about education in UK Universities that very few students know.

5 Lesser Known Facts About Education In The UK University

1. Majority Of Students Are From Asia 

An interesting fact about education in UK universities is that Most International students who come to study in the UK are from Asia. As per the latest statistics from UNESCO nearly 44% of the undergraduate students that come to approximately 40, 0000 students per year are from Honk Kong India and Malaysia. 

The second-largest in Europe covering 35% of the total number of undergraduate students. Italy, France, and Germany are the top 3 European countries from where thousands of students migrate to the UK every year to pursue higher education. This is also one of the primary reasons why services like online assignment help are so popular in the UK. 

Students who come from most Asian and European countries face language barriers during their academic years of learning. The obvious reason is that their native language is not English as a result they find difficulties in communicating their thoughts and ideas with their peers and professors. This is where professional essay typer has an important role to play. They act as a bridge of communication between the students and their professors and help them in putting their thoughts on the paper. These online services in the UK not just help students in scoring better grades but they also help in presenting their knowledge and skills. 

2. Chinese Postgraduate Students Have Exceeded The Number Of Undergraduate Students In The UK 

Another important fact is that In UK the number of Chinese postgraduate students has exceeded the total count of Undergraduate students. As per the latest survey reports from HESA (a certified body that represents statistics of Higher Education in England), there are approximately 52,370 Chinese students pursuing post-graduation in England. This exceeds undergraduate students by approximately 10000 enrolments (lieva,2018). 

Other than China there are other countries like Germany, Europe, Greece, India, Nigeria, Thailand, and even Saudi Arabia that have added to the increasing numbers as per statistics from HESA. 

Thus it is clear that a majority of students migrate to England to pursue their post-graduation. This is why dissertation writers are in high demand in England. The most common problem that students face while pursuing their course in England is dealing with the socio-cultural differences and overcoming the language barriers. Looking at these persisting problems online services like SourceEssay have stepped forward to assist these international students in writing their dissertation papers so that they can submit their papers on time. 

It is interesting to note that Business Management is one of the most popular subjects for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The UK is known to have one of the best business schools in the world. The exposure and environment it provides to students are far better than most countries. 

Over the years business and administration have gained a lot of popularity in the hearts of students both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Other than Business Administration subjects like Medicines and Biological Sciences are also very popular in the UK. It has been found that most male students have a knack of pursuing engineering whereas female students bend towards Medicine in the UK.

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4. Four In Ten Academic Staff In Science, Technology, Engineering, And Mathematics Is From Overseas

The Brighton English school UK also opens doors of employability by providing new teaching opportunities for students who have completed their courses. It has been observed that 4 in 10 teaching staff especially in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are from Overseas. Approximately 43% of the total staff in Engineering and Technology are not from the UK.

Similarly in the field of physical Science, Biology, and Mathematics around 39% of the total employees are not from the UK. Therefore it can be clearly said that overseas students and staff have a vital contribution to the education system of the UK. Also, the students who pursue higher education in the UK have greater chances of employability in the UK.

5. Only Half Of The Total Numbers Of Graduate Students Are Employed

Lastly, the most interesting fact about UK education is only half of the total number of graduating students is getting employed. As per the survey reports 57.8 % of the total graduating students are getting high-skilled employment. 

Whereas, on the other hand, the percentage goes up to 73.9% in postgraduate students. Looking at these statistics online essay help services like SourceEssay have extended their hands to help prepare undergraduate students to step into the professional world. They provide a team of highly qualified instant essay writers who equip students and prepare them for future jobs by polishing their skills and enhancing their knowledge.


Thus the 5 Interesting facts about Education in UK Universities can be summarized and listed in the points below-

  • The Majority of students in UK universities are from Asia. This has also led to the rise of assignment writers as because most students face language barriers and seek professional help to write assignments. Assignment Help UK from SourceEssay provides students with the best writers who assist them with their assignments.
  • The number of Chinese postgraduate students has exceeded the total count of Undergraduate students. Dissertation writers in the UK are in high demand. SourceEssay provides one of the finest dissertation writing services in the UK. 
  • Business Management is one of the most popular subjects for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The primary reason for this is that the UK is known to have the top business schools that provide students with an A-class education using the latest technologies.
  • Education System in the UK has opened doors of new opportunities for the teachers as well. The majority of staff especially in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are non-residents of the UK. Thus it can be said that students who are pursuing higher education here in these fields have a good chance to build a sustainable career post completion of their course.
  • The percentages of post graduating students getting hired in the UK are much more than the total number of undergraduate students getting employed. That is the reason online services like SourceEssay has stepped forward. They help students in writing their assignments and also equip them to face interviews by polishing their communication skills so that more and more students are eligible for employment in the UK. 


Ilieva, J. B. (2018). Five little-known facts about international student mobility to the UK. Analytical summary for UUKI.

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