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There is conclusive evidence that digital equipment and methodology raise the depth of learning and adhere to students learning skills also improves numeracy skills especially when it comes to primary settings. As said by Newman, educators from all over the world now understanding the importance of technology in the classroom, it can be concluded, the current trends of education and digital transformation succeeded in making digital learning more effective and sustainable. 

Since the old times, it has been estimated, education is the last industry in order to make extensive changes, but as digital incorporation increases, teachers have begun to introduce changes in the mode of assessments. In 2014, it was noticed more than three million Google chrome books were utilized by educational institutes. Today’s online environment poses exciting possibilities, continues to grow and supported smartboard endeavours( Newman, 2017).

Assignment writing is often meant to support the discipline goals, thus it makes sure students are not just using digital methods in their classrooms, it can be further utilized by them to source the contents (Bista & Shultz (2011). That is why the rigidness of assignments can be distinguished properly by using digital equipment. The purpose of this article surrounds the digital platform that plays an indispensable role in students’ life and avail them in writing allotted assignments.

Purpose Of Academic Writing

Students must be clear about what he/she is writing. In all the cases assignments given to students fixed with certain criterion and has a pattern of writing which students have to recognize. In the 20th century where the learners can use the digital mode both in classroom and home, the purpose behind assigning assignments juts not retain written goals (Bailey, 2018). The most common reasons for academic writing is-

  • To informed about the research students has conducted
  • To answer the question that has been asked
  • To discuss the writers’ view of the subject of interest
  • To synthesize research

In the entire scenario, students need to read the course and identify suitable source and content. As discussed by assignment writer Canada, technology as a learning tool make the searches simpler, the use of technology simulated assistance helps students in exploring the purpose of allotting assignments and increase the significance.

Frame Video Assignments To Address Expectation

Framing video assignments are not quietly differing from the traditional assignments. The effects size are generally similar to each other. It falls under the category of creative assignments designed to enhance the grades. But video assignments are not simply recording the contents or creating visual effects, it is more about the ability to create engaging contents using existing resources and ideas reflects the source of origin and core purpose behind writing assignments. As per online essay help experts, one can use a simple slide to meet the academic standards, but for higher grades, you need to incorporate visual clips, attractive images matching the context of the question and a narrative voice likely to produce positive results. Ultimately students can use video assignments to reach the multiple dimensions of assignments preparation.

The substantial reach has found in current, the AI is highly used by Australian universities for providing the insights, visual adversaries to students. As chatbots like Siri based on natural language progression algorithm, students can use this to get the answer and generating the materials. A likewise different set of tools like Google Forums, Google slides, Google translators and Google libraries students can adhere to collect the sources and supporting the primary research. Google forum is a brilliant use of technology in teaching and learning tool that has designed in such a way that induces research with graphical representation. This can be successfully used in making video assignments.

How To Complete Assignments Using Digital Methods

If your assignments are filled with authentic information and creativity, getting grades could be easier for you. In the given below section, we are sharing some useful techniques to make your assignments more effective-

  • Bring creativeness in your assignments 

An open-ended question often used to provide space of creativity. Critical analysis thinking and analysis over motion picture help to adhere to the perfect frame of delivery of contents. You can use probes of an animated picture to demonstrate the conflicts and competing interest (Malisius, 2019). 

Educational tools with adaptive sequences analyze the data in real-time and split the data. So make sure your assignments must have your original even if it has a direct source of digital platform. 

  • Use Google Forum For integrating the research content and analysis

As per essay help experts, primary research often includes a large number of respondents and using a traditional method of research might seem difficult during these data. Using Google forum students can create, quiz and anything else based on that responses could be analyzed (WACclearning house(2019). It offers more automated scoring and randomizing the responses in the order students sees the questions. Just complete the unique colour and complete the form. 

  • Using Educliper for gathering data

eduCliper can be useful in terms of exploring educational material and references to improve research techniques and organize virtual classes. Thus if groups assignments are allotted, this platform students can use create content found online.

  • Using Canvas and Featured Apps

To bolster learning participation, the learning management system Canvas is useful elements. Using canvas and featured Apps for online discussion can be useful for creating group discussion. Use 3D printing in a case to define the objects.


Assignment writing can be a tedious job but with the help of instant assignment writer, students can explore various digital methods. Like using learning platform tools such as social media students can use to gather information which is being in trend. Apart from that, students can use Google documents’, Google forums, 3D printing, and Google slides to bring the creativeness in the assignments. Also, they can go for an animated video to create visualization. Thus we can say, digital components are really useful when students want to prepare assignments as per professor demand.

If you assigned with assignments and want professional experts to help in Canada, SourceEssay is the right choice for you. It helps students right from the beginning of assignment preparation until its completion, in fact, serves discounts on demand.


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