Consumer Behavior

How Do Ads Influence Consumer Behavior?

Introduction Technology has significantly changed our lives and likely to shape the business future and market conditions. The world is witnessing the technology change every day and as illustrated marketers use the technology to access the massive amount of consumer data that someone can use to formulate effective strategies.  The rapid advancement of technology...

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Basic And Applied Research

Basic Vs Applied Research: Know The Key Differences

Introduction What is central research in modern universities? Many researchers have surveyed to define the pessimistic terms applied and basic research. Based on the utility, a research proposal can distinguish between basic and applied research. Though both of the terms are contradictory, the higher education pieces of literature undertake the primary research for the...

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Behavioral Finance

Role Of Behavioral Finance In The Financial Market

Stock market complexities and market anomalies have led to the growth of a new dimension of financial research called behavioural finances. The origination of behavioural finances is tracked back to the 1990s when Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman talked about the behavioural theories impacting customer decision making choices. Standard finances assume risk and returns...

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Courses To Study In Australia

Best Courses To Study In Australia

The latest report on international students enrollment and government data revealed 210,000 international students have enrolled in different reputed universities of Australia. Alan Tudge, the Federal Education Minister of Australia, believed the rolling out Covid Vaccine will provide much boost to students. Tudge also commented more than half of the students who enrolled were...

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HRM Practices Of Barclays Bank

HRM Practices Of Barclays Bank

Introduction Human resource constitutes the most valuable resource for any organisation. Human resource is the most exploitable resource as well. Other accompanying resources like financial, technical and informational resources do not work unless they are managed by capable professionals. The same prospect applies to Barclays Bank. Barclays Bank conducts activities which are based on...

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Data Privacy Laws

Data Privacy Laws In The UK: Their Impact On Business Operations

Introduction Among all various privacies and laws “Right to privacy” is significant fundamental right provided to human and is followed throughout the history traditionally. The laws also are to indicate the social and legal values besides right. In the regulatory approaches of the privacy law personal data protection without exceeding the privacy should present...

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Communication Networks

Communication Networks TCP And UDP Protocols

Introduction This essay is going to discuss communication networks or transmission control protocols. In addition to that different types of communication networks and their applications are going to be evaluated and discussed in this assessment. Apart from that, the discussion is going to portray the significant features held by the communication networks with defining...

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AHRI Model

The AHRI Model Of Excellence

Introduction  The advancement in business has also impacted the HR department which have evolved tremendously over the years. Human resource department was often addressed as the personnel department which was just associated with record keeping, ensuring that regulations are abided by the company while being in compliance with laws along with determining employee wages,...

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Music Therapy

Positive Impact Of Music Therapy For Patients With Brain Injuries 

Introduction Music is an art form that is deeply rooted into the human culture, civilization, heritage and customs throughout the decades. As mentioned by Reddy et al. (2017), music has an immense effect on human brains and music listening in innumerable forms can provide soothing and calming effect, even helps in alleviating sadness, anxiety...

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