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Voice Search


According to Kraus et al., (2019), voice search is considered as the action through the use of speech for asking queries as well as providing commands to a compatible device to fulfil the requirement. Voice search is moreover a technology that allows a user to utilize a voice command for performing searches on the internet or on an application. The outcome of advances in recognition of speech first appeared on smartphones which make it possible to substitute the search bar. In current times, Voice search become a new and advanced way to make queries resolved with the use of voice assistants. For purpose of this blog, the aim is to discuss voice search use in e-commerce and also utilize it to reshape its utmost business value and interest. As per the report (Singh, and Thakur, 2020), voice search burst into the mainstream in the year 2011 when Apple launch their voice search device, Siri, as the new feature of the iPhone 4 Where after 4 years Amazon introduced Amazon Echo which become the first ever mainstream smart home device. From them, in the e-commerce market, a number of voice search devices, technology, and applications were introduced by a number of competitors who have entered the same market with new advancements and features. In current times some smart voice assistants are used for almost all the e-commerce purposes like Alexa with Amazon Echo, Siri, Cortana, and Google voice search.  Voice search is used as the digital technology that allows giving commands along with performing some smart searches on the internet with the use of speed or a voice on applications or devices. There are many ways through which voice search works in e-commerce and ensure facilitates the future of e-commerce. 

How Does Voice Search Work In E-Commerce ?

Throughout the past few decades, every business or corporation has gone through various ups and downs specifically the business which involved marketing and selling on the online platform. The e-commerce business has been experiencing a complete transformation from the previous way it used to operate before the utilization of voice search. After entering into modern business techniques with the improvement in technology, voice-controlled search is known to be the very next thing to improvise modern-day business. The online business is on the verge of stepping into the voice search optimized world that makes the consumers’ purchase experience even easier and better. If someone uses Voice search in e-commerce purchases, this means that the customers are able to search for their requirements by solely using their voices and commands within the online store. Here no or less manual keyboard inputs are used. Tthere are various mistakes that can take place during the manual search made by the customers due to some mistakes in spelling or typing as it results in incorrect products. In these cases, the auto-suggestion feature can be used to measure the mistake and that also helps to guide the customers to find the actual product or information they are looking for. To know more students can take help from SourceEssay online assignment help experts .

As it recognizes and combines the linguistics and computing fields, the voice search feature can also accomplish this, enabling users to conduct searches devoid of the need for typing. Given that Voice Search AI recognizes the words and phrases a user uses in addition to the phonemes that aid in differentiating one word from another, it also suggests whether the customer may have mispronounced a word. By simply clicking the microphone icon on their device, users can start the voice search feature with ease.


Source: (Rock, 2022)

Scientists have long envisioned speech recognition technology in machines that would let these things talk like people. Scientists developed this technology couple of years ago, and it is now evident in a number of search-related smartphones and tablets.

Users can address their questions by saying Hey Siri, Alexa, or OK Google followed by the voice search assistants they use.

The digital voice assistant in these devices will later process and convert the spoken words into text.

The gadget can establish a connection with outside data sources, like a search engine, to deliver pertinent information for the user’s command or inquiry.

The program then converts the data into a format that is simple to understand in order to satisfy the user’s intent.

The needs of the user are then obtained by evaluating the text to find the instructions and queries.

Recent studies show that 72% of people regularly use voice-activated speakers to make phone calls, play music, and find products they want to buy online, and 75% use them to send texts or book cabs (sundewsolutions. 2022). AI has been extended to include voice search capabilities, and machine learning’s algorithm is clever enough to recognize and track users’ habits and needs. When a customer is shopping online, the system will automatically suggest that they add some containers to their cart if it recognizes that they need microwave-safe bowls after purchasing a microwave last week. By enabling marketers to target customers according to their preferences, this shopping method is altering the parameters of customer relationship management. 

Define The Drivers Of Voice Search In E-Commerce

According to Essay typer the following companies hold a significant amount of the global smart speaker market share:

  • 63.2% of Amazon
  • 31% of Google
  • 5.8% of others 

However, it’s crucial to remember that most voice searches actually take place on mobile devices rather than smart speakers. Apple (Siri) and Google are the two main rivals for smartphone assistants (Strayer,  et al., 2017).


Source: (Statista, 2022)

The above chart shows the e-commerce transaction value through the use of main voice search drivers in the upcoming year 2023 after noticing the growth trend from the year 2021. After the launch of Alexa, the first Amazon Echo and the product’s voice, voice search, and voice shopping usage skyrocketed (Batish, 2018). Google Voice Search, on the other hand, offers users a completely new level of experience. Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana are currently among the most important voice assistants in the voice shopping sector, along with Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s assistant. From 4.6 billion US dollars in 2021 to 19.4 billion US dollars in 2023, the total transaction value of e-commerce purchases made through voice assistants is anticipated to increase globally (Statista. 2022). Due to the growing possibilities for voice assistants to make purchases, particularly through smartphones and other smart devices in the home, there has been a 400% increase in just two years (Statista, 2022).

Why Has Voice Search Become Important In E-Commerce ? 

There are some specific voice search trends found and these help to understand the upgroing importance of voice search to improve and stabilize the future of e-commerce business throughout the world. To know more about voice search students can take assistance from online assignment help Toronto experts.

Voice Push Notifications: Users of smart devices can be more engaged with their devices by using voice notifications, which is helpful in increasing customer traffic. They do a fantastic job of keeping the audience informed about promotions, reminders, and information in real-time.

Voice search used for local search: Greater Use of Voice Search for Local Search Local search results from voice search are growing daily. When looking for nearby businesses like restaurants or establishments, consumers are increasingly turning to voice technology.

Smart Speakers: The use of smart speakers is expected to increase in the near future as their value as a voice search enhancement is clears. Today, general online search, weather predictions, and music playing are the three most popular uses of a smart speaker.

A market game-changer could result from the rise in popularity of voice search. Businesses can benefit from voice search in a number of ways, from giving customers more ways to customise their shopping experiences to enabling customers to find the products they want from any location. Repeat ordering is the voice commerce strategy that is both most popular and effective. Customers don’t need to see a confirmation of their purchase because they already know what they want to buy in this situation; it may be something they purchase every month or even every week.

How Can An E-Commerce Store Be Optimized For Voice Search ?

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown and other factors, 77% of American adults now rely on voice search for daily tasks. During the Coronavirus outbreak, voice assistant usage rose from 46% to 52% (Kinsella, 2019). This trend will continue, and voice search in the e-commerce sector will see a significant increase in the coming years.

In this case, voice search technology would make it simpler to optimise an e-commerce business. Making any e-Commerce store voice search-friendly is a great way to make the most of the advantages. Here are some guidelines to help in developing strong solutions and expand any e-Commerce business.

SEO strategy to reshape e-commerce:

 A Google zero hero, or being ranked first on Google, requires a solid SEO strategy. SEO is still important for any business or individual website. Being at the top of search results pages will aid in attracting customers, which will ultimately increase revenue.


Source : (Walczak, 2021)

In order to increase brand visibility online, voice SEO makes a company more viewable with a higher search ranking, and one of the best things can be done  for the remunerating website to accomplish that is to optimise  SEO strategy.

Target Featured Snippets: 

Snippets are a crucial component that can propel e-commerce business. A featured snippet, which ranks higher than every other search result in a query, is actually the zero-result for a Google Search. These were the snippets, which are taken from websites when a browser, such as Google, highlights a section of text in a box for use in answering queries or providing information. Given that snippet boxes are frequently opened before other search results, it is a very useful feature. Since Amazon drives Alexa and will present Amazon shopping results, Alexa does not fall under this category.

Determinination of Keywords: 

According to one of the main recommendations for voice search optimization, use of an appropriate search terms is considered for best result of voice search application. Several methods for creating keywords for voice search optimization are listed below.

Keywords for Questions: Instead of using phrases, most voice searches take the form of questions.

Long-Tail Keywords: Long-tail keywords are less competitive and more narrowly focused than broad keywords, making it easier to rank for them.

Conversational and locally sourced: A type of common language used by people to communicate with one another is conversation and fundamental content. 

Future Of E-Commerce With The Application Of Voice Search


Source: (Kaushal, 2022)

Online shopping has changed as a result of e-commerce, and voice assistant transactions on the internet are rapidly rising. Voice search is undoubtedly a hot topic right now as one of the fastest-growing e-Commerce trends. It’s something s affordable to lose out on as the owner of an e-Commerce business. Voice-enabled searches are very common and widely used for online shopping, take things one step further and make digital shopping easier. In the last few years, voice-activated shopping has become very popular. As per the experts’ prediction the demand for voice-driven user experiences will continue to rise as a result of the growth of products available on online markets. By 2023, voice commerce will grow to be worth more than $80 billion annually, according to a prediction by Juniper Research’s U.K.-based analysts (Kinsella, 2019). With the help of recommendations based on individual preferences, voice search customises shopping experiences. Using the preferences that have been shared with the device, the voice assistant can recommend foods that fit their diet. Voice search can also make the task for the user even simpler if an order needs to be repeated. Voice assistants request specific questions and ratings rather than the time-consuming task of typing extended feedbacks, and they do so without making the user sign in.


Source : (Kaushal, 2022)

According to coursework help experts , the typical typing speed is between 30 and 35 words per minute, whereas a voice search allows you to process almost 100 words per minute (Naskar, 2020). As a result, voice search gives you the ability to communicate quickly and get results more quickly. Voice search features are not just about using voice; they are also about effectively using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Because of this, the voice feature is capable of recording your shopping preferences and routines. Many brands have already benefited from using voice search assistants, including Johnnie Walker, a Scotch whiskey brand, and other brands like Nestle, Dominos’, Amazon, and Patrón Tequila, as they are experienced with the benefits and also guarantee that use would secure brands in the future (Mari, and Algesheimer, 2021).


Source: (Kaushal, 2022)

Summing up 

The conclusion that can be drawn at the end is that customers’ preference for online shopping is here to stay, as evidenced by the e-Commerce industry’s continued growth. The introduction of voice search has completely changed the shopping experience, even though users still enjoy using the internet to research their options and purchase what they need without going to a store. This blog’s analysis and discussion illustrate the necessity of using voice search to change the course of e-Commerce and open up opportunities for online retailers. In order to improve their rankings and strengthen their online presence, businesses must actively pursue voice search optimization.


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