Why UK Higher Education Is Attractive To International Students

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The population of international students in UK universities has considerably grown since the 19th century. In 2018 statistics provided by higher education statistics agency revealed around 485645 international students pursuing higher education in the UK. The majority of students come from non-European countries contributing 45% of the highest population.  In fact, a growing number of students in UK universities are turning the UK in the second popular destination in the world. Alone in 2014, the country government spent 6.6 per cent of its GDP on education. 

The UK education system gives students the freedom to combine the courses and subjects of interest zones. It attracts millions of students by providing a range of masters and PhD level degree courses. The UK legacy and reputation in world research centers attract scientists and responsible for frequently cited paper across the globe. That is how the UK always stood first in students’ preference list for their career.  The purpose of the article is to cover those aspects which make UK higher education is attractive among international students 

Education In UK

In 1988, a national curriculum has established in England and Whales mandates the private or governmental institution to prepare their own curricula. According to assignment writer, this step helps in procuring an outstanding rich learning environment, increasing satisfactory rates and a high percentage of international student’s arrival. Noticeably in the UK, more than 395 universities are offering 50,000 undergraduate courses which are relatively shorter than other universities offered courses. The key dates and deadlines to apply in the courses fully depended on the course you have chosen (Stern, 2017).

With the advent of technology, UK universities are observing the plight of technology breakthrough since 2008. Over 100 universities choose to bring innovation to education. As said by Professor Dame Janet Beer, President of Universities UK, “Universities transform the lives; people should acknowledge the contribution of innovation lead by UK universities (Morrison, 2019).

According to Morrisons, oxford has topped consecutively fourth times in the Times Higher education Ranking. However, Times of higher education used 13 education indicators across the field of research, teaching and citation to derive the ranking. As stated by essay writer team, at each level, UK education shows satisfactory results. Other than this, in some cases it has been noticed, prior to ranking a few UK universities was slipped as post Brexit affects the international students’ arrival at a higher rate. Despite this UK is accompanied the second position, behind the USA with 500000 student’s enrollment in every year (Economic and Social Research Council, 2017).

Why UK Higher Education Is Attractive To Students

International student’s arrival within a country is an indicator of universities popularity and standard of academic excellence. Each level of education in the UK varied with the requirement that has to satisfy in order to get entry into desirable courses. But what makes education in UK attractive? This will be discussed in the next section-

Recognition At Worldwide Platform

Degree offered by UK universities is widely accepted by several business firms, universities, and schools also referred as world-class. Oxford and Cambridge are renowned UK universities that set academic excellence dating back hundreds of years. In fact, according to online assignment help experts students actively recommend UK universities more than other English speaking destination.

Lower Courses Fee

UK universities not only offer short term courses but also almost all degree courses are relatively cheaper compared to the US. UK policymakers are taking notes in controlling trend on rising education cost for non-EU students. Most of the degree courses are of two to three years, while professional degree has 4 years of tenure. However Higher education policy institute warmed the UK to lower down fees so they can remain in competition in global student’s migration rate. A post Brexit policy offered favorable access to UK higher education institutions helps in preventing reduction in EU student’s numbers (Armstrong, 2018).

Intensive Work Opportunities

An international student is allowed to work for 20 hours a week during an academic term. Instead of this offers, a student needs to consult a visa consultant before going for part-time jobs. A lot of internships have been offered by the company where freshers get recruited, relying on working obtained from the interns. Thus as said by essay help experts with theoretical knowledge students can get practical experiences in regards to building resume profiler.

Scholarship Programs

Financing is the crucial segment and the best approach to maintain finances is to perform budget analysis. Certain agency and government in the UK offered scholarship and loans. Some may be conducting exams while others check out the merit list to find out the competent student.

Multicultural Environment

Due to cultural diversity and demographic, it is a hub of cosmopolitan cities, towns and countrysides villages. Students can explore a variety of cuisine, international championship programs and musical shows. Also with low-cost airlines and channel tunnels, students get access to explore whole Europe. In case you are assigned with essay writing on UK education system, meet SourceEssay essay writing help experts who will write your papers.


As number of migrants in UK universities rises every year, it has set UK a popular destination for students. Dating back 100 years, UK universities continuously top in the QR rankings and Times higher education ranking and serve best academic learning environments to the students. This is all because the indicators set for the ranking fulfilled by UK universities to a great extent. Being on the top is not only the reasons behind UK popularity, multicultural diversity, scholarship programs, low cost tuition fee etc are responsible for UK popularity and growing number of international popularity.

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