Understanding The Meaning And Kinds Of Network Security

Network Security

With a growing dependency on networking to aid smooth functioning of communication, Information technology has become more concerned about security threats that can be resulted in costly damages.

The cyber security industry has a large number of connectors attributed to the entrance of the next generation of products. Gartner, which is the world’s leading advisory and Research Company observed trending and converging technology. It asserted a statement that a secure access service edge (SASE) can be considered as emerging trend allowing WAN capabilities having networking comprehensive functions to support dynamic access of networking (Columbus, 2020).

For making any network secure, it is essential to understand first what is networking and why networking is important. In an outlook of Gupta et.al, 2004, networking described as interconnections of autonomous nodes that can be separated physically. These interconnectors are switches, firewall, routers etc. also have hybrid kind of network called the Internet. In this blog, we are going to discuss kinds of networking security concepts and its types.

Types Of Networking Attacks

Several reasons have been identified by researchers for prolonged networking attacks such as as-

  • A hacker having destructive mind could attack devices for several reasons
  • They might want to come up with reorganization  and praises
  • Competitors may cause attacks to lower the sales
  • Sometimes internal employees are seen as reasonable for any kind of malware and ransomware attacks

It has been suspected, the most susceptible attacks may happen through switches, host and routers. This host can be anyone either firewall or mail server or database server. Under this, the most common attacks are password hacking.

A second cyber attacks we want to highlight here is Denial of Service (DOS) where unmanageable data is being sent to host and making it unmanageable to handle.

Other companies have been an eyewitness of Trojan Attacks as loopholes might be left untreated.

Growing Importance Of Networking Issues

Protecting information from other resources including devices, programs and services from illegal access is incredibly endeavour.

Network attacks exploit designs vulnerabilities at different levels. Like it is said by networking assignment help experts, the increasing number of cyberattacks slows down computing functionality as well as restricted data utilization. An attacker might use critical information to breach monetary values or steal valuable datasets from the personal prospectus.

Government and many other agencies are trying harder to protect valuable data from being stolen. There is a finite number of devices that have been installed around network follows as firewall, Intrusion detection system, packing shaping devices etc. In addition to this, there are certain modelling techniques are using extensively for supporting organization and preventing devices from attackers.

The biggest problem with networking is nothing but networking security. This is also defined when the system runs continually but in interpreting mode. In a report of purplesec.com, 2018, recent malware attacks have become more sensitive with the advent of technology and its spelling. The total malware attack was reported 812.67 million where 92% of the malware were delivered by emails. These emails fell under the category of phishing emails.

Source- purplesec.com, 2018

According to the report, over the last years, MacOs malware was increased by 165%. Also, it suggested 7 out of 10 malware were ransomware. However, malware development from the windows was reduced by 11%.  In fact over 18 million websites are attacked by malware at some point in a week

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Classifying Evolving Security Strategies

Conventional Strategies-

It is based on cryptographic strategies which are specifically designed for the Internet of Things(IoT). It is primarily focusing on the evolving paradigm interconnecting several electronic devices. Here in this data security is achieved by using cryptographic tools for preserving sensitive information of objects. The privacy strategies are intended to protect the data additionally guaranteeing challenges attacking. 

It has been analyzed most of the conventional strategies are known for protecting proper system functioning involving trusting entities. 

Confidentiality Enablers

Systemic key strategies offer confidentiality when each entity in the system is assigned with cryptographic tools. Through systemic key distribution AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), 3DES and RC are used in high amount to reduce the effectiveness of securities. 

On the other hand the network layer of TCP/IP, RPL and 6LoW- PAN-based security devices are usually suggested to enhance device performance.

Artificial Intelligence-Based Strategies

An artificial neural network is one of the most influential strategies is being implemented by companies for effective designing of IDS. Herein a network analysis could be done to extract the stances where DDOS attack has occurred predominately

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Modern Strategies

These strategically solutions are totally based on evolving strategies where Software Defined Networking (SDN) simplifying network issues as a result enhance resources allocation in a better way (Yik Ern, Alfred, 2019). 

IdentificationApprehending risk profile
ProtectionUsing preventing strategies to mitigate effective rate of threats
DetectionDetecting events anomalities
Response or ActionsImproving and mitigating issues
RecoveryContinually life cycle improvements
 Source- Adapted from Ruambo, 2019


In this blog, we have discussed networking significance, types of networks and its growing importance across the world. We have deduced the most susceptible attacks may happen through switches, host and routers. In the next section, we have described why attackers attack the devices out of which the most prominent one is when an attacker might want to come up with recognization and praises. Then we have discussed security strategies, for instance, an artificial neural network which is one of the most influential strategies is being implemented by companies for effective designing of IDS, thus companies protect devices from attackers.


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