To what extent can reality television be dis-empowering for students?

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In today’s time of constant struggle, work pressure, anxiety, and cat race; what an average human being seeks, a pinch of entertainment at the end of the tired and exhausted day. This is where the concept of reality television or reality shows comes from into picture. Reality TV is important as it has some positive impacts and some negative impacts on the student’s life. It creates and motivates the students to participate in a lot of extra-curricular activities. From entertainment, dancing, singing to play challenging games, live interactions; reality television makes its presence in every field. From most of the target audiences, the greater chunk is students who are interested in watching reality television.

Reality television helps in breaking the monotony of the simple concepts of the TV shows. Every day on TV some new reality shows introduced. Each country in the world is moving towards this concept of introducing reality shows. As it is attracting the audience of all age group but the questions arise about how it affecting the lives of students. Is it affecting the students badly or it has positive dimensions also? Is television an illusion of reality? Here is the explanation of how it affects the student’s career negatively and how it shapes the student career in a positive way.

The positive impact of reality shows on youth

  1. Reality Shows helps in filling the gap between the common and celebrities

Most of the reality TV shows help people who are struggling. These reality shows help in filling the gap between the common man and celebrities. But reality shows give the opportunity and platform to all the common people out there to become famous. Through reality shows, any common girl or boy can also take participate in the shows and they can also gain fame and popularity. This helps students in becoming more competitive and common students can also take participate and can also work hard to get through into any reality shows. There is a very wide variety of reality shows, the reality shows can be about anything such as dancing, singing, challenging games, and many more concepts. Reality shows help students in developing their skills and making them believe that fame and popularity are not only confined to celebrities. Anyone can get it with their skills and hard work.

  1. Helps in making students more interactive

Most of the reality shows are associated with live interactions. Some of the reality shows are also associated with taking live challenges, and competitions. These kinds of reality shows help students in developing their interacting skills and all other challenging skills. If any student takes part in any of these kinds of challenging competitions then it helps in developing the student’s overall attitude towards all things in their life. The other students who are watching the reality shows get helped. The other youth and students get motivation and encouragement to come forward and take participate. They think that if other common students can do it then why we can’t. If any common student wins a reality show then all other students get inspired by him/her and make this person their idol. This helps students in developing their minds and to take participate in different challenging tasks.

3.  Makes student more confident

As the students get inspired by their favorite contestant and the one who wins any reality show. Sometimes, students start following the footsteps of their idols person. This helps the students in becoming more confident and independent. The students become more intellectual and start taking to participate in various live interactions.

Well, these are some positive impacts of reality shows on students’ life but we cannot overlook its negative impacts also. It has negative social effects of reality tv on society also not even students and youth.

Negative effects of reality tv on youth and society-

1. Real-life accidents

There are certain reality shows like fear factor, America’s got talent and many more. These kinds of reality shows involve different types of stunts, challenges, and other daring activities. These reality shows are very dangerous for students, youth and all groups but especially for youth and students. Most of the students fascinated with these kinds of reality shows, some students perform the stunts at home which is injurious. They watch the stunts on the TV but on TV these all stunts which act under supervision. But this reality does not know to the viewers and students and they perform these stunts without any supervision. This incident changes their life to a large extent.

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2. Affects academics and spoils educational career

Most of the students involve too much in reality shows and it spoils their academic career. They start wasting their time watching reality shows and affect their academic productivity up to a great extent. Both students get to affect their academic career in this manner whether they are viewers or participants. There are some reality shows that only designed for youth and students. The students also get involved in these shows and their academic performance, classroom attendance, not able to complete their assignments or homework on time, and looking for last time assignment help. On the other hand, the target audience or students ruin their academics after watching these shows. They are sitting on a couch for hours and end up wasting their time. In this way, students end up not preparing for, not paying attention to their academic career and spoiling their educational career

3. Some reality Tv shows keep the student the veil of falsity

Almost all reality Tv shows based on some scripts. In order to increase their TRP, the executives of the reality shows script their shows according to the demand. Most of the students fall in their trap and their misconceptions and they believe in the scripted shows. These kinds of scripted shows mold their brains and affect them negatively in their real life. Some reality shows only involved in fighting with each other, using abusive languages. These kinds of reality shows affect the student’s language badly and impact their social life negatively.

Reality shows are watched by all age groups not only students and youth. These shoes also impact the lives of all people, no matter they are students, children, youth or old age. It has a very bad impact on the society as well. You may also go for online assignment help services available at SourceEssay to get more information on reality shows.

The conclusion

Reality shows don’t show any reality nowadays. Even if the shows are about dancing and singing. All reality shows involve fighting, and some action and drama just to attract the viewers. There is no reality in reality shows and reality shows are an illusion of reality. But we cannot completely blame the reality shows for its negative impacts and its adverse contribution to society. It is the duty of the older ones to make the younger ones aware of the reality shows. So these students and the younger generation do not involve themselves in the misconceptions of reality shows. So they could not get harm to their psychology and their academic career. However, if the reality shows stream in moderation, it will not damage your studies and career. It helps in maintaining healthy entertainment.

So it is very necessary to watch the reality shows in moderation and keep the concentration on your academics. It will also help in shaping your career but moderation is mandatory. Protection Status
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