Fear of reading textbook and how to overcome it

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Bibliophobia is generally a phobia of books. If a student is dealing with bibliophobia then he/she has a fear of books. It became very stressful for the students to read books if he/she has a bibliophobia. Most of the students get confused with the two terms bibliophobia and abibliophobia. Although both these terms are related to each other both terms having different meanings. Abibliophobia is the fear of running out of reading material. Some students are also suffering from the subset of bibliophobia that is they are unable to read the book loudly in the public. Or some students have a fear of reading historical novels or aby other specific books. Some students are suffered from botanophobia. Botanophobia is the irrational fear of plants. If some student experienced the bibliophobia then he/she might find difficulty when encouraged or forced to read.  Again if you are suffering from bibliophobia then you may have reading anxiety or shake while asking to read something.

If you are suffering from bibliophobia then it is certain that you lack in writing skills also. This reading phobia also develops writing anxiety and fear of writing in your mind. So it is very necessary to overcome this reading phobia and all other phobias that make you underperformer in school or college. It does not matter for you that you have a phobia but this phobia can be overcome with practice and by following some rules.

How to help a child with reading anxiety?

  1. Search books that related to a child’s interest

It does not matter whether you are a parent or a professor or teacher. It just matters how you can help a child or student by helping him /her in its anxiety problem. Most of the experienced professor or parent often recommend the books which are of a child’s interest. A study shows that children can overcome their fear with the help of some interesting books only. If you forced or encouraged them to read the book that is of your interest then might maybe they end up crying or shaking or showing some kind of anxiety. So it is very necessary to observe the mind of the child to know him/her better. If you think that you are unable to observe the child then you can take help from the assignment writer.

The same thing applies to you, you feel more confident in that task or challenge in which you are interested in. If the child loves cat then you need to find the book which is related to a cat because the child gets interested if he/she see the pictures or images of a cat in the book.

  1. Try to get a graphic novel

Most of the teachers or parents think that a graphic novel is not a very good idea because it contains more images and graphics and less study material. A study shows that most of the child gets attracted to only those books in which they see different pictures and images. It is very necessary for a child to overcome the reading anxiety if the book is filled with various artwork and with a different color. Graphic novels help the reader to practice and analyze the things and characters in a more enjoyable and fun way. These fun things attract the child and help in developing an interest in reading. If the child has anxiety in reading then he/she must also have a fear of writing. So this is not a good sign for students because as soon as they get into school, they have to read and write as well. If they don’t develop a habit of reading then they will not be able to complete their assignments and lookup for assignment help.

  1. Encourage the child to use audiobooks

As a professor or teacher or parent, you need to search for the audiobooks. Audiobooks are the wonderful source that heled so many bibliophobians. Audiobooks do wonders for many children. The audiobooks help in developing confidence in the students and help them in tacking all difficult and challenging novels and books. If the students hear the books then this will take off some burden from their mind and maybe they start enjoying the hearing sound. Audiobooks help the students in increasing their mind’s energy and it also helps in processing the language into their brain. The students start analyzing the voice after hearing it.

Sometimes, the students start speaking in the same language they are hearing from the audiobooks. This will generate a habit of public speaking in them. They can complete their exercises if you give some quizzes to students on the basis of audiobooks. Audiobooks are like training wheels on bikes. They need some extra support and get to know how to peddle the bike and make a balance with the steering. So after some days, if you remove the wheels then also the child will get to know how to make the balance with the help of steering only. There are various examples where you can see many students use audiobooks in starting but after some days they don’t use audiobooks. If you think that you are unable to use audiobooks and need some professional help then you can contact assignment help experts.

  1. Read movies scripted books or novels

Various books are available that turned into movies. All the students are fond of movies.  Students find it very interesting to watch a movie instead of reading a book. If a student watches a movie then he/she might develop an interest in knowing all the facts about the movie. So it is the possible case when a student looks for the book to read based on the movie. Again, it’s all about getting confidence. If a student is very confident that he/she knows all the characters of the movie and storyline of the movie then it will become very easy for them to read that book. Assignment writers available at online assignment help at SourceEssay can help you and guide you throughout your reading anxiety journey.

  1. Go to the library

The library is a great source through which students can learn a lot. The library can motivate and encourage the student by providing ample databases. So you need to visit a library and roam into the library. It will be much more exciting for you just looking at various kinds of books. In the library, you will find many students like you. You can make one you’re reading partner who can explain to you the different topics of the books.

The conclusion

It is mandatory to overcome the reading anxiety fear. Otherwise, you will become an underperformer throughout your academic career. If you think you are unable to deal with this stress and look for some professional help then cheap assignment writers are happy to help you in all your assignments. These writers help you with all the homework and offer you Instant assignment help.

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