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Communication is imperative to growth, passing from the top of the business hierarchy to its bottom. Every successful organization strengthens its interdepartmental communication medium to foster a decent working relationship between employer and employees itself. If at any point communication breaks, this misleads to a blunder of information series in the end halt’s company growth. Indeed, different departments at distinct verticals have to work in collaboration to facilitate strategies implementation without involved in the communication gap. When an employee feels comfortable in openly communicating ideas, he/she enjoy the ambiance of out of the box thinking. Isn’t it? But when communication disrupts, the results would be unfavorable for the business. Research by US Firm Gartner revealed that 70% of business mistakes belong to poor communications. This is the reason why companies keep on upgrading communication manner. To dive further into deep, let’s first differentiate the types of business communication-

Forms Of Business Communication

Providentially a business environment provides an array of communication modes so to increase communication effectiveness. There are different forms of business communication in an organization based on structure, the flow of direction, response, and medium of communication.

First One Is Internal Communication

Every bit of communication has a lot to do with staff and employee interaction, thereby ensuring goodwill, productivity, company growth, and improving work ethics. With internal communication, you will deal with the staff and employees through face to face interaction. Let’s have a look at what comes under internal communication.

  1. Upward Communication- Information flow between subordination and manager in the same hierarchy of organization communicator.
  2. Downward Communication- Any information exchange between the higher authorities to the subordinate categorized as downward communication.
  3. Lateral Communication– Information flow among co-workers of the same verticals.

The second One Is External Communication-

Any information that leaves office and deals with customers, vendors, partners fall under the category of external communication. Corresponding to outside entities, sales presentation and marketing requires interesting spawning advertising information which should be factual. Here administration needs to state the purpose, and have to remain concise whether it is oral or verbal communication.

Role Of Effective Communication In Business

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an industrialist, you need to be a great Orator. Good communication within an organization tends to boost employee morale, settle goals, and increases employee’s efficiency. Needless to say, communication is a prerequisite material help in exchanging business information effectively. In the given below section, we have listed some of its main advantages- 

Strengthen Company and Employee Relationship-

Good communication builds a highly efficient team in this way inspires the workers to touch the zenith of success. Through communication employee morale is boosted up; create a sense of loyalty among them. Keeping 4 major factors, trust, commitment, satisfaction, and control maturity for the survey, it was found that 20% of the Multi-national Companies and 30% Small Companies tend to the receipt and empowering employees in governance. Top Companies shared higher trust and earned more commitment and satisfaction from employees by focusing on effective communication. (Soo Park et al). 

Source—An innovative organization and its many oracle Part –II(Jeong Nam King)

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Effective Communication Leads To Innovation

Innovation systematically comes from rigorous research work. In fact, innovation comes in most unexpected and informal ways. This comes when employees frequently get engaged, enquire questions and repeat perform productive activities. Therefore administration should recognize the contemporary roles of employee’s investigation and must add their interpretation for the better findings. Incorporate sectors, there must be good management that identifies innovative ideas and delivers business intelligence to decision-makers. The behavioral, strategic and management paradigm accompanied by effective communication found to be an inspiration in return leads innovation (L. Grunig, J. Grunig, and Dozier, 2002; J. Grunig & Kim, 2011)

Build Support For the Organization Mission 

Realistic plans and policies require adequate information of the business whether it is the market rate or the consumer’s availability. Employees should be well informed about what sort of data or information an organization is expecting from them and the objectives which they need to be fulfilled. The greatest tendency of effective business communication appears when an organization considers upward and downward communication to achieve work group consultancy. Managers encourage upward communication flow for gathering valuable information and providing opportunities to speak about grievances. This will help the organization to know if everyone is on the same page or not. Lastly, the collaboration of teamwork and the directional flow of information enables managers to build tremendous strategies regarding business growth which tend to rely more heavily on communicated data.

Give Rise To Successful Work Environment

Communication allows managers to fulfill management operations. To run an organization successfully, the manager has to communicate their vision efficiently to the rest organization (Radovic Markovic, M. Omolaja M, 2009). As a matter of fact, managers target and connect employees through communicating channels in order to create a successful work environment. Managers should look over the goals which they will convey to shareholders inside and outside the business. Here in communication work as key elements that permit them to stimulate behavioral changes and helpful in convincing an employee to abandon the non-productive practice.

 Source- Based on the research of : Adler, R., Rosenfeld, L. and Proctor, R. (2001)

A large segment of organizations whether they small or large enterprises, their managers focus on communication and spend more time communicating with employees for creating a healthy working environment as the above data depicts. Hence the efficiency of the team depends highly on communication. If you are looking for more information, assignment writer at essay writing help service can help you out.


Good communication can be a very useful tool when it comes to managing the workforce and developing tremendous strategies and policies. Also, effective communication within an organization tends to boost employee morale, settle goals, and increases employee efficiency. This strengthens the employee and organization relationships, leads to innovation, and builds support to the organization’s mission. As a matter of fact, managers targeting and connecting employees through communicating channels in order to create a successful work environment. All these things will help the organization to know if everyone is on the same page or not. At last, the collaboration of teamwork and the directional flow of information enable managers to build tremendous strategies regarding business growth.

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