Linkedin For Student- A Kick-Starter For Your Academic Career

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LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest networks for growing professionals. It helps to improve productivity in individuals, Increases their chances of success and has given a new dimension to companies in the field of recruitment and marketing.

Many students have a misconception that LinkedIn is not useful for them during their academic years of learning. It is only related to working professionals. In this article we are going to clear this misconception of students and tell them how LinkedIn can give a kick start to their academic careers.

LinkedIn is a social networking site. It helps  students develop as an individual and build a strong network that can help them carve their dreams in the future and turn it into reality . Job Search on LinkedIn is an important and very powerful tool through which the recruiters find applicants. Students don’t need to follow the traditional ways of recruitment by dropping their CV in companies and keeping their fingers crossed until they get a call from the recruiters, or follow their luck by running around, and gate-crashing for interviews relying on the hope factor.

With LinkedIn the right job comes at the doorsteps for students. The recruiters find suitable candidates and approach them instead.

LinkedIn can help in adding value to the student’s lives in the following ways-

  • It gives students a platform to define their skills and experiences.
  • It provides a global platform for students, where they can showcase their experiences and build a brand value for themselves.
  • It gives new opportunities to students by taking their professional relationships to a personal level. They can get connected, and communicate with people, developing a bond through this platform.
  • The importance of LinkedIn for students is growing with time because this is the only platform that gives insights on interview question patters, and also gives an overview of what is going on in the global market i.e., the students get first-hand tips from existing professionals in their desired fields which are much more relevant than the sample question papers.

Benefits Students Get From Linkedin

  • Students don’t need to check their emails or wait for results of interviews anymore. LinkedIn allows them to create a job alert as soon as a job is posted on the site which is applicable for them.
  • It gives students a chance to connect with working professionals on a global level. This increases their chances of being recognized. It also helps students gather knowledge about an organization, and know about its reputation by getting to speak with the ex-employees of the organization.

With the help of networking, students can prepare themselves for campus interviews and know exactly what is to be said, that can influence their interviewers in a positive way and increase their chances of employment.

  • Students can visit the profiles of companies they want to get placed in, and get an overview before sitting for the interview.
  • LinkedIn has a special feature where people can recommend you. A recommendation influence more recruiters, and increases your possibilities of getting a good opportunity.
  • There are companies that depend more on social networking sites to hire professionals, rather than encouraging walk-In candidates, or candidates dropping their CVs.

Because, this helps recruiters screen candidates more efficiently.  It is far better than manual screening.

  • Since LinkedIn is a global platform students who aspire of building their careers overseas can easily get in touch with recruiters and build a network that can help them get a job at any corner of the world.

Reputation cannot be built in a day, and a good online reputation can help students get better prospects. Students need to be taught how to use social media to develop a positive reputation. This is easily done through online assignment help. A good and attractive profile is very important to hold the interest of big recruiters. Students can seek help from professionals to assist them to write unique profiles that would be noticed by the big brands.

There is a new profile section on LinkedIn with special features that are specially customized for students.

  • Students can now include the research projects or class projects they have worked on, in their profiles describing experiences that are relevant to the student’s professional goals. This works as a substitute for  work experience. Because students have less work experience they can use this feature to show their skills to the world.
  • LinkedIn also allows students to add their accomplishments. The awards they receive during their academic years can be showcased in the section of honors  and awards on LinkedIn. This highlights the profile of students and helps them attract more and more recruiters.
  • Students often go through an internship program with different organizations in-between their learning period to gain experience. Mentioning those organizations adds more weightage to a student’s profile.
  • There are different online tests on LinkedIn that brings out the hidden talents and qualities of students. Strong test scores works as an indicator of good problem-solving skills.The inclusion of these scores into the profile gives an insight into the student’s qualities to the recruiters.
  • Employers often give more importance to the subjects; a student has specialized in.

So,LinkedIn provides a section where students can include their coursework. Essay writing help students to get insights on how and what course work can be mentioned in their profiles to create an eye-catching profile for the recruiters.


Thus it can be said that LinkedIn helps to build an image of the student right from the day he steps into the world of academics, and then keeps building the image slowly as he steps into the professional world.

So, when he enters into the professional world and seeks his first job, with a strong online reputation the student is no more taken into the category of an amateur fresher. He is treated differently by the recruiters and is taken more seriously.

So, it is as important for students to be on LinkedIn as it is for professionals. SourceEssay gives cheap essay writer to students who help them build a LinkedIn profile, choose the correct professional photo for them,  use the correct keywords that will help them be found, write an interesting story that will attract recruiters with a compelling headline and a brief summary that will help them get recognized. They also get expert guidance from professionals on the job search that would suit them best.

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