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When a patient is suffering from an ailment, the symptoms are studied by the nurses and doctors.  The data is accumulated by the indications are processed to understand the cause and effects of the ailment. This entire process is called clinical reasoning cycle. In this article we are going to discuss the different stages of this cycle and know how medical students can be benefitted by this subject. Clinical reasoning cycle is based on the results that are derived by the tests done on the patient.

The instruments required for the intervention is planned and the outcome of the result is gauged which reflects the entire process. Among the many factors that influence this process the most important factor is attitude of the person.

Nursing cycle plays an important role among patients. Effective clinical nursing methods possessed by a nurse gives a positive impact on the patients similarly if a nurse is ineffective in clinical reasoning it can give a negative impact on the patient.

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8 Steps Of Clinical Reasoning Cycle

The entire process of this cycle is broken into 8 different stages discussed below.

  • In the first stage it is important for the nurse to describe the situation of the patient. While doing that a nurse needs to be accurate considering the patient situation mentioning in the report. For example, if a patient is admitted in intensive care unit then the report should clearly mention the details of the patient in the report based on facts.
  • The next stage involves the patient history. The nurse needs to collect the past medical history of the patient for example if the patient has suffered from any major ailment before. This gives an idea of how the patient would respond to the medication and help the nurse in deciding which method of medication is best suited for the patient.
  • The third stage includes processing the old data and new data together in order to decide further course of action. Here the nurse needs to interpret both the situations, discriminate, relate and predict an outcome of the method taken to cure the patient.
  • The fourth stage is where the nurse identifies the problem faced by the patient through proper diagnosis. Proper identification of the problem is very important for proper diagnosis.
  • The nurse needs to be very clear of what she is trying to achieve right from the beginning. This helps her to stick to her path and remain focused while performing her duties. A deviation in the goal may lead to distraction and the patient may lose confidence on the nurse.
  • A nurse is supposed to take appropriate actions to achieve positive results
  • Implementation is as important in nursing care as is evaluation. A nurse’s duty is not just to implement her duties towards the patient but it also involves evaluating the current situation. There are certain parameters involved in the evaluation process which are taught by essay rewriter to medical students online.
  • The last stage involves a nurse to analyze the entire process taken by her during the treatment of the patient and reflect on the outcome of the result. It involves taking patient’s feedback and thinking about the small changes that could have been taken in order to have a different outcome. This stage is very important for improving nursing services.

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Thus, it can be said that clinical reasoning cycle plays an important role in the medical practice. This process is all about studying the symptoms, evaluating the effects and deciding the course of the treatment.

It is divided into 8 different stages-

  • The first stage involves considering the situation of the patient and presenting it with accuracy stating the facts.
  • In the second stage the nurse collects the medical history of the patient comparing it with the current situation to derive the chances of success.
  • In the third stage the nurse processes the data she has collected and predicts the result of the treatment.
  • The fourth stage is the most important stage where the nurse identifies the problem in order to do a diagnosis. The problem needs to be identified correctly for proper diagnosis.
  • The nurse needs to establish and decide her goal even before the treatment starts which builds a trust factor in the patient’s minds for the nurse.
  • The nurse is supposed to take appropriate actions and take decisions that is in the best interest of the patient.
  • Implementation is as important in clinical reasoning cycle as is evaluating. A nurse needs to analyze and evaluate the entire process along with taking feedback from the patient to understand the consequences of the situations, if things would have been done differently.
  • The last stage is reflection where the nurse reflects on the method she had taken and the outcome. This method is very essential for the betterment of the process.

Nursing is considered to be a noble profession and so it is very essential for a nurse to go by the correct practices of clinical reasoning cycle. This is where medical students seek the help of professional assignment writers who guide them and teach them the correct methods.

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Practicing clinical reasoning cycle has not only shown positive results in the medical field with thousands of successful cases but has also helped nurses understand the patient psychology and connect with them inter personally. This has developed faith in the minds of the patients for the medical services along with respect for the nurses and has also helped the nurses be more humane towards their patients.

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