How Google Apps Play An Important Role In A Student Life

Google Apps

Google has become a widely accepted search engine platform since its inception in 1998. It has transformed the way we study, take every challenge and embracing a variety of practices for innovation.

With the rapid development and educational apps accessibility, there has been a significant change is seen in adopting apps by educators also one who use these apps. Currently, a spectrum of competing apps is present in the market including iOs Apps, google apps, One drive apps, Chrome books etc. Most of the apps allow navigation of content with taps, finger zooms, or finger swipes.

Over the years, significant growth has been seen in Google apps installation and utilization shared documents, drives, video aiming of transforming learning and teaching altogether. According to the Babson survey, several students who is pursuing at least one course online increased by 7.1% since 2013-2014. This number was subsequently increased by 48.1% in 2018-2019 (Wallis, 2020).

Presently Google Apps has more than 40 million online tutors, teachers’ faculty members, students and staff members. In accordance Brishtitechnology report, out of 100 American Universities, more than 70 universities are using Google Apps. Also among eight Ivy League universities are known for using Google Apps.  The purpose of this article is to cover several aspects of Google apps contributing to huge success in the academic world.

Technology And GAFE (Google Acceptance For Education)

Social media networking apps have shown drastically change in this highly competitive world. Gewerc, Montero, and Lama (2014) inferred from the study social media platforms offers numerous opportunities for collaboration and visibility among students. They said, when social media used by teachers and learners in a classroom, this will create an interactive learning environment.

As per assignment writer Bristol, when an app designed for pedagogically usages, it tends to provide a bridge between the gap formed between education and technology with exclusives drive of advance learning platform to the school. From the above statement, we can define GAFE as integrated based cloud suite aiming to transform the 21st-century education system.

All the google apps were formed to support provisioning of Google Suite and other collaborative tools such as Google+, Google Documents, Google Sheets, Google Meet, Gmail, Google Chats, Youtube Etc.

To meet the drastic change due to Covid-19 applicability of Google learning apps have been seen as instrumental regardless of geographical locations. Besides these statistics, some online learning platforms such as MOOCs having a primary objective to make education is available for potential learners enables universities to teach students of diverse background (Awuah, 2015)

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Understanding Role Of Google Apps In Education

GAFE is most power cloud-integrated platform works no matter where students live or using its devices (Google, 2013).  This platform enables thousands of students to access the quality of education with collaborative tools with a primary focus of enhancing the traditional way of teaching and learning. Google apps and tools enable faculties and students to work in nexus virtually on documents, reports, presentation and projects. This predominately helps in making cloud-based websites complement to traditional instruction for delivering an effective course in less time.

Source- App Annie

In an outlook of Schaffhauser 2020, percentage of the download of educational apps increases every week by 90% till the initial and ending months of 2019 and 2020. Only in the United States, the top educational apps are found to be Google classroom, class dojo, Remind Apps- Safe classroom apps for sharing videos conducting lectures and providing a message, Google Classroom has topped among the survey and registered 60% growth in app downloading that is expected to grow by 150% in upcoming months. 

As per online assignment help experts, this growth is achievable only because unique features Google tries to deliver every time and making learning more effective. In addition to this, most popular Google suite such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Groups Google+ Google Sites, and Google Drive have been developed having specifically targeting business and education.

Adoption Of GAFE By Universities

It is evident and been in news from past decades, US universities have partnered with Google to make sure GAFE platform suitably offers faculties and students predominant ways to conquer challenges in rapid globalization and technological advancements. For instance, Arizona State University is determined to allow technologies in education space to rebuild thinking and new methods of teaching. 

Apart from the customized mode of Google Documents, Google spreadsheet allows tutors to share sheet and thus evaluating students’ performance on a solid basis. All the UG universities are continually sourcing technologies and adapting them to gain online experiences and effectively enhancing teaching and learning.

Some other universities like Valparaiso University are transitioning google apps in group-wise email and calendar. There is no doubt, these steps significantly impacting the way learning perceived. With these clouds, based solution teachers get massive supports and thus enhancing productivity. 

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Role Of GAFE Or Google Apps In Students Life

The adoption of Google apps allows various groups to share contents via Wikis, Google docs Google forums and Google Sheet. A typical example is how students use Goggle Forums to conduct a survey, facilitates ease of collaboration and drawing statistics to draws conclusion. Users gain the ability to add calendar entries directly from the G mail accounts. Let’s move ahead to explore the critical role Google plays in students life-

Empowering students

Google is widely recognizable for empowering students irrespective of their age, gender, nationality and religion. It provides students with limitless opportunities to explore varieties of topics and gives them equal advantages to access the information. GAFE tools are powerful and easy to apprehend by managers simultaneously give access to students to all the change in different time stamps.

Inadequate selection

Google offers a great range of choice for both educators and learners in terms of computability with reading materials. Google apps provide revision history so that students can see all the changes at one go or if they are available during teaching hours, they can access lecture in their free time (Sudarsana, 2019)


Google Apps facilitates both communication and collaboration in order to achieve optimum productivity in a limited period. For instance, GAFE-based course websites students will be updating their knowledge and can see their assessments procedure. They can also take help from assignment help experts assistance from Google meet if they find any difficulty in writing assignments.

Enhance Productivity

Last but not the least Google apps have been able to penetrate deep in the education system irrespective boundaries because it provides free services for students or sometimes very cheap. Its educational devices are affordable and easy to maintain at the same time it is supported by the best talent pool in the world. 


We have started this blog by signifying how Google has achieved massive success over some time and penetrating deep into the educational sphere. There we extracted a significant growth has been seen in Google apps installation and utilization for sharing documents, drives, video aiming of transforming learning and teaching altogether. In the next section, we have tried to present a shred of evidence to highlight the growing rate of GAFE adoption in the education system by sourcing statistics adopted from Annie source. Later on, we determined how many universities in American are emphasizing on Google apps or partnered with the company to make learning dynamic and interactive. At last in the blog, we have discussed the role of Google Play in education by illustrating key points such as of Google apps allows various groups to share contents via Wikis, Google docs Google forums and Google Sheet also it facilitates both communication and collaboration in order to achieve optimum productivity in the limited time span.


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