Benefits Of Video Conferencing In Education

Benefits Of Video Conferencing In Education

Education has evolved with technology and undergone several changes. These changes include change in the teaching methodologies for the betterment of students.  One of the most effective and advantageous change is learning through video conferencing (Candarli,,2012). It is by far the fastest way to connect with people. Learning is not restricted to boundaries with the help of internet students can access their classes sitting at any corner of the world. Video conferencing is a proven method used to provide education to academic students. (Odell,,2001). It is a proven fact that visual learning has a greater impact on students and the knowledge gained through visual learning stays in the memory for longer periods of time. Academicians believe “seeing is believing” This article emphasizes on discussing the impact of video conferencing on education.

How Does Video Conferencing Affect Education?       

Classroom learning has undergone several changes in the last few decades ever since video conferencing was introduced in the education system. The below image shows the impact of video conferencing on students at a glance;

  • Video Conferencing Has Made The Classroom Walls Fade Away- Kind courtesy video conferencing education is no more limited to classrooms. It has successfully faded the walls of classroom. Students can now attend classes from any corner of the world just at a mouse click. The education provided through video conferencing is not restricted to a particular schedule and it is neither inaccessible to students.
  • Video Conferencing Allows Students To Travel The World And Gain The Much Required Exposure

Video conferencing allows students to call a guest lecturer from another university. It further helps students join a particular event happening somewhere else which was otherwise inaccessible for students.  Further video conferencing allows students to get the much need exposure. Students can connect with people from different cultures and forms of education that in turn enriches the perspective of students and helps them become tolerant towards other cultures.

  • Equal Opportunities And Unlimited Access To Education

Video conferencing has made education cost effective by cutting down on the travel and infrastructural costs. Also the video tutorials sent to students through video conferencing come free of cost. Therefore the hefty amount that was earlier required to buy materials and books for proper learning is now available on the internet free of cost. This is why students who are situated in the rural areas and have financial constraints can now undergo and avail the same level of education at minimal costs. We can thus say that video conferencing has worked as a equalizer for students when it comes to availing opportunities. Students from all parts of the world can get equal opportunities irrespective of their status, class and inaccessibility through online learning.

  • Students Never Miss Their Important Lectures

There are days when students are unable to attend classes physically due to personal problems and there are times when they cannot grasp whatever has been taught in the class and feel a need to review their lecture sessions to fill in the learning gaps. This is where video conferencing comes into play. There is no need for students to wait for their next class to clear their self doubts. Students can now get in touch with their professors through video conferencing at any point of the day irrespective of whether they are physically present in the class or not and clear their doubts. Also they can access their lectures sitting at home at the click of a mouse. This is why students never miss out on their important lectures.

Advantages of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has revolutionaries the life of academic students and has plenty of advantages some of the major advantages of video conferencing are-

  • Connects Schools For Collaboration

With help of video conferencing universities can easily connect with other universities and ask them to collaborate through online webinars, train the teacher programs and academic conferences.

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  • No Need To Travel To Attend Classes

With Video conferencing students can attend classes anywhere from their homes. There is no need to travel. They can have a one on one session with their professors online at any point of the day.

  • Record Lessons To Watch Later

Students get the facility to record the online lessons happening live and save them to watch later. This is why students never miss out on important classes.  And they can clear their self doubts by watching the lessons as many times as they please. Slow learners can modulate the speed of sessions as per their convenience.

  • Students Have The Fascility To Chat With Experts Face To Face

With video conferencing students do not miss out the actual feeling of attending a live class. They get the facility to chat with their professors face to face and get immediate assistance and feedbacks. Students who face language barriers and lack confidence are benefitted from video conferencing. They seem to be more confident on camera having a one to one session with their professors.

  • Improves Interaction Between Parents , Children And Teachers

Video conferencing also gives parents the opportunity to speak to teachers regarding the improvement of students. Therefore it can be said that video conferencing helps in building a bond between the teachers, students and their parents and breaks the ice of communication leading to improved learning. Students can seek instant assignment help from SourceEssay where they are guided by certified experts 24/7 through chats, calls, emails, and online sessions.

  • Makes Education Cost Effective–  As mentioned before Video Conferencing helps cut down on the infrastructural costs and also saves the the travel time and money. Further the tutorials received by students through these online sessions are free of cost or charge minimum making education cost effective.

Tips For Students To Keep In Mind While Attending A Video Conference

Below mentioned is a list of video conferencing tips for students that they need to keep in mind while attending the online sessions.

  • Students should have a stable internet connection.
  • Select proper software for video conferencing.
  • Choose to dress formally
  • Students should go through the agenda before they attend the conference and list their doubts and keep them handy.
  • Be accustomed with the features of the software.
  • Keep away from distractions.( Deschaine,,2017)


Therefore to conclude it can be said that video conferencing has changed the face of education. It is highly beneficial for students who are slow learners and are going through financial constraints. Apart from this video conferencing also helps to build a cordial relationship between teachers, students, and the parents. Together they join hands through this technology and work towards the betterment of the students. Students who are searching for help to clear their doubts can seek immediate assistance and expert advice from SourceEssay Essay Writing Help. Students should keep in mind they have a stable internet connection, dress formally, select a good software, be accustomed with the features of the software and make sure they are away from distractions when they attend a video conference.


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