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Learning has undergone a lot of changes and have evolved with time. Video tutorials have gained a lot of popularity with time.

Video tutorials whether they are pre-recorded or live play a vital role in the upliftment of students.

They help in adding an entirely different dimension in the process of learning. It adds essence and makes learning interesting for students. In other words, it can be said that it adds life to a classroom.

In this article we are going to discuss the different ways in which video tutorials are beneficial for students.

  • The visual senses create an impression in the minds which is deeper than the impressions created through verbal communication. Which means a person tends to remember what he has seen more than what he has heard or read about. There are a lot of students for whom visual learning works better than the old techniques of learning. For such student’s video tutorials are highly beneficial.
  • Video tutorials helps a student to learn independently sitting in their comfort zones. They allow a student access information with the help of a WIFI connection. Therefore, a student’s learning is not restricted to a book or classroom. He can participate even by sitting in his house in the virtual class just with the help of a computer and an internet connection. Video tutorials for students are held in schools to ensure 100% participation.
  • Video tutorials have the capability of providing a face-to-face learning atmosphere even without the physical presence of students and teachers. There can be live video tutorials made for students where the two-way communication door can be opened even without having the physical presence of teachers and the students. For example, a student can have a live session with a teacher and communicate with him through calls and texts at the same time through video tutorials.
  • Searching for the right video tutorial that can assist you in learning is easier than finding the correct reference or answer to a specific question in a book. This is because the video tutorials come with keywords. These keywords help in proper navigation through internet. There are essay writers available online to assist you with your assignments.
  • Video tutorials are often short. This avoids students from getting bored. Pre-recorded video tutorials also come with facilities where a student can forward, rewind, pause, play back, and also skip a particular portion of the video which he feels is less important. Which is not possible in the case of class-lectures.
  • A video tutorial can be played multiple times because it is pre-recorded and not time bound. So, students who are slow-learners find it easy to learn through video-tutorials. There is online assignment help available for students where students can seek help from professionals to write their assignments on time.
  • Video tutorials can also be saved and watched later. Students can learn through video tutorials in their own convenient time. It is not necessary that students need to be available the moment the video is playing. If they are busy in other activities students can always pause and save a video and watch it later. This makes students to be more flexible and allows them to plan their time accordingly focusing on the priorities.
  • The most important reason why video tutorials gained so much popularity among students is that most tutorials are available on the internet free of cost. Even for paid tutorials the cost involved is much less compared to books or courses. So, students can avail these tutorials without having to bother about expenses. There is cheap essay writing help available for students online at pocket-friendly rates.
  • Any specific topic of learning has unlimited video tutorials on it. Which is why a student who wants to learn through these tutorials is often spoilt for choices.

He can choose from all the available options in case he is not satisfied. This makes a student gain a much clearer perspective on the subject. Every aspect of the subject is covered in different videos. And they are all available for the student at bare minimum cost.


Thus, we can say that video tutorials help a student in many different ways. Some of them are given in the points below-

  • Video tutorials are great for visual learners.
  • They allow a student to learn independently.
  • They make the learning process more flexible. Students can access information from any corner of the world.
  • They help in providing a face-to-face atmosphere even without the involvement of the physical presence of students and teachers.
  • Video tutorials are easy to find due to keywords and can be comprehended easily.
  • Video tutorials are short and to the point. This retains the interest of students and avoids boredom.
  • Video tutorials come with the facility of forwarding, rewinding, pausing, play back, and even saving to watch later. This allows students to schedule their course as per their convenience.
  •  Video tutorials can be paused and watched later in case the student is unavailable.
  • The best part with video tutorials is that they are mostly free of cost. Even for paid tutorials the cost is much less compared to books and courses. So, we can say that video tutorials are highly affordable.
  • A student learning through video tutorialshas no dearth of choices mainly because a particular topic has several options of tutorials. A student can access several different videos for a particular subject.  The information available through video tutorials is huge.

Learning through video tutorials have become a new trend in the students today. Video tutorials not only helps develop interest in students about the subject but also makes them remember what they had learned for longer period of time.

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