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Any communication is bound to be pleasant thought process which is closely related to the core competencies. The more clear and organized pattern of communication is established, the greater will be its impact on the receiver. Many of us might have come across through corporate scams resulted from the miscommunication. At times in the healthcare industry, not being an active listener is creating difficulties in understanding the patient’s situation. Hence to avoid the situation that may have gone awry due to communication, it is required to apprehend challenges integrated within the process of communication.

The main purpose of communication is to exchanging thoughts, ideas, out demands to attain maximum effectiveness (Drunen-Gauvin & Hartsuiker, 2020). This is true for both verbal and non-verbal communication; both of them are expected to create an impact on the receiver. Both of them are quite challenging as written communication also both shares unique features and plays an indispensable role in certain places. Let’s know what makes verbal and non-verbal communication permanent form of documents, via sourcing important features and distinct difference of both forms of communication in this blog.

Diagnostic Features Of Verbal Communication

Verbal communication has its own characteristics. It is usually believed a writer may not a good speaker but a communicator has to be both active listeners and they have to make an attempt to master verbal and non-verbal communication (Urtans & Tabaks 2020). The special features shared by Verbal communication are-

  • It allows the face to face communication
  • This will allow anyone to give immediate feedback with more or less accuracy
  • It is more reliable as provide close proximity between sender and receiver
  • As opined by assignment helpers, it enhance the power of decoding message ability
  • It fosters the positive relationship between two people
  • It increases the ability of an individual to share knowledge, thoughts, concerns without hurting anyone
  • It is also considered as the fastest mechanism of communication

Non Verbal Communication-

There is a popular notion, the one more speaks is one communicating more. Such a predominant effect on the human brain increases or reduces the rate of transmission of the message. According to Mehrabian, the message transmission will be more effective only when three aspects of communication, verbal, vocal and visible area lies in a tandem manner with one another (Mulder,2012). Figure 1 illustrate the impact of a communication can be distinguished in the following manner, Vocal, second verbal, and third non-verbal

Together tone of voice and facial expression constitutes a major portion of non-verbal communication. As it said by essay helpers, action speaks louder than words, any communicator or even a powerful speaker must understand the power of unspoken words and should be able to hear them too.

Through this it can be derived, a non-verbal form of communication is how we express emotions, opinions, views via body movements. For instance, open palm gestures are associated with openness or frankness and clenched hands suggesting the media emphasis or determination (Jang & Namkung,2009). If you seeking management assignment writer help to produce an impactful solution for the case study or research paper on managerial communication in the healthcare industry, then move at SourceEssay who is always ready to help students by providing them instant assignment solution in less time and budget both.

Diagnostic Features Of Non- Verbal Communication

  • Non-verbal communication can be both intentional or non-intentional
    • It is termed as primary as it precedence over verbal communication’
    • It is said to be ambiguous as largely depend on the person’s perception
    • It is continuous as one can be continually communicated through non-verbal communication
    • As said by assignment help experts, we are using multiple channels to communicate non verbally or it can also be referred to as multi-channelled
    • It expresses status, power, and control
    • It uses Emblems that can substitutes words completely

Verbal Communication Vs Non Verbal Communication

ParametersVerbal CommunicationNon verbal Communication
 DefinitionIt uses words or auditory language to exchange the informationIt uses non verbal or visual cues for the transmission of message via body movement (Piyush, 2019).
Form of CommunicationFormal and Informal bothInformal
Impact of messageIt can be very impactful due to face to face communicationIt can be or not impactful largely depends on the receiver perception
Communication wayConcise and clearAt times required more information to communicate
Mode of communicationAnything i.e written or in oral formal for instance email, voicesBody gestures, eye contact etc
Presence of receiverNot necessarynecessary
TransparencyIn verbal communication, message can be easily understood by recipientIt is tendency of recipient can miss the important facts during non verbal communication


In this blog, first, we have discussed the relevance of communication in the business sphere and other industry.  It has been deduced from the blog communication is a way to exchange thoughts, ideas, out demands to attain maximum effectiveness. Later on, we have discussed, like any form of communication both verbal and non-verbal communication has its own characteristics. Verbal communication allows anyone to give immediate feedback with more or less accuracy, another side it has found expresses status, power, and control. Hence both show their own relevancy. At last, we have drawn a table to elaborate on the main features of verbal and non-verbal communication so that eradicate the confusion occurs many times.

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