Constitutional Law: Principles And Concepts

Constitutional Law

A majority of the contemptuous constitution defines the basic principle and concepts of state and federal, government process, citizen fundamental rights etc. This higher law referred to as a constitution.

The content of the constitution largely depends on legal and political orders vary considerably as per countries demand, however, this can’t deny there is no universal constitution definition. A constitution can be very higher in length or short, can be written or non written typically contain all the information distributed and regulated. A broadly and highly acceptable constitution definition as a set of fundamental legal and political rules are-

  • Bind everyone including law-making institutions
  • Structured and operate government institution including political
  • It is based on public legitimacy
  • It can be harder to change in comparison to the ordinary law
  • Bringing a recognized criterion of the democratic system in terms of representing human rights

Constitution Function

  • A constitution defined political community boundaries. These boundaries can be termed as territorial and personal.  As defined by essay helpers, this constitution distinguish among those who are inside and those who are outside the party.
  • It expresses the identity and national community values.
  • Constitution declares the rights and duties of citizens.
  • It establishes and regulation of the political institution of the community also defines the power and popular relation among them
  • It can separate the power between the distinct power of government
  • Constitution declares the official religious identity of the state and democratic relations between sacred and secular authorities
  • Constitution commit particular social-economical and development goals to sates

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Constitution as a Legal Document- As said by Lutz, a constitution is nothing but power with justice, this defines operations of power predictable procedurally. It holds the law, limits arbitrariness of power and provides structure to the ordinary law

Constitution As Political Tools- Constitution helps in identifying the supreme power and prescribed as country’s decision making power. It provides a framework for continuity in political struggles

Constitution as Social Instruments- At a wide range, the constitution often reflect vast society expresses common identity and aspiration of people. It particularly defines socio eco rights, proclaimed shared values and ideas might also belong to distinct categories. Assignment helpers of SourceEssay can help you to know much more about realms of Constitution and aids you flexible law assignment solution in less time. 

Components Of Constitution

Thinking what can a typical constitution contain? Then have a look on given series define segments of the constitution by taking the help of essay typer

Division- Most of the constitution across different countries are divided into parts or sub-parts known as titles, articles, paragraphs, or clause

Arrangements- The arrangement of constitution vary greatly although miscellaneous provisions and amendments can be followed to dismantle the arrangements. But a resemble layout can be seen as 

  1. Preamble- A statements brief overall goals and objective of constitution-making exercises referring to national identity
  2. Preliminaries- Declares the sovereignty and government’s basic principle
  3. Fundamental rights- A list of rights has been mentioned along with suspension, limitation, enforcement, applicability, and restriction during a state emergency
  4. Legislature structure, terms and policies, privileges and procedures
  5. Directives of social, economical rights and policy
  6. State head- Methods of selection 
  7. Government responsibility power information and their formation
  8. Judiciary appointments, independence, public prosecutors
  9. Information on subnational government including federal state
  10. Referendums provisions
  11. Institution of integrity branch
  12. Security power including the commander in chief 
  13. Miscellaneous power for instance language law etc
  14. The procedure of Amendments, transitionary provisions and time tables.

Constitutional Principles

  • Power separation- It means all the power belongs to the public and people must be the only source for governmental power. Also, the government would be able to govern only with governed consent. If you want to know how powers are separated, then take essay help USA.
  • Sovereignty- Declaring independence of constitution. In addition only with the help of the constitution government will receive power
  • Limited Government- It defined government is not only powerful, only can do those things whose power is given by the people
  • Responsibility- Each block has his own reasonability that has to be fulfilled
  • Balances and the checks-Each department is linked with complex checks and balances that check the power utilization and operation progressed by the government
  • Judicial review- It determines the constitutionality of the government
  • Federalism-  Division of power between central and state government


In this blog, we have first discussed the definition of the constitution that basically defines the basic principle and concepts of state and federal, government process, citizen fundamental rights. In the next section, we covered constitutional function like Constitution declares the official religious identity of the state and democratic relations between sacred and secular authorities. Then we gave to answer why the constitution used as instruments to justify legal, social and political power. Moving onwards in the articles we defined components of the constitution that contains, preamble, head of the stage, Government responsibility, Referendums provisions etc. At last, we tried to give an overview of what are the significant principles of the constitution.

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