The tool that captured the global response to an unprecedented crisis


The researchers from Oxford University and Blavatnik School of Government collaboratively  created an exceptionally significant and powerful tool to track down what happened during the covid-19 and how the policymakers reacted to it.

This tool is designed in such a manner that it will evaluate all the measures taken by every country of Globe.The tool works analysing and scoring every country’s steps taken during the Global Pandemic.  The data accumulated  for the improvement of the status of the people and protecting them from such a global menace.

The tool is developed with emphasis that it will create a list of counties in,  and divide them based on various  themes, the measures taken by every country and their government such as travel controls the workplace closer and work from home. These categories of rules and regulations are  taken during the global pandemic.  They further rank those countries and give the number or score that how they responded to these

pandemic challenges.They cover around 187 countries and more than 200 sub National regions, the accumulated 9 million data points.

The database is compiled by numerous highly efficient and active people from all over the world, approximately 1500 volunteers participated.

Volunteers partook,  are graduate, undergraduate students and software developers. They trained the tool and machine with data, this tool  to put together, as  a reliable source for World leaders, policy makers and governments. It is proceeding to be one of the best tools to comprehend the pandemic phenomena and figure out how measures were impacted and how we can tackle such phenomena.

This tool is not designed to compare and give an account of how appropriate and effective the measure was, rather it benefit us to apprehend the comparison between different countries what we can learn from every country and how it is going to be beneficial for future reference.

The tool creation or compilation of data  commenced with the small group of people basically all of them are students and they started to enter data in the spreadsheet but data gradually started to evolve and it was too much to  handle that’s why more volunteers were needed for that.Students and software developers from all over the world initiated to join this mission to analyse the policies adopted by different countries during the Global pandemic.The volunteer and the ambition to analyse the measures taken by the different countries was something very overwhelming.A lot of people from Oxford University alumni community supported this, even huge corporations like Microsoft also endorsed this mission. It was a possibility for  various people and those people who participated to understand how coronavirus  influenced different nations and how the measures taken during the Global pandemic was necessary to look over.

Data  is going to be very profitable for everyone who wants to figure out the measures and comprehend how we can tackle, if the same situation like this comes in the  future. The policy maker to world leaders and media and every country can get by heart from the data to apprehend how situations can be regulated.

The scaling of the tool is going to be very crucial, It is going to be a very significant tool for the upcoming future,  where researchers and policy makers, world leaders and political scientists can understand the policies and analyze it.

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