Routine brain scanning may improve clinical care for people with psychosis


Recently conducted research by the Oxford University and the department of psychiatrist recommended a very unique and a very

evolutionary approach to minimise the psychosis disease happening in the people or early diagnosis.

The psychosis  is a common mental disorder where people of this condition feel they are

not connected to reality, they may encounter delusion, impaired thinking and sometimes experience hallucination as well.

The Oxford University conducted research where 1600 patients who had their first episode of psychosis were participating  their brain was scanned or MRIs were taken.

The result was unexpected that 6% of a patient who has psychosis or they encounter their first symptoms or episode of psychosis had an abnormal brain.

The brain image is somehow demonstrating that there is some sign of psychotic symptoms even before the beginning.

The head researcher Graham remarked that

usually those people who had psychosis, may also have other conditions or physical illnesses which are indirect or direct symptom or a cause of the psychosis.

When will scrutinize the data and initial  treatment for people who have their first psychotic episode, it was not essential before that a patient or someone who has the first episode of psychosis  to go through MRI, however  the research is demonstrating that any patient who has any episode of psychosis should go to brain scanning as  MRI can elaborate on the part where these things are happening they can play vital role in a diagnosis and designing  proper treatment. It can be very beneficial for the patient.

The major highlight of the  research is that the assessment should be and along with the  diagnosis should be done through MRI. The MRI should be made an extremely initial step of a

diagnosis of psychosis.

There is evidence furthermore showing that these

people who have psychosis, it can be  triggered by the autoimmune responses of the brain and the psychiatrist of Oxford University are planning to utilize immunotherapy  treatment for those people who have psychosis and conceivably they are positive of certain antibodies.

one of the professors from the University college London also remarked that he was not part of the study but analysis is really magnificent in pointing out that MRI can be an essential step to diagnosis in the initial phase of those who have a psychosis episode.

The examination also pointed out that psychosis can be due to  other diseases or if these symptoms of other diseases. Therefore with the help of the MRI and other such steps we can recognise.

The conclusion of the study is that there are so considerable benefits of MRI scanning and people who had the experience of the  first episode of psychosis,  first of all should go to MRI and identify the cause and condition and explanation behind their psychosis and it will eventually help them to effectively get treatment and stay healthy.

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