New study finds plastic pollution to be almost ubiquitous across coral reefs, mostly from fishing activities


Coral reefs are influenced by the plastic debris, these plastic pollution in the sea and everywhere else is creating issues for the marine life and everything else.

The coral reef ecosystem is flooded by the plastic debris which can wreck their food chain and their structure and it can be reason to disease transmission. in respective.

We do not have reasonable data to find out how much plastic debris and plastic pollution is there in coral Reef, there are considerable investigations going on to find out the level of debris. The recent  study conducted by the California academic of science, University of Oxford and University of Exeter,  and countless other Universities collaborated to research about eighty four reef eco- systems located in different countries around the world.  Fourteen different countries and their reef eco system surveyed.

1200 visual services are done by the team.

To try to analyse the level of plastic debris in the coral ecosystem.

Plastic debris which are driven by humans found in all of the almost 77 locations out of 84 had some sort of plastic debris  which is driven by the human.

The ecosystem which is relatively away from human interaction or human connection has plastic debris which is human driven ..88% of the debris is a form of  micro plastics which means they were five a centimetre and more longer.

The researchers also establish consumer debris basically consumer debris is a form of plastic debris which is from the water bottles and food wrappers and it is one of the greatest

plastic pollution found in the ecosystem.

The other form of plastic debris found that was fishing ropes, net and fishing are related equipment which are made of plastic.

The research highlighted that coral reefs are polluted by human driven debris of plastics compared to any other Marine ecosystem. However it is less polluted than beaches and wetlands.

Dr Paris Stefanoudis from oxford university museum of Natural History asserted they were way excessively puzzled to find out plastic debris in the deep coral reefs ecosystem. They were expecting that at least deeper reefs should be away from the plastic pollution. They analyzed that the waves are the reason of debris going to those places which are difficult to reach. The research was published in the Nature journal These findings indicate that we should take strict measures to reduce the plastic waste polluting the deep coral reefs. For that we need to work on expanding the marine protected area to include reefs as well. The fishing equipment which is made of plastic is the significant concern of reef corals and ecosystems to reduce the impact we work on creating biodegradable based fishing equipment.

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