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The world is becoming technical advance with the invention of the internet. More or less all the sectors are going through small and big changes to cope up with the pace of today’s world and adapting to changing technologies. But, the sector has undergone a massive change in the education sector. The Internet has allowed students to learn from anywhere anytime irrespective of their place and time zone. In this article today we are going to discuss the importance of E-Learning in education and how is it helping students complete their master’s degrees.

It is expected from the universities’ schools and colleges to create opportunities for learning for students in ways that won’t restrict them at one place or one medium. To ensure maximum participation of students especially in degree-level courses the education sector decided to channelize their teaching techniques in directions that would help students gather knowledge from any corner of the world using strategies like mobile learning, distance learning, and e-learning.

Students from all over world pursue their masters. They face a lot of challenges that can easily be overcome through online learning and blended learning. While pursuing masters students require communicating with their professors on a face to face basis. This enhances their knowledge and improves their communicating skills as well. The process of learning that incorporates these methods of teaching yet giving students the flexibility to attend their classes from anywhere is known as blended learning (Nagar& Hurd,2019).

Challenges Face By Students While Pursuing Their Masters

  • In most cases, students have a requirement of traveling overseas to pursue their course in Masters. This leads to a lot of anxiety and fear in them because of the cultural and environmental changes that they might need to deal with. This is the biggest reason students restrain themselves from pursuing their dream careers. However, Career counseling is something that comes useful at this stage to overcome the dilemma and self-doubt. Online essay help is an online service that gives expert guidance to students when they are into two minds.
  • The next bigger challenge that students face is the cost of the course. On-Campus degree courses can turn out to be expensive because it includes living expenses.
  • The third challenge is the massive paperwork that students have to deal with during the tenure of the course. Students who pursue masters abroad face a lot of stress because of the language barrier. It becomes difficult for them to express their thoughts or even pen them down due to a lack of skills and technical knowledge.

All these factors have to lead to the growth of E-Learning. There are a lot of advantages to online learning.

Advantages Of E-Learning

  • Students can participate in the course using both synchronous and asynchronous forms of learning. The pace of learning can also be modulated according to the student’s requirements. 

An important aspect of pursuing a master’s in communication. Students undergo a lot of discussions. Online learning gives them access to a wider range of the population. 

  • Students get valuable instant feedback which helps to sharpen their skills and enhances knowledge.
  • Online education is not restricted to classroom training. It has diverse ways of teaching students using both formal and informal teaching techniques. It also comes useful for students who undergo an on-campus course at a regular university. Educational Institutions are adapting techniques of E-Learning to ensure maximum participation.
  • Fourthly, online education allows students the freedom to gather hands-on experience that helps them convert their theories into practical experiences. Since E-learning can be pursued from anywhere any time students can spare time to involve in activities that help them gather practical knowledge in the field (Keskin et. al, 2020). This not only helps them clear their doubts but also increases their interest.
  • Students who face difficulties in understanding the subject can pursue instant assignment help at the point of the day by professional experts who guide them and provide them with instant solutions. One of the best online services that assist students in getting better grades is SourceEssay.
  • Lastly, E-learning takes care of the extra expenses that students bear in a regular Masters’ course. Students can cut down on their living, course fees, and even on their course material. Because they get access to a lot of data online that comes for very little or at times no cost. This gives them exposure to gather extensive knowledge on the subject.  


Therefore it can be said that E-Learning plays a vital role for students who are pursuing a Masters’ degree and preparing themselves to step into the professional world. To Summarize we can list the challenges faced by students while pursuing their Masters and the role of E-Learning in the following points-

Challenges While Pursuing Masters And Role Of E-Learning

  • Students face cultural, economical and environmental challenges when they decide to take up a Master’s course. This is because most universities have a stipulated guideline for them to stay in-house during the tenure of the course. Students who have less exposure undergo language barriers, physical discomforts, and stress and anxiety because of the fear of un-acceptability by their peers and under performance. Online education has helped students overcome these fears easily. Online services like SourceEssay have extended their hands to help students overcome their barriers through their team of expert assignment writer. It has also allowed students to have flexible timings and freedom to access the course from anywhere as per their convenience.
  • E-Learning has not just helped students gather deeper insights on their course but it has also helped them cut down on the extra expenses that were once a major reason of concern for students to restrain themselves from taking up the course by giving them access to free or low-cost course material and sparing them of the unnecessary living expenses. Students have the privilege to access their course materials and have the facility to attend classes as per their convenience because of online education.
  • Lastly, students can pursue assignment help services from companies like SourceEssay anytime at highly affordable rates because of E-Learning. As a result, they can easily overcome their learning barriers and submit high-quality assignments on time.


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