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Writing a high-quality dissertation paper can turn out to be a time taking process for academic students. This is because a dissertation paper requires extensive research. Every dissertation paper comes with a time-frame within which it needs to be completed. If you just have 15 to 20 days left in hand to submit your dissertation paper this article is for you to read. 

Here we are going to discuss how to complete the dissertation in 15 days.

Steps To Complete A Dissertation In 15 Days

  • Whenever a topic is assigned to a student. Students should keep in mind that it has been assigned to them with a purpose. The person assigning the topic has an expectation that needs to be fulfilled. The closer a student reaches to the expectations the greater are the chances of his success. The students are assigned guides who assist them with the research. Students need to work in close contact with the guide like a well-oiled machine to complete research at the earliest. 
  • Any dissertation paper requires in-depth knowledge to add value to the content. Therefore while choosing a research topic students must choose a topic that interests them the most. There are various types of research for example- quantitative, mixed, descriptive, qualitative, and longitudinal, cross-sectional, action, and other types of researches (Greetham, 2019). Every research type is conducted using different methodologies. Students need to pick up a method that suits them best and use the technique that they are most comfortable in. 
  • Originality is the key to a high-quality dissertation paper. Students should focus on creating original ideas. This can be done by using trigger questions and analyzing the perspectives of people affected by the research. The target audience can be anybody starting from residents to people in the parliament to the central government to the panel of professors assessing the dissertation paper. They can seek guidance from online assignment help from SourceEssay.
  • The next step is choosing a topic for the research. The important factors to keep in mind while choosing a topic are- having clarity on what the research is about, and knowledge of sources that offers relevant information, checking for the feasibility of the research, and avoiding any ethical issues that the topic may arise. 
  • A dissertation paper can include methods of quantitative or qualitative research. These are methods that require students to work on intricate details. Therefore time management is very essential while conducting research. Students can complete a research paper if they organize the work and break it down into different time slots and develop a retrieval system that allows information to be retrieved and analyzed at a glance. Students should get in the habit of taking notes wherever they think it is necessary. It is equally important to have the data collected through research to be laid out before students start writing the research paper. The raw data need to be restructured and valuable information should be extracted from it before we start writing the dissertation paper. In quantitative research data is collected using statistics whereas in qualitative information data is collected by conducting interviews.
  • Once students are done organizing their data it is time they outline the research paper that includes the essential points. Before a dissertation paper is written students need to prepare a proposal that highlights the requirements of the research paper. This proposal is drafted by drawing inferences that help to create casual connections and simplifying the technical jargon into lay man’s words getting rid of manipulative words maintaining consistency throughout the paper which influences the readers. 
  • Before  heading towards writing the final draft students must prepare the first draft. The draft should be written highlighting the objective and key points of the research paper adhering to the guidelines provided. In case students find it difficult and time taking they should assign a professional essay typer who assists them in writing the first draft. This can save a lot of time for the research students. The draft should be written using the prescribed format using simple terms and should contain the student’s voice. It is important students get the first draft verified by their professors before they prepare the final draft to ensure it meets the quality parameters and the expectations of the professor. This saves them from getting into rework that can be time-consuming and result in late submissions. 
  • The dissertation papers should be unique and free from plagiarism. It becomes difficult for students to create content that is unique if they are unaware of the tricks and techniques of avoiding plagiarism. This is why every research paper created should be mandatorily proofread by a third party to ensure the content created is unique and non-plagiarized. International students often take help from assignment writer Canada to get their dissertation papers proofread by experts. Plagiarism can be avoided by mentioning the references used for the research properly and citing the research paper correctly. Paraphrasing of content is an essential step to avoid plagiarism. It is important to note that not more than two words should be used simultaneously. 
  • In most cases structure of the content is mentioned in the guideline that needs to be used while formatting the text, This includes line spacing, number of pages, word count, and even the formatting style for the content. But in some cases, there is no specific structure mentioned. In both cases, students should know the perfect structure that would be most suitable for their content to give their research paper a professional look. Students should make sure they follow the right methods right from the beginning to finish their dissertation papers within a particular time frame. SourceEssay essay writer can be extremely helpful for students who have been struggling to write a research paper. They give instant assignment help to students to ensure they have their dissertation papers ready before their deadlines. 

They are well-averse with all the nitty-gritty of writing high-quality non-plagiarized content for research students and ensure that students never miss out on their deadlines. 


Therefore it can be said that in case students have their submission dates knocking at the door they can take dissertation assignment help from SourceEssay assignment experts.

To conclude we can summarize the key steps to write a complete dissertation paper in 15 days in the following points-

  • Students should gauge the expectations of their professors to understand what is being expected out of them to complete a research paper at the earliest. They should coordinate with the guide and seek professional help from dissertation experts right from the start so that they do not deviate from their path.
  • Any dissertation paper requires in-depth knowledge to add value to the content. Therefore while choosing a research topic students must choose a topic that interests them the most. This way they would be self-motivated to complete the paper on time.
  • Originality is the key to a high-quality dissertation paper. Students should focus on creating their original ideas.
  • The topic for research should be chosen considering clarity on the topic, knowledgebase, feasibility, and ethical issues.
  • Students get into the habit of note-taking and develop a retrieval system for their data to save time and effort.
  • They should get a professional dissertation writer to write their dissertation paper on time to avoid getting into the plagiarism trap and ensure timely submission. The earlier they start working on the research paper the better it is for them.
  • They should get the research papers proofread by experts before they send it for submission to ensure they meet the university guidelines and do not contain any factual errors. 


Greetham, B. (2019). How to write your undergraduate dissertation. Macmillan International Higher Education. Protection Status
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