Tips For Canadian Students For Use Of Google Research Tool In Drafting Good Research Proposal

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With the passage of time, the popularity of Google Research tools penetrated deep into the academic world. Last year Google has introduced Google documents that allow anyone to perform web searches while engrossing in the word file.  A collaborative group of learners, students, researchers, investigator, etc have been utilizing this source of medium to gather authentic contents. The tool features not only researched results, additionally linked information that could be cited within the document.

These research tools provide easy access to the resources where information is hyperlinked. These links follow up set of parameters and structured keywords which user enters into the console.

As the demand for the quality and authentic papers have been increasing, citing evidence-based information lean to these development of a research question including a supportive hypothesis and objectives (Patten, 2019). In this article, we will discuss the important consideration in the composition of research proposal subsequently share some tips on how data should be collected and analyzed.

It is pretty much clear, only peak term will be picked by Google. The processed information combine with trend data increases the effectiveness of the paper. During the spikes of the search volumes, the trending topic will be ranked according to research parameters shown in Google trends (Richardson etal. 2019). This research tool data can be used to formulate a research question which is highly investigating but doesn’t have contemporary absolute results. The growth direction is presumed to be stored in network structure; hence a network structure is necessary to determine the search growth.

According to Serenko, the exhibiting feature of Google Scholar is a phenomenon when researcher picked the information from the top appeared post as it automatically assume their credibility is higher, regardless how much their research contribute to the previous work. In spite of these things, Google Scholar found to be 10% more efficient problem solvers than anything in terms of preparing research projects for students.

When we talk about Google Libraries, this feature has added in November 2013. This is a major enhancement showing the impact of academic journals. This reveals the top searched journals of respected authors also organize personal research by rags.

Google Books– As of October 2015, a million of books has been scanned as installed in the pdf or e-book format. Google has been quite secretive regarding its Google book plan (McGuire,2019).

Google AI– Google aims to benefit the educational hub by enlisting AI in the cooperating tools. This can help you to organize your resources, tasks, interact with other scholars (Online College, Org, 2019).

Google Forum– If your research is accompanied with primary research methodology, then this is the best tool in terms of forming a questionnaire and receiving charts and data automatically. Articulating a clear research question to conduct robust research allows you to generate appropriate research.

A Generic View Of Research Workflow

Once all the research tools tabulated, this facilitates to deliver scientific-based information into the research.  Bostman data analyzes all the apps available for scholar communication and revealed a crush of tools needed to develop the research paper especially preparation and discovery of the research elements. Having a better view of researcher workflow enables invisible needs of the research paper preparation and builds a systemic structure for the research paper (Farrugia,et al, 2015).

Before now, we have looked over how Google research tools emphasize the research methodology as well discovery process. Now we are going to uncover research projects steps needed to formulate a best research proposal.

A research proposal provides detailed structured of the research work comprehensively based on the analysis acquired from the primary and secondary data sources (Sohn, 2019). Thus it becomes essential to provide indepth knowledge of the research generate too many questions in return, it then become necessary to ask whether questions can be answered from one study. As per Hulleys and his colleagues, using FINER criteria could be useful to develop a powerful research proposal that covers entire essential points design (Tully, 2014).

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Tips For Drafting Impeccable Research Proposal By Using Google Tools

  • Competition for proposing an impressive research proposal will always be the first concern for researchers. Using Google Scholar will leave you with tremendous articles. Some are paid and needs subscription but a lot of articles won’t call for a subscription. It is advised to read successful journal whereby research question aligns with research goals. There enlist the articles as per investigator requirements and citation permeate as per recommended citation styles. This platform serves the citation of each article from APA, HARVARD, Chicago, Vancouver (Morshed et al. 2020).
  • According to the instant assignment writer, To prepare a questionnaire and associated data analysis, Using Google forum will be the best tool for you. Here in primary research methodology is accelerated and quantifies automatically. As Jacob says, it is best to represent a clear database, researched components are necessary to establish a foundation for the future of research work.
  • To refine the projects proposal and pitches, it is better to source information by using Google Books. The scanned books written by recognized authors can help to robust the research quality.
  • Google Libraries- This is the best research tool used to store the tasks and organizes as per tags. So where you get the information is achievable at a single platform.
  • Google Documents- Preparing drafts in Google documents will ease the research burden. It provides access to direct web research for the students.
  • Google Trends- This could be useful in terms of searching most picked tags. It can be beneficial in terms of getting topics relevant to the subject.
  • Google AI- students can use this tool to identify the resources, images, video in the context of research paper contact. Also as defined by Smythe, add an extra buffer to your research proposal to submit a grant proposal before the deadline.


At the times of intense competition inside academic learning space, a good research proposal apprehends grades in the competitive edge. According to assignment writer Canada, using Google research tools serves indefinite ways to gain the original contents written by recognized articles. This article has discussed the indefinite application of Google research tool that researchers can use to formulate an impressive research proposal. Either it is about Google Scholar or Google trends, every proposed Google tools are useful in terms of citing information accurately.

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