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Long term value creation of any product requires operative performance management. During the 21st Century, the business environment becomes even more complex and vibrant than it was ever before. As a result, a growing number of data requires analytical tools to identify competitive advantages and key processes needed for business growth.  A successful organization like Nestle is well aware of the challenges and dynamism of the evolving business culture.  For that reason, Nestle established performance management to allow the transparency of the business processes at each management level. 

As per gradient, performance management is a process that analyses the work contribution of an employee in the direction of the company’s growth. This help in building a talent framework that entails planning, compensation, measuring report, career development, recruiting performance of an employee altogether (Millar2007). Hence, performance management plays a vital role simultaneously helping an organization to attain maximum productivity (Guest, 1999). This article reviews the performance management activities of Nestle primarily in the UK through an empirical study of employee performances and their contribution to the organization.

Nestle Uk- “Good Food, Good Life”

Nestle- The World’s largest Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Company was founded in 1866 by Henry Nestle. For over 150 years, the company aspires to enhance the quality of life through enriched beverages, food supplements, and best tasting nutrition choices by empowering its brand images. Globally, it has 500 factories operates in 191 countries worth revenues of $93,512.50 and ranked #76 on the Fortune Global 500 in 2019. Around 96% of the UK household consume Nestle brands that employ 20% of the total employees globally mainly in UK 19 sites (Nestle annual report 2018).

Nestle is well-positioned with high-quality brands that are valued by customers. With 3,08000 employees across the globe, Nestle has implemented a continuous performance management system to support on-going performance coaching for its employees in London(PRNewswire SAP SE in London 2017). Through this procedure, employees’ and managers’ performance will be assessed by conducting on-going series of activities for bringing the improvement into their work culture. On this basis, the company can line up performance management with other HR processes.

Nestle Performance Indicator

Creating shared value is a business concept that customizes the economic and social value for the products by addressing social issues. At Nestle, creating shared value is the way they do business. In 2015, Nestle was recognized as Fortune’s Magazines’ most admired Food Company in the world.

The HR team of Nestle is considered as a benchmark in terms of recruiting processes. To meet the particular set of goals, the company helps the employee in improving their skills, attitudes, and behavior as well as decreasing the labor work rate ( Nestle HRM n.d).  As Nestle provides the freedom to ask question i.e 360-degree feedback system for an unfair evaluation to its employees, this becomes one of the significant performance indicators for the organization. ( Strategic HRM, n.d). This also facilitates honest, transparent coaching, feedback and recognition, and supports employees’ development, motivation and engagement within an organization ( Nestle in Society, Creating shared value 2017). To know how to write an essay on HRM policies, you can also take help from the essay typer.

Workplace Safety, Health And Wellness- A Holistic Approach To Employee Safety

A healthier employee can be expected to be more productive, engaging and hardworking. In 2015 Nestle launched a “Nestle Framework for employee health” that promotes a healthy living workplace by focusing on ergonomics, healthy diets, stress and resilience, and fatigue and working hour of an employee (Nestle HRM.nd). The chart shows the key safety and health performance data of employees for 2017.   

Source- global Nestlé standard, which is based on the US OSHA record-keeping standard, 2017

By identifying the work-related illness and injury rate, Company customizes training programs and tools for a different group. As per data-driven by global nestle standard accounted in injuries and illness between 2015-2017 company commenced “The Know Your Number Programme” in 2017 as a world-wide health program. As a result, 97% of the market offers health and wellness programs to the employee (Nestlé in society Creating Shared Value 2017). To know what are the other safety and health roadmap initiated by Nestle, you can also ask for assignment help assistance given by experts.

Contribution Of Performance Management Towards Organisational Growth

Nestle considers its employee as the most valuable assets. The company offers favorable remuneration, attractive compensation packages, reward the employee for what they deserve. Much of the training programs in the UK are generally purpose-oriented and designed to improve pertinent skills and competencies. This is possibly done through the continuous efforts of the strategic human resource management and their planning for briefing the strategies.  That is how employees become able to share his/her knowledge and ideas briefly through lateral professional development.

Nestle has been offering “Nestle Apprenticeship Programmes” in the UK for over 50 years in a range of functions and at a different level of study ( Under this employee is sent to aboard to examine the consumer taste, and market strength. These activities and 36o degree assessments account for the overall development of the organizations. To know how Apprenticeship Programmes influence an employee’s career, you can ask for online assignment help from the SourceEssay online experts.


Over the years, Nestle has demonstrated enviable capabilities to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving business environment by maintaining a transparent performance management system. For a successful organization, it is mandatory to build a healthy relationship with employees whose majority contributions are related to satisfactory goal achievement. That is why; employee’s and managers’ performance will be assessed by conducting on-going series of activities for bringing the improvement into their continuous performances. In fact, to meet the particular set goal, Nestle helps the employee in improving their skills, attitudes, and behavior as well as decreasing the labor work rate which is beneficial in terms of growth. To provide a healthy work culture, Nestle offers favorable remuneration, attractive compensation packages, rewarding occasionally to pay an employee for what they deserve. Off course what is right for one company may not right for others, but this is the undeniable fact transparent performance management is a key behind creating a healthy work culture for employees. Protection Status
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