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Growth Drivers In The USA-

Today the USA health care industry became the most preferred sector for financial and strategic investments. United States spend a hefty amount for achieving Universal health coverage which is nearly one-fifth of the Gross domestic product.  USA healthcare disbursements grew $3.6 trillion dollars in 2019 attributed Medicare’s rise (National health expenditure Accounts (NHEA) USA 2019). The economic and demographic factors belonging to the health found to be the major drivers behind health care industry growth. As a result, the price for health care goods and services accelerates at a much faster rate somewhat between 2.5 percent in 2018.

It is noted that the Health care delivery industry such as pharmaceutical and medical equipment has higher development and research levels and positive trade of balance in comparison to other sectors. Since the number of individuals using health policies and insurance increases more frequently, this will turn out to be a potential opportunity for the health care industry. The extent to which health insurance covers the US population surely affects its growth rate. Herein In this article, we will discuss health care industry evolution, growing trends and its relation with the overall market in detail.

Evolution Of US Healthcare Industry

Amid 1750 to 2000, the health care system evolved from home remedies and nomadic doctors to medical care complex. The acceptance of medical science and advent medical insurance has influenced the growth of a corporation whose business engulfs healthcare system delivery.

The University of Pennsylvania opened its first medical college in 1765 following the stringent curriculum to improve American medicine. Later on, the US government established health institutions and programs to aid the medical care of the aged (Medicare) and poor (Medicaid). Prior to these establishments, the US government emphasized preventive medicines, US public health services, the Food and Administration Services, where it attempts to create a universal medical coverage system as those in the United Kingdom. 

Managed Healthcare And Sector Sensitivity

The health care delivery industry faces a variety of impending threats that increases its sensitivity.  As most of the drugs, treatment, and medical facilities are oversight by the US Food and Drug Administration and Government resulting from the Affordable Care Act 2014, the pharmaceutical industries became an eyewitness of increased sensitivity (Sargent, L. (2020). Contradictory, the managed health care sub-industry touched the peak in marketing by providing health insurance. Compared to other health care industries, managed health care has accounted higher rate of growth from 2014 – 2018. The full picture belongs to the reformation of the health care act requisite mandatory health insurance.

Source- Center for Medicaid and Medicare services, National health Expenditure, 2019, compiled by PGF

The above data has clearly shown the US national health expenditure projected till 2025. This encompasses health spending both private and public continually rising approx. one-fifth of the total Gross domestic product until it hit 2025. According to the assignment writer, this can lead to overdiagnosis, overtreatment, and increased diagnostic test makers that influence somewhere overprescribing. 

Despite strong policies, US healthcare mission overseas investing in novel technologies simply to grow larger and expanding its new identities. A patient-centric approach concerning to create value-based proposition enhances patient compliance, treatment adherence, therapeutic success rate. The forecasted health care trends in 2020 reflect the uncertainty along with the diversity of change occurring in the healthcare industry.

Interoperability And Digital Alteration

The eminence of the advance machine learning plays a vital role in empowering patients to manage their health. Over the years, digital technologies have led to emerging apps for care diagnostic, IoT( internet of things), AI-based treatments to deliver superlative care. With this advancement, the health care system has seen a shift in the data sets extracting insights for value-based care. As per Statista, the US market value of health and wellness will continue to rise from $166.5 billion in 2015 to $179 billion in 2020 (Nelson, S (2020). There is a large contribution of technology adoption, virtual trials, and maturation of funding to public markets in growing digital trends. To understand the linkage between Interoperability and digital reformation, you can ask help for online assignment help from experts too.   

Modernized Healthcare

Entering of Apple in the sphere of the healthcare industry bought a revolution in the digital world. Apple is focused on working with medical institutions to provide gadget modality for measuring its impacts and efforts like “Apple Heart and Movement Study”(  As the American healthcare approach keeps on changing health tech companies much needed new approaches to change a flawed system.

Rising Medical Cost

The pace of healthcare system evolution we have seen has been remarkable and amazing in comparison to 1800. The rise of healthcare cost somewhat found to be a major driver for healthcare reformation in the US. Since the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) implemented Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program under section 1866(o) of the social security act, it affects the payment mode of more than 3000 hospitals across the United States (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Hospital value-based purchasing. ICN 907664. September 2017). The Program gauges clinical care, security, cost reduction, and community engagement by rewarding better outcomes in lower input. Similarly sometimes question asked Are Medicare Supplement Plans Worth It? 9 Reasons Why.

Care Model Innovation

Care model innovation provides transparency, convenience, access to personalized product services. This is because a care model is required to address drivers of health, early diagnosis, and monitoring treatment. Hence creating a 360-degree view of the consumers through new care model enables digital offerings systematically which in return eliminates operational barriers (Burrill, S ( 2020). Online essay writing help services can help you to get a brief introduction of care model innovation. 


The health care industry accounted for the highest growth in the coming years. This consists of one-fifth portion of the gross domestic product which is about 3.6 trillion dollar investment in 2019. As National health expenditure stats, US healthcare mission overseas investing in novel technologies is to expand its new identities. That is why compared to sectors, managed health care accounted higher rate of growth from 2014 – 2018. It is noted that digital technologies have led to emerging apps for care diagnostic, IoT( internet of things), AI-based treatments to deliver superlative care. This means the pace of healthcare system evolution we have seen has been remarkable and amazing.  As a result 2020 seems to be transitional year for the health care industry that would push changes to accommodate personalized medicines.


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