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Before beginning the discussion on this topic, the first thing that every reader needs to know is that anxiety is a completely normal and healthy emotion that all individuals feel. Feeling anxious is only a cause for concern when one feels anxiety at disproportionate levels or unhealthy levels. There are also many anxiety disorders that individuals can suffer from. This is why it is important for all individuals to learn what anxiety is and what an anxiety disorder means. According to various experts, anxiety can also be of many different types. And one of the most common types of anxiety is math anxiety. And as the name of this type of this anxiety suggests, it refers to the kind of anxiety that one feels in regard to the ability of an individual to do mathematics.

This condition can be rather hard for students to deal with and this is often considered by many international educational organizations when judging the capacity of students in mathematics. If a student is suffering from mathematics anxiety then he or she should learn about the various methods through which one can overcome math anxiety. Apart from this, if a student is suffering from mathematics anxiety and is unable to work on his or her math assignment. Then, it is important for the student to hire professional math assignment help from the best academic writing expert. This online assignment help would help the student in getting the best marks or grades possible.

Understanding Mathematics Anxiety And Its Effects

It is rather common for students to complain that they don’t like to do mathematics. This is a common occurrence that should not be a cause of any major concern. But when a student feels various negative emotions like anxiety and fear of failure while doing mathematics then, this should be a cause of concern. This is primarily because of the fact that in those situations not wanting to work on mathematics is way more than just having a general dislike of fractions or algebra. Mathematics anxiety can harm the ability of a student to perform well in not just academics but also in one’s daily life. It is also important for a guardian or parent to know about the fact that mathematics anxiety can affect the academic and daily life performance of students as early as the first grade.

Another rather negative part of mathematics anxiety is that it hampers the working memory of an individual. This means that if a student is suffering from mathematics anxiety then he or she often finds it difficult to focus his or her attention on important information. It also has a negative effect on the ability of an individual to memorize various important topics or the ability of an individual to transfer information from short-term memory to long-term memory. One should also know that it is also possible for a student to suffer from mathematics anxiety when he or she might be in elementary or secondary school. This roughly translated means that students who suffer from mathematics anxiety can be a good 6 months behind their peers on the subject of mathematics and other subjects that require analytical skills like physics and chemistry.

This is why it is important for an individual to recognize mathematics anxiety as soon as possible and try to find the different methods through which one can remedy this situation. Sadly, all of this can still result in the student losing his or her marks or grades. This is why it is important for students to recognize these situations and hire professional essay writing help until the problem gets resolved. This essay help would allow the student to score the best marks or grades possible.

The Causes Of Mathematics Anxiety

According to the best essay writer, there can be many causes why a student might be suffering from mathematics anxiety. Some of those causes mentioned below.

  • The Pressure Of Time Limits During Exams

One of the most common causes, why a student might be suffering from mathematics anxiety, is the time limit that is imposed during examinations. Mathematics exams often tend to be of longer duration than other subjects. This is why this pressure of the time limit could result in the student forgetting the concepts that he or she might have learned earlier. This could generate the fear of failure within the student that can get confirmed later as the student had failed to remember the concepts during the exam.

  • The Anxiety Of Public Embarrassment

There are many experts who have linked mathematics anxiety to the negative emotions that one might have felt in his or her past. This basically means that if a student has been scolded previously for making a mathematical error then that could result in the student becoming more and more anxious. This also applies in situations where the student has been embarrassed for making a mathematical error.

  • The Influence Exerted By The Teachers

Teachers place an important part in the life of a student. This means that if a teacher shows a negative attitude towards mathematics then the students might do the same.

The Prominent Symptoms Of Mathematics Anxiety

If a parent, teacher, guardian, or a student wishes to identify when one is suffering from mathematics anxiety then there are some symptoms that one should know about. Some of those symptoms of mathematics anxiety mentioned below.

  • One might often feel very nervous when doing or even thinking about mathematics.
  • The student might display passive behavior and try to run as far away from mathematics as possible.
  • A student might complain of finding mathematics extremely complicated.
  • A student might feel as if he or she is naturally bad at doing mathematics.
  • The student might feel a lack of confidence even when he or she knows the right answer.
  • The student might panic while taking a mathematics test.

Math Anxiety

The Successful Methods For Dealing With Mathematics Anxiety

If a student is suffering from mathematics anxiety then there are some methods that he or she can use to deal with this type of anxiety. Some of those tips mentioned below.

  • Using Positive Reinforcement

One can provide students with positive reinforcements every time the student practices mathematics or gets a correct answer.

  • Getting The Services Of A Tutor

Tutors are often professionally trained and they have experiences in helping students deal with various difficult situations. One can find a tutor that has helped students with mathematics anxiety.

  • Trying To Reframe Mathematics Anxiety

Another way in which one can get rid of mathematics anxiety by writing down what one is feeling and why the student thinks he or she might be anxious. It is a good idea to ask the student to write down everything that he or she might be worried about.

  • Making Studying Mathematics Fun

One can try studying mathematics with the help of interactive tutorials or videos. This would make mathematics more fun and seem less like a burden for students.

The Conclusion

Mathematics anxiety is the condition in which the student feels extremely anxious while doing mathematics or thinking about mathematics. Mathematics anxiety caused due to a number of reasons. However, it is important for an individual to identify mathematics anxiety and practice appropriate methods for dealing with mathematics anxiety. And some of those methods including using positive reinforcement, getting the services of a tutor, and making mathematics fun.

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