Is Mac Safer Than Windows?

Mac vs Windows


In the last week, when the Russian security firm, Dr Web revealed they have found a botnet leading half of a million Mac computers infected, a mass revolution has been set to enhance the security of Mac. Traditionally Apple has marketed its products as being more secure than other Microsoft running products, but this news breaks the conundrum and left people with a lingering question? Is Mac Safer than the Windows?

The Apple Mac operating system was introduced in 1984 by an American Company, Apple incorporation to run the Macintosh line of personal computers. Apple marketing was heavenly based on the operating system intuitive ease of user interference. Unlike Windows computers, Mac was designed with a number of versions appended. Most of the operating systems rely upon the GUI model. In the year 1980s Apple has made an agreement with a window that allows the user to use a certain aspect of Mac Interference(WoodWard, 2020). 

Despite the rigid security policies, when evidence analysed deep, the report of the winder, 2020 has made a statement only one out of the Mac threat in 2019 didn’t involve the user in executing something malicious during downloading. This incident first came into the picture when cryptocurrency companies were targeting the Firefox zero-day base vulnerabilities in terms of extracting malware vectors. That was the first time when such kind of vulnerabilities in java tends to use to infect the Mac. Most of the Mac threats appears from adware varieties. However, adware was not a bigger threat than ransomware but continually display malicious behaviour and trick users to get false sensitive information.

A Deep Dive Into The Mac And Window Security Level

Apple made bigger statements when it comes to security, it sells its product because of compatible designers, highly efficient user interference etc. Its stance on privacy been a dominating factor behind the huge sale of Apple products higher prices and constant demand. In spite of this recent study conducted on Americans exposed, American users trust Microsoft more than apple whose rate is increased from 69% to 75%( Blake, 2020). 

macOS and Windows both pose different philosophies when it comes to usages. An essay writer team deduced, Apple can be credited with an advantage because of tighter control over the hardware known for running MacOs. This does decrease the chances of MacOS hardware vulnerabilities through improving data privacy causing hacking or surveillance. Apple follows a closed system which means people don’t know what the organization is doing to enhance their privacy control measures. Thereby it can be concluded-

 Apple has made it possible to follow up with tighter control over its platform than any other tech developers, henceforth it is ready to put more restrictions on the app developers. 

Similarly, assignment writer said sometimes this can be frustrating because if it produces tighter reins over the devices, it should always be required to hold tighter privacy and control. Apple is still collecting the data from its users to apps within the App store to harvest sensitive information.

The 2020 Malware bytes State of Malware report concludes the Mac threat report after analyzing chunks of data revealed Mac threat increased more than 400 % every year since 2019 outpacing windows threat on an endpoint. This can be possible because Malware bytes has a large user base than windows(Singleton, 2017). Malware threat break throw impacting iOS further report concluded tech behemoth would require to add more efficient anti-virus products.

Windows Vs Mac. PC Security

One of the perceptions behind Mac higher security than windows lies upon the machines running the windows and Mac OS. Globally Mac topped 18% of user share. Charles Edge, security expert and software developer said, Apple closed system has limited access to app developers while Windows has given more flexibility to developers (Kakar, 2015).

It is often examined by online assignment help professional windows has predominately closed off its elements to make it more secured than Apple. This provides benefits to the Apple incorporation since the consumer has more focused on the privacy adherence devices. 

Albeit both Mac and Windows have vulnerabilities and flaws but slightly in different ways. For instance, Mac OS build upon the highly secured hardware in comparison to windows. Windows also require update security while Mac has been less proactive and updates. According to Kuzin, 2019 report, there are vast phishing attacks macOS users have seen through malicious and potentially unwanted programs that has been increasing in between 2012, and 2017, further in 2018 it has been exceeded by 4 million attacks. At the same time the first half of 2019, 1.8 million attacks of this kind have been registered during a research.

Source- Kuzhin,  2019

How Mac Is Somewhat Securer Than Windows

MacOS is built on the UNIX model that is more difficult to exploit. Even though cyberweapons are focusing on increasing Malware threats in MacOS. the co-founder of Bulletproof, Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh said the largest corporate laptops are run on Windows, thereby provides greater opportunity to the cyber attackers thus we are eye witnessing a greater amount of malware attacks in Windows devices. This balance shift can be used by macOS to secure the largest market space, infact Mac users believed MacOs architecture prevents them from cyber attackers and bad actors from targeting them in terms of fetching sensitive information. But you should understand Mac is built on a UNIX platform with GUI interference. That person who has been using Windows for a long time will be aware of the vulnerabilities, therefore they are becoming an active user of antivirus. Those who are using macOS will be less attacked as cybercriminals will focus less than others. To know more get help from assignment helpers team of SourceEssay.


A year ago when window getting a bad reputation because of false interference, constant malware attack, a highly secured Mac OS were introduced to sterilize the information, enhance the company brand value and most significantly increases consumer faith. There will always question arises whether Mac is safer or not. In this article we have negotiates this answer and thus reach a conclusion the biggest threat associated with Microsoft is a buffer overflow which is lesser in this case. Apple is credited with the tighter control over the hardware known for running MacOs. This does decrease the chances of MacOS hardware vulnerabilities through improving data privacy causing hacking or surveillance. Also, apple follows a closed system which means people don’t know what organization is doing to enhance their privacy control measures that further them in increasing the security level.


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